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Choose FIVE of these intriguing, magical, haunting, and delicious scents listed below to sample before purchasing a larger size. Each sample is 1 ml and comes in a little amber glass vial with a plastic stopper and label. They come to you in a little black fabric bag.

Please list your FIVE choices in the comments to seller section.

** A sample of ANY perfume in my shop that is not listed here may also be chosen as a sample!!

A STUDY IN BROWN: The ultimate unisex steampunk fragrance. “He gazed thoughtfully at the airship captain’s body as it lay face down on the floor. His dark brown leather cloak covered him from nape to knee. The captain smelled of the strange lands he had come from….but where was his briefcase? He knew the game was afoot!” A scented story of aromatic copal, nutty tonka bean, oak wood smoke, and toasted sugar.

AGENT OF CHAOS: Never fear, Ms. Merriweather is here... Intrepid explorer, clever inventor, and creator of a little bit of steampunk anarchy! On any given adventure, you may find her basking in the scents of: an exotic Chypre accord, rich leather, bergamot, lemon, sweet sugars, cardamon and clove, followed up with softer backgrounds notes of mahogany, oakmoss, and a faint touch of jasmine. A worldly, exotic scent that is still bright and lively with a touch of sweet! Unisex, and tips to the feminine side of the scale. Safe journeys...

ALEXANDRIA: Alexandria Egypt, founded by Alexander the Great in 331 BCE, remained the capital of ancient Egypt for over 1000 years. This is a regal blend with an ancient tone of over 15 different scent notes that will transport you back to a time of archaic splendor and mystery.... Imagine a rich and royal room overlooking the temples and gardens and scented with the resins of frankincense, amber, myrrh, spectacular black agarwood, a collection of exotic eastern florals, sweet figs drizzled with honey and ripened in the sun, Indonesian patchouli, and a touch of several dark spices. This perfume blend is definitely exotic and intoxicating as well as balanced!

ALMINA: This scent is inspired by the Countess of Carnarvon of Highclere Castle, who was the historical inspiration for Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey. Sweet violets, lush tuberose, several gentle white florals, curling ivy, soft leather, and the faintest whisper of woods combine to celebrate the florals and burgeoning new notes popular with the ladies of the Edwardian Era...with a modern sexy twist.

ALOYSIUS: An enigmatic master of disguise, refined, yet bold and eerily sensual. Enter his cloistered and elegant abode and let your senses fill with the scent of decadent old wood, rum, rich dark leather, and soft touches of sugar, citrus and mint. A very sensual and mysterious men's scent, but can definitely be worn by a woman also.

ASHES OF LOVE: He broke your heart, but at least you still have his (in that special box under the bed). A perfect lady never tells her secrets. An aura of white tea, violets, and musk surrounds you.

ATLANTIS: How many tales and legends have been told of the lost continent of Atlantis? Some take it to be an allegory and others a genuine lost civilization or powerful city state that sunk into the ocean during a great misfortune. Perhaps we will never know for sure and Atlantis will always lie in a shroud of myth. We could imagine though, what the pre-Hellenic markets, temples, and gardens might have been like as we walk in our mind's eye through the ancient land....Fragrant spices, sandalwood, and frankincense blend smoothly into a heavenly mix of soft aquatic florals, three glorious musks, light vanilla, ozone, and freshly fallen dew. Magical!

AVALON MYST: "Come, My Lady, and part the Veil." A beautiful and haunting feminine blend of vetiver, oakmoss, soft patchouli, ivy and greenery, finished very lightly with fresh apple and sensual soft florals. May you be blessed and renewed.

BATS IN THE BELFRY: Most of the people I know have a few! This is a unique and interesting scent comprised of galbanum, leathery pimento, and damp earth. Think of the damp, earthy smell of cavern walls.

BELLA DONNA KISS: If you dare steal a kiss, she might steal your heart in return. In one seductive breath she will determine the course of your destiny and the end of all things. Breathe in the heady scents of Egyptian amber, frankincense, warm vanilla and musk, all laced with roses, and finished with kisses of bergamot tea, black currants, and lush raspberries. She is worth the risk!!

BLACK THRONE: She is bewitching, inviting, sensual… and very dangerous. She is the dark temptress who welcomes you to her tower and all the thousands of ancient nights past she has seen. Her skin is anointed with sexy black opium and oriental white florals, accented with rich teakwood, tonka bean, dark tea, and patchouli, then finally caressed with deceptively delicate scents of vetiver, roses and vanilla. A daring, sensual, and complex blend.

BLOOD AND DONUTS: The smell of humans is strong in his nostrils. He longs to be with them, to caress them, to be one of them again. Another scent drifts in and awakens older desires, of pleasures long forgotten and then he sees it... the Donut Shop on the corner. Dark Egyptian amber and gaharu wood, well blended and served with creamy vanilla, cinnamon spices, rich chocolate, and a splash of Turkish coffee. It's.... to die for.

BOUDICA: Proud warrior queen of the British Iceni tribe who led an uprising in 60-61 CE against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. Most of her life is shrouded in mystery. Travel back to the days of ancient Britain and a proud Celtic people and imagine yourself in the camp of the Iceni Tribe. Anoint yourself with: Highland heather, rich honey mead, the aromas of roasting barley and wheat on an open fire, tanned leather, and the fog rising on a forest of green. This blend is feminine, yet earthy.

BOURBON STREET: The Lamplighter turns down his last alleyway, and you long to follow the scent of sexy bay rum touched with vanilla and musk. A warm, sexy unisex scent.

BRIMSTONE AND TREACLE: The phrase comes from and old Victorian reference to taking sweet treacle syrup with bitter sulpher tonic medicine to cure all that would ail you. Such tonics were often sold at carnivals, medicine shows, and side shows. Enter, the Ringmaster of the dark Victorian carnival coming soon to your town. A most charming devil he is. Do you trust him? More you trust his cat? Darker things are often concealed amongst the sweet... Roasted pralines smothered in brown sugar, deep and dark Victorian rosewood, drops of benzoin, and a touch of sinister smoke from a bottomless pit. Unisex; opens rich and sweet with darker notes emerging and lingering on the dry down.

BYZANTIUM: Byzantium, capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, or Byzantine Empire, was founded by the Greeks in 667 BCE. Wander the Sacred Palace of the Emperors, the Hippodrome, and the Golden Gate and enjoy the scents of the city's glorious ancient history, rich in many cultures, that still lives on today: Temple incense, frankincense resins, eastern woods, ripe pomegranates, mixed with softer notes of exotic florals, black pepper, light clove, and trailing background notes of sweet orange and passum. Rich and complex with a soft spiciness on the dry down.

CARNIVALE ROUGE: Let the red carnival sweep you away into decadence and mystery. Who is that delicious stranger behind the mask? What are you willing to give in return for brush of his lips? Will you remove your mask and bare your desires? Remember.... nothing is ever as it seems when the masquerade begins! Notes of amaretto liqueur are deepened with balanced tones of the darkest cocoa, cappuccino, rich cream, and buttery amber, while background notes of oakwood fire, and citrus deepen the intrigue. Come and play if you will!

CATRIANNA'S CAULDRON: A little of this, a little of that… la bella strega knows! Sweet frankincense, rare spices, a warm creamy vanilla, and a pinch of sage, all topped off with a whiff of cauldron smoke. A personal favorite… of course.

CHARIS: (kar-iss) meaning “grace", and also splendor, was the most beautiful of the Three Graces. Her scent is a soft sensual musk, dark sandalwood, and rich vanilla with the essence of vanilla bean added. All combine nicely for a simply classical and enchanting fragrance. The Three Graces, or Three Charities, of Greek mythology were Charis, also known as Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia. They were the goddesses of joy, pleasure, grace, beauty, festivity, adornment, dance, and song.

CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT: What sweet music they make! A nice Gothic blend of dragon’s blood, silky champas, deep vanilla, black fig, and the haunting faint breath of heliotrope. This unisex scent will them howling for more.

CLOCKWORK CUTIE: Where are you in the alternate history timeline? The Steampunk genre evokes the Victorian era with a modern edge and a touch of goth, a fascinating affair for the young and old alike. Inhale the scents of fresh wild berries, concord grapes on the vine, a whisper of dark flowers from a secret Victorian garden, and a soft vanilla accord. Fresh and sweet with a nostalgic dry down.

COCO VIOLETTE: Reminiscent of old fashioned violet candies and sweet childhood memories. This is a wonderful scent for grown up ladies too! Old fashioned violet, milk chocolate, and a hint of creamy vanilla.

DARK MOON: Inspired by the World of Dragonlance and the three Moons of Krynn. Dark Moon: The Moon of Darkness. The darkest of orchids captures lush notes of black heliotrope, smooth earthy labdanum, and a shaded woodsy forest. Dark, bold, mysterious!

DARK MOTHER: Does your prim and proper Mum have a secret?? I’ll bet she does! Her scent is sexy musk and sweet vanilla, with dashes and splashes of pipe tobacco and bay rum.

DARKNESS FALLS: "A thousand lifetimes may come and go, yet the night is always peace and solace.... a dichotomy of wildness and solitude, the stillness of the stars and the restless creatures of the evening, of dark oblivion and of ecstatic longing, of the seen and unseen." From the short story "Darkness Falls", by Cat Marx Copyright 2010. Your night is filled with the scents of: sensual and rich agarwood, sweet amber and warm resins, a dark and mysterious incense, and touches of Romany tea and fragrant spices. A warm, sensual, unisex scent with a touch of dark.

DECADENCE: Rich dark chocolate, luscious caramel, black cherry, and a hint of sweet gardenia – utterly tempting. What more is there to say?

DEEP MIDNIGHT: Beyond the witching hour – the darkest hour of the night, when the spirits of earth, air, fire and water come out to seek… Rich amber, dusty rose, velvety vanilla and heady musk.

DR. NAUTILUS: Dr. Nautilus Pompilius Cholmondeley (pronounced "chumley")-- inventor, world traveler, writer, and airship designer. This complex but smooth blend sends you on an adventure into sandalwood, sweet frankincense, patchouli, deep eastern spices, a bit of nag champa and dragons’ blood and fresh ocean air.

DRAGON’S ORB: Inspired by the wondrous white gem, the Arkenstone, sought by Thorin Oakenshield and guarded by Smaug the dragon of The Hobbit. Rich white amber, vetiver and softer greens evoke the beauty and earthiness of the gem, while spicy black pepper, juniper berries, several mysterious resin notes and herbs attest to the darkness of the dragon. A unisex scent that is spicy and warm, with a unique coolness on the dry down.

DRUIDS OF AWEN: "With the sky above us, the sea around us, and the earth below us, let us be at peace and give thanks." Earthy cedarwood and rich and fragrant gaharu wood weave a mystical experience along with Indonesian patchouli, osmanthus, fresh basil, and trailing hints of orange, pummelo and crisp night air. A calming, earthy unisex scent. This perfume blend is dedicated to the members of Geal Darach Grove.

DUNGEONS DEEP: The dwarf lords living in their halls of stone were great metalworkers, smiths, craftsmen, warriors, lovers of hospitality and gatherings, and honorable and proud to the end. This fantasy perfume is inspired by the dwarf lords and dwarf warriors in The Hobbit. Inhale and you will find yourself surrounded by : A deep cavern hall covered in ancient moss, the scents of earth and fire, tempered with benzoin, and a sweet warm tobacco blended with unique spices. A Unisex scent that is dark and earthy upon first application and finishes with a magical, warm, sweet smokiness on the dry down!

ERIDU: Antediluvian city of kings, temples, and mystery. It is the oldest known Sumerian city, dating back to 5,000 BCE, and served as the first capital of the kingdom. Let this blend take you back to its ancient markets, royal ziggurats, and perfumed temple dancers. Revel in the scents of chypre, sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli, and rich ancient soil, softened with tonka bean, and lightly spiced with clove, jasmine, rose, and mandarin.

ESMERELDA: Queen of the Gypsies… she knows your fortune and she will dance for you with a twirl of her skirt and a flick of her tambourine. She will lure you into her mysterious world of forests, caravans, gypsy music, and midnight fires. Experience the sensual rush of warm Egyptian amber, Arabian sandalwood, soft rose, light clove, a magical blend of spices and fresh herbs, and the scent of a warm inviting fire. It will make your night one of welcoming mystery.

EUPHROSYNE: (yoo-FROS-uh-nee), comes from the Greek and Latin, meaning “mirth,” “merriment.” Her scent is a myriad blend of tropical fruits, fresh pears, red berries, cream, figs, Sicilian orange, pummelo, caramel, lily of the valley, and a barely hidden note of red licorice. The Three Graces, or Three Charities, of Greek mythology were Charis, also known as Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia. They were the goddesses of joy, pleasure, grace, beauty, festivity, adornment, dance, and song.

FRENCH CHOCOLATE MACAROON: Victorian ladies love Paris – and French pastries and treats! Enjoy the scrumptious smells of creamy chocolate, toasted coconut, and tantalizing vanilla.

GARDENS AND GRAVES: Melancholy notes wrap you in a blanket of flowers and damp earth. Be at peace with the scent of rose petals, vetiver, and a handful of fresh dirt.

GARDEN OF DESIRE: Draw him into your circle of desire with your unique magnetic presence. This blend was a special request from my customer Nia. Blended with rare and delicious Mignonette, tuberose, ylang-ylang, and a touch of magic. Sensual, sweet, and heady!

GOBLIN IN THE GEARS: The clever wee beastie is at it again...desiring, inspiring, and twisting and turning the contraptions of every seasoned inventor. One really never knows if he will help or hinder. Is that really an airship that can double as a submarine...hmmmm? This mischievous, inventive blend consists of anise and blood orange, spiked with warm vanilla and a touch of soft sandalwood.

GUNPOWDER GERTIE: Gunpowder Gertie, the "Pirate Queen of the Kootenays", the most famous female pirate that never was! Gertie was a fictitious character told of in tales as an April Fool's tease in Canada, yet was reported as real by the CBC in British Columbia! She must have been the stuff of many men's dreams! We can imagine her on her steamship called "The Witch", sexy red hair flying about her, with a devious twinkle in her eye as she hid her treasures in the woods along the Kootenay River. She surely wore a cloak imbued with the intoxicating scents of her travels: scandalous rum and leather boots, sweet orange, coconuts, exotic wood, and a soft whiff of gun smoke from her black powder pistol!

GWENHYWFAR: A woman loved by two strong men, Arthur Pendragon High King of Britain, and Launcelot du Lac, the King's Champion. Legends and varied stories abound of this great and beautiful queen whose tragic love triangle still touches hearts today. Gwenhwyfar's scent is a beautiful blend of: three different Lilies, soft florals, dragon's blood, and a soft caress of the palest musk. Beautiful, melancholy, and haunting.

HALLS OF WAITING: In the many tapestried halls of stone on the white shores of the Western Sea, he awaits his true love with the patience of eternity. The surrounding air is filled with the scents of wet soil, white flowers, green moss, copal, and a touch of soft leather, all swirled into the essence of silver forest fog. A wistful and melancholy, yet comforting blend.

HAUNTED HAYRIDE: A veritable Halloween feast of delights! Envision an evening hay ride through a haunted forest where many a spook and spectre await you... and at the end of it all you are welcomed safely to a cozy barn filled with the scents of sweet pumpkins, roasted marshmallows, candycorn, soft notes of hay and leaves, sprinkled with warm spices, and tossed amongst base notes of rich vanilla and buttery Tunisian Frankincense. A gourmand delight! BOO!

HIGHCLERE: Highclere Castle, the "real" Downton Abbey of history and the location of the current filming. I can personally tell you this is a gorgeous and incredible place to visit! Get swept away into the Edwardian Era of stately rooms, and glorious castle gardens. Let yourself become the lady of the manor and let the lovely Edwardian notes of jasmine, hyacinth, bergamot, assorted citrus notes, lush greenery and faint rich woods take you away to yesteryear. This is a floral and sophisticated scent that harkens back to the perfumes used in the Edwardian Era.

HOUSE OF HEALING: The Elves who dwelt in a magnificent hidden valley near the foothills and mountains of mist, were great healers, lovers of peace and harmony, and blessed with grace and wisdom that extended to the dome of stars. This fantasy perfume is inspired by Rivendell, Elrond and all the Elven Lords and Ladies in The Hobbit, my first high fantasy book read as an eager 12 year old that forever endeared me to the fantasy genre. In this last safe refuge, one might breathe in the soft, earthy comforts of: wild iris, linden blossoms, fragrant green trees and grasses, fallen oaks leaves, and sweet morning dewdrops. Magical and serene!

INTO THE AETHER: An electric and haunting scent. Essences of earth, air, and water blend to take you away into the Aether… if you dare. A mix of earthy greenery, aquatic florals, and ozone.

JACK IN THE GREEN: You see his face in every tree and shrub. He is the lord of the forest. His essence is oakmoss, vetiver, and patchouli. This is a very earthy and green scent. Masculine, but women like this one too.

LACE AND LUST: Your gown swirls in billows of black lace as he catches you to place a kiss upon your neck. Watch it now, a delicate lady never bites back. Elegant white tea, sensual neroli, and a faint breath of gardenia are your only attire now.

LACE PARASOL: Every Victorian lady covets an elegant lace parasol. Let this uplifting fragrance whisk you away into yesteryear. A blend of sparkling white florals and champagne.

LADIES OF LONDON: This blend speaks of laughter, whispers and sighs behind closed doors, of perfumed lace casually strewn on the floor of a Victorian parlor, and luscious lips waiting for a kiss of bliss. Sensual florals highlighted with lily of the Valley, spicy indulgent opium, a bowlful of the deepest sensual red berries, and caresses of frankincense and patchouli for added mystery. Go ahead and know you want to.

LADY O. : She is twice as naughty as she is nice as she wraps herself up in the delicious aura of honey musk, cardamom, and spicy leathery pimento. She’s getting out her riding crop now!

LAST BREATH: A sweet goodbye as an organ pipes a haunting hymn. Roses, lily of the valley, and white tea waft in as the lid closes…

LAUNCELOT du LAC: Sir Launcelot du Lac, the most trusted of Arthur Pendragon's Knights and seeker of the Holy Grail; virtuous, yet flawed by his deep love for the King's wife, Gwenhwyfar. In legends, he was known as the most perfect of knights in word and deed, yet the once pure love he bore the Queen ends in passion and the downfall of the great kingdom. Soft, sad, lilies, spikenard, saddle leather, and smoky resins define the scent that is Launcelot du Lac. This scent has a floral note, but is meant for both sexes to enjoy.

LEMURIA: Lemuria is the mythical counterpart to Atlantis that was believed to have been located in between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean near the Ring of Fire, a place known for volcanic and earthquake activity. Mythic accounts of Lemuria differ, but all writings refer to it as a continent during ancient times that sank into the sea following a huge cataclysmic disaster, much like its Atlantic counterpart. Perhaps in dreams it was a place of great beauty, spirituality, and simplicity. Sitting on the beach, one might have been able to detect in their surroundings: Aquatic florals brightened and heightened by sunflowers, Persian melons mixed with other lush tropical fruits, a light touch of a softer patchouli, and finally a dusting of coriander. Sweetly familiar, yet mysterious.

MAD AS A HATTER: A mad concoction of bitter dark chocolate, oakmoss, nag champa and a touch of tobacco. No added mercury, guaranteed...

MAYAN MYSTERY: An expedition to foreign lands has brought back many treasures. Envelope yourself in the scent of spiced Mexican chocolate, blood oranges, and the secret ingredient of the ancients.

MEMENT MORI: Please remember me… Beautiful lilacs, delicate violets and everlasting musk grow out of the damp earth. We will meet again.

MOURNING GLORY: This perfume is inspired by Victorian mourning style and culture. Funeral lilies, vetiver, damp soil, woods, and a soft summer rain call to your senses. A melancholy, haunting blend, yet beautiful with an edge of power to it.

NIVENS: Don't be late for an important date when wearing this tantalizing perfume oil! Even the Easter Bunny would be envious of this one! Nivens will lead you down a rabbit hole to tasty helpings of sweet creamy pastries, cakes and sticky puddings, topped off with plump wild berries and a touch of spices and soft florals. Fresh, sweet, and delicious!

OBERON: Lord of all the Fae, he is dark, sexy, and earthy. He will take you into his world of night and magic, maybe never to return. He is the essence of rich teakwood, green oakmoss, sensual gaharu wood, accented with hints of citrus, and wisps from a midnight oakwood fire. A very sensual men's fragrance.

PENDRAGON: A Legend, a Hero, a King. Strong, brooding, ever masculine, and ever deep in thought. Sensual, powerful, and earthy, Arthur, the "great Bear" whose quest for the healing of the land will forever be told of in tales and poems. This is a very earthy and masculine scent that speaks of the wild woods, incensed stone halls, and the isle of Avalon. A trio of sensual woods, spikenard, resinous Dragon's Blood, and a light misting of apples to honor the Lady and add sensuality. This dramatic fragrance is dedicated to my wonderful Husband!

PIECES OF EIGHT: The Prince of Pirates, Sam Bellamy, walks the deck, his long black hair blowing in sea air, mug of ale in hand... what great treasures does he hold on his ship and will he see his lady love again? Only the fates know for sure. Dark patchouli, leather, Kaffir Lime, old wood, and labdanum waft about on the breezes of fresh ocean air. A wonderful dark and slightly spicy unisex scent, that tips towards the masculine side of the scale.

PIRATE'S KEG: Oh, that Black Jack – you can only imagine the booty he possesses! Raise a glass and toast him on his way to more grand swashbuckling adventures. Bay rum, rich leather, wild musk, and a shot of coconut and lime. A delicious unisex scent!

PROFESSOR M. : He is dangerous, diabolical, and you should not follow him, but…you will. You will not lose this game and it is definitely afoot! Follow the trail of rich leather, bay rum and pipe tobacco, with a sexy hint of Egyptian musk. This perfume is inspired by the world of Sherlock Holmes. The warm, smoky unisex scent tips towards the masculine side of the scale.

RED MOON: Inspired by the World of Dragonlance and the three Moons of Krynn. The Moon of Neutrality: Heady red musk swirls with tendrils of vibrant hibiscus flowers, plump dark red currants, and magical resins in a veiled embrace. Sexy, earthy, warm!

RED SEXY: "Someone has stolen three of my tarts!"' Red IS sexy! Even the demanding Queen of Hearts would not pass on this mouthwatering recipe : tempting red pomegranate highlights creamy marshmallow, sexy red berries, and a few slices of red apple, with all the sweetness tempered with a touch of sensual patchouli, citrus and clove. Sexy, and definitely delicious! Don't lose your head over it :)

ROSABELLE: I love you more than words could ever tell…delicate roses, delicious musk, and a wee bit of Egyptian sandalwood. Pray, answer true. Rosabelle, Believe!

SAMHAIN NIGHT: The veil grows thin as midnight approaches. The sounds of dry leaves and a sighing earth fill your mind as tendrils of frankincense, amber, sweet red apples and an offering of red wine caress your body.

SANGREAL: Comprised of the word San and Graal, Sangreal has come to mean: Holy Grail, and also Blood Stone. The Holy Grail, long sought after in legend by Arthur Pendragon and his Knights of the Round Table. This perfume blend is a rich floral and resin blend that will sweep your senses into the time of legends of kings, maidens, and knights and make you feel as though you have walked into a medieval chamber. Three very different red and black roses, enigmatic dragon's blood, and a magical combination of other sacred resins and woods make for a scent that is rich and long lasting. The perfume tips towards the feminine side of the scale, but it is a deep enough rose scent that it can be worn by both sexes.

SECRET JOURNAL: Ah, the strange lands it has seen and the secrets it keeps – aged leather, exotic sandalwood, blood oranges and vanilla enhance its mysteries.

SELENE BY NIGHT: She is elusive like the wind she flies on, carrying secrets of a thousand lifetimes as the full moon shines upon her face. The air around her is redolent of black orchids, deep dark exotic woods, enigmatic cypress, dragon's blood and the faintest kiss of spice. This one has quickly become one of personal favorites for its ability to feel luxurious but deeply gothic in tone all in one.

SHANGRI-LA: The mythical kingdom hidden deep in the Himalayas, was the idyllic utopia sought after by Eastern and Western explorers alike. It was hidden valley of breathtaking beauty and regal temples, a people rooted in simplicity and meditative ritual... truly an exotic earthy paradise sought after in dream after dream. Experience harmony as you enter a land scented with sweet cherry blossoms, delicate rice flowers, soft champa flowers, eastern spices, sandalwoods, and lychee fruits. This goes on as a soft floral with a soft spice on the dry down. Ethereal, sweet, and exotic.

SILK ROAD DELIGHTS: Board your airship and travel to ancient lands. Journey down the paths of riches and surprises. Spicy sandalwood, Tunisian frankincense and dark myrrh take you on a road to delight the senses.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: The orange and yellow moon is full and gleams through the trees as round as a jack o lantern. You just want to get through the woods and back home for a peaceful night. The crisp and lush smells of fall leaves and acorns, pumpkins, sweet candy treats, and fragrant spices, haunt your senses and relax you. Wait…was that the sound of horse’s hooves you just heard?

SWEET CALAVERA: Oh that she is, both sweet AND dark! Sweet sugars spun round with haunting Spanish moss, a very deep vanilla accord, drops of sensual patchouli, and background notes of fig, greens, and clove. A dark and delicious treat!

SYLVAN NIGHT: Feel your feet running fleetly through the dark fragrant forest. You leave a lovely trail of vetiver, oakwood, and musk behind you. Let them catch you if they can.

TARA'S BURNING: Sweet, slightly smoky and every so coquettish! Set your sweetheart's heart afire with this sly and sexy little blend of ripe succulent peaches, aromatic magnolia blossoms, trailing vines and branches, a hint of smoky sweet copal, and touch of golden fruit. Frankly, my dear, he will give a damn!

TEA ROOM COOKIE: So yummy ! Who could eat just one? A biscotti scented blend of Turkish coffee, vanilla, oatmeal, milk, honey, almond, and a sprinkle of chocolate.

TEA WITH A DRAGON: He is not what he seems to be, my lady. Do you dare share a cup of tea with an enigmatic stranger? Green tea, black pepper, cardamom, and a mysterious little dollop of cocoa make this a tantalizing unisex scent.

TENEBRAE: Tenebrae, Latin for "shadows or darkness", is also a traditional Christian service that is usually celebrated during Christian Holy week before Easter. The deeply moving ceremony is characterized by the gradual extinguishing of light or candles and the chanting of psalms and lamentations, where at the end of the service a single candle is processed through the church to signify the return of the light.... An ancient brazier spilling over with tendrils of sacred incense smoke that mingle with candle wax, polished old wood and stone, blessed resins, faint soft notes of Sicilian citron, and a touch of divine black agarwood. A beautiful, earthy, archaic blend with the smokiness balanced by a touch of sweet.

THALIA: (tha-lee-ah) means "festivity" or flourishing". Her scent is a delicious and festive mix of raw honeycomb layered over succulent peaches, sweet gardenia, and a deep, rich myrrh. The Three Graces, or Three Charities, of Greek mythology were Charis, also known as Aglaia, Euphrosyne, and Thalia. They were the goddesses of joy, pleasure, grace, beauty, festivity, adornment, dance, and song.

THE CRYPT: "Arise, my dark lovely, and walk with me beneath the moon and stars, as ancient as we two are and ever shall be." From the short story, "Black Velvet Heart", By Cat Marx. Tendrils of an extra spicy and rich myrrh wrap around wet earth, oakwood fire, and candle flame for a blend that is spicy, deep, dark, and slightly diabolical. A great unisex gothic scent.

THE DEVIL YOU SAY: Old Scratch never smelled this good ! Rich and resinous dragon’s blood, ancient chypre, black pepper, a pinch of salt, and a whiff of tobacco.

THE GOBLINS' MARKET: One taste and you are lost forever – luscious peaches, ripe cherries, juicy pears, decadent chocolate and a hint of sweet violet bring you back for more.

THE HALFLING’S PARTY: Fantasy Perfume Oil inspired by The Hobbit and the characters of Bilbo and Frodo and their companions. Bring a friend or two, or four or maybe more to a generously hosted Halfling Party; they love to give as well as receive! Freshly buttered bread, harvest apples baked into a caramel tart, rum, red wine (for the wizard), and a light citrus with background notes of old polished wood, sweet tobacco leaf, and a dusting of oak wood roaring in a welcoming hearth...makes for a fine, comforting, gourmand scent that tips to the feminine side of the scale but can certainly be enjoyed by both sexes.

THE LOST LADY: Some may catch a glimpse of her in the third floor window, but all detect the phantom scent of delicate rose petals, sweet sandalwood, and vetiver. Whatever happened to her? No one will ever tell…

THE TEMPLE OF TIME: You have been there a thousand times in your dreams, and you will return there a thousand times again. Two lovely and different frankincense scents, wonderful ancient chypre, and a bit of cardamom create a magical aroma that will transport you to another time and place.

TIME MACHINE: Turn the right gears and travel into the far future. Are those really called bell bottom pants? Slide into the scent of golden amber, earthy Patchouli and a splash of nag champa.

TORPEDO TED: Theodosius Ambrosius Pacifico (a.k.a. Torpedo Ted), Captain of “The Dragon’s Maw” invites you to join him on an adventure…and maybe more. A delicious masculine scent of ocean, air, and salty sea breezes for your favorite steampunk captain. Inspired by my brother and originally made for him as his signature scent.

VAMPYRE'S KISS: The masquerade has begun and black cherry, Egyptian musk and earthy patchouli envelope you in an irresistible embrace. You will never want the morning to come.
VELVET HARLOT: You come out at midnight, looking for your prey. Seductive notes of black cherry, dark chocolate, rich vanilla, and a kiss of sangria tempt all you encounter.

VIXEN VENOM: Wicked is your middle name. You entice with a blend of rich amber, sweet musk, the sweetest vanilla, and a dash of patchouli for that extra bite.

WEE GREEN FAE: The Green Fairy’s little sister! A lovely steampunk unisex blend of anise, juniper berries, soft citrus, tempered with sweet vanilla and soft musk. Lovely and intriguing for ladies, but gentlemen and rogues love to wear this as well!

WHITE MOON: Inspired by the World of Dragonlance and the three Moons of Krynn. The Moon of Light: The palest, most sensual amber envelops notes of mimosa, orange blossoms, ginger, and finishes with delicate notes of lighter florals, ozone, and woods. Sensual, bright, and magical!

You may also choose any HOLIDAY PERFUMES as any of the samples in your set.

COMFORT AND JOY: "Oh, tidings of comfort and joy, comfort and joy." This is a wonderful, festive, warm and delicious holiday scent I would like to wear year round. It is reminiscent of all good and happy holidays we have known in our homes and in our hearts. This blend is comprised of deep vanilla bean, sweet roasted chestnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, and rounded out with cedarwood, frankincense, and touches of sage and myrrh. So scrumptious and joyous! With great love in my heart I dedicate this scent to my family.

ENDRIS NIGHT: "Thys endris nygth I saw a sygth, A stare as brygt as day." This is from a 15th Century English Carol that is rarely performed today. It is a beautiful song and the Old English lyrics reference the Virgin and Child with grace and tenderness. This blend is meant to evoke images of a long ago time, during a night of rare splendor and beauty. Sweet frankincense, Arabian sandalwood, a very rich deep red musk, orange blossoms, and kisses of cloves make this a magical scent for the holidays and year round also.

SILVER BELLS: I have made this oil in memory of my mother, who made every holiday a delight. The house would be filled with the wonderful aromas of foods and treats and every room would be decorated ever so magically. Her gorgeous and trained soprano voice filled the house with the sounds of the Holiday carol she had sung to me since I was an infant : Silver Bells. Savor your memories of the season as you enjoy this lovely perfume blend of rich rum, cinnamon, nutmeg, deep vanilla bean, delicious cream, sugarplums, and a touch of a very sweet and light mint. ...." And on every street corner you'll hear...Silver Bells."

VICTORIAN SLEIGH RIDE: Travel back in time to a winter wonderland of snowy trees, listening to the sounds of the horses’ bells and breathing in the crisp air as you are whisked away down snowy covered lanes in a sleigh full of gaily wrapped parcels. This is a crisp and delightful blend of Candy Canes, hollyberries, sweet spiced whiskey, cedarwood, sage, frankincense, and a touch of cream. Happy holidays!

WASSAIL: The old English wassail song, Here We Come A-wassailing (or Here We Come A-caroling) refers to 'wassailing', or singing carols door to door wishing good health and happiness. Beggars and orphans used to dance their way through the snowy streets of England, offering to sing good cheer and to tell good fortune if the householder would give them a drink from his wassail bowl and let them stand for a few minutes beside the warmth of his hearth. The wassail bowl itself was a hearty combination of hot ale or beer, apples, spices and mead. Today wassail is sometimes made with wine and other fruits. Sit by a warm fire and imagine the carolers of old England coming by to wish you cheer as you give them a drink from your wassail bowl...the aromas of red wine, apple wine, ale, sweet oranges, fruit and cloves, along with delicate touches of frankincense and myrrh... capture your senses.

SATURNALIA: Saturnalia was an ancient Roman Festival that took place between December 17th and December 23rd, around the time of the winter solstice. Catullus describes it as "the most joyous of festivals and the best of days during which normal business and many prohibitions were suspended, servants waited on masters, paper robes and masks were worn, gifts were exchanged, and there was a period of general relaxation and festivity." This scent evokes the feeling of ancient ritual and festivity with an earthy mix of Arabian sandalwood, Sudanese frankincense, and patchouli blended with the aromas of roasted chestnuts, almonds, and hazelnuts, and finished with cranberries and sweet cake.

THE HOLLY AND THE IVY: The Holly and the Ivy" is an English traditional Christmas carol. The carol contains intermingled Christian and Pagan imagery, both depicting the Ivy as feminine and the Holly as masculine. This is a slightly spicy and crisp unisex scent that has both feminine and masculine aspects: the scent of festive hollyberries is mingled with the beautiful and earthy greens of an inviting winter forest.

THE SUN KING: A popular ancient Winter Solstice carol is The Carol of the Unconquered Sun, as the Solstice celebrates the return of the growing sunlight hours now to come. A rich, warm, and deep archaic blend awaits you with dark frankincense, myrrh, spikenard, white amber, sandalwood, and a faint touch of eastern spices. A lovely unisex blend.

YULE LOG: A Yule log is burned in the hearth as a part of traditional Yule or Christmas celebrations in several European cultures. It can be a part of the Winter Solstice festival or the Twelve Days of Christmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Twelfth Night. The Yule log has been associated with having its origins in the historical Germanic paganism which was practiced across northern Europe. Plain and decorated Yule Logs are still burned in fireplaces today and the fire used to burn the log is always started with a remnant from the log that was burned in the previous year's festivities. The log's ancient symbolism is one of bringing prosperity and protection. Imagine a cozy fireplace hearth in a lovely log cabin, the comfort and warmth of the fire and the enveloping scents of buttery frankincense, oakwood embers, evergreens, and lingering cloves as you relax into the joys of the season. A great unisex winter blend.

YULETIDE REVELS: If you have had the pleasure of attending a Yule or Christmas Revels you will know how enjoyable they are. The revels refer to ancient tradition of dance, drama and storytelling rooted in ancient seasonal ritual and traditions. It is seasonal, celebratory, and participatory and oh so much fun to attend! This blend evokes the feel of the season and the joy of celebration with a base of warm chypre, stirred up with whiskey, sugarplums, cream, and a touch of sweet orange and cardamon. Cheers!!


Deep Midnight Perfumes Donates to Animal Charities: I donate a portion of my monthly sales to local MN animal rescue organizations. Please see my profile page to see the charity/charities I currently sponsor. Giving back is part of being a responsible person in this world we live in.

Deep Midnight Perfumes are:

Hand Blended: I create all of my perfumes myself with love and care, using my own original formulas. I use the finest essential and/or fragrance oils and organic jojoba oil (the gold standard of carrier oils) for superior skin absorption and longevity of the shelf life of the scent.

Vegan: Honey, leather, and musk notes are always a high quality synthetic or plant based substitutes. All perfumes are also free of carmine.

Cruelty-Free: I never test my products on animals and never will. All of my sources for scent notes and carrier oils have pledged to be non-animal testing companies forever.

Preservative Free: There are no harmful parabens, phthalates, or alcohol in my perfume oils.

Thank you for your patronage and I hope you enjoy the perfumes I love to create for you!


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