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unique gift box - the cabin fever wonder box number 3 - bars o soap w/ jar o body butter, bath oil and more tucked into wooden acorn box

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Practically one of the most perfect-est gift boxes to give to yourself or any manner of whimsical woman or mysterious man, The Cabin Fever Wonder Box (#3) allows you to bask in a spastically awesome collection of Pixxxie Pie & Posie's most popular products. Just what the witch doctor ordered, this incarnation of the Cabin Fever Wonder Box is just the thing to pop open this Autumn. Imagine yourself in a far off land of snow and ice. A fire roars in the nearby fireplace as you open your box of wonders....

The following treasure trove of natural goodies is yours with purchase of this listing:

--4 oz old world jar of hand whipped body butter (super-awesome lotion, in layman's terms)
--3 luxurious bars of Pixxxie Pie's artisan crafted soap
--1/4 oz bottle of perfume/cologne oil
--1 oz bottle of bath oil
--2 oz small glassine bag of artisan made bath salts
--1 magnificent tube of lip balm/lip embellishment
--1.5 oz corked apothecary test tube of tea
--1 oz bottle of infused honey

All you need to do is list what aroma blends and flavors you'd like for your goodies in your order comments in Etsy and/or in Paypal!! A tiny Pandora's box of handmade goods awaits those brave enough to venture forth. You'll find a full aroma and flavor list below!

♥About the Wholesome Goodies:

--Pixxxie Pie's silkening body butters have a reputation for softening skin to perfection. Dry, undernourished skin will thank you for this gift of artisan body butter with every use as you become a new & more supple creature. Just a tiny dollop of this whipped sugar is all it takes & there's no oily residue left behind after application since this wonder-stuff is absolutely light and whipped-cream-fluffy despite its creamy nature. Those of you that suffer from dry, chapped skin thanks to being trapped in a hole for prolonged periods, knitting, sewing, working with computers or paper through out the day should take special note of this offering!

--Pixxxie Pie natural soaps lather generously and moisturize the skin to perfection and often have blueberry seeds dusted over them for extra exfoliating power. Each soap bar is HUGEMONGOUS and weighs approx: 5.5-6 oz.

--Pixxxie's Botanical Perfume and Cologne Oils are high quality: An exotic mix of sweet almond oil, jojoba, hazelnut , sunflower oils and a tiny touch of coconut oil (aka: The House Blend) are blended with mine own hands and are then combined with fine essential oils, natural botanical oils and plant absolutes from around the world.

--Pixxxie Pie Bath Oils are also ultra soothing. A sumptuous mix of sweet almond oil, jojoba & hazelnut oils are blended slowly by hand and are then combined with essential oils & natural botanical oils from around the realm to produce this vessel of day-dreamy goodness.

--Pixxxie Pie Bath Salts in this offering are a mix of fine and course white salts combined with only the finest essential oils or natural botanical oils. Pink Himalayan salt is available upon request at no extra charge! You can also opt for the bath salts to fizz in that wonderful way that bath bombs do. Just leave a note next to the aroma of bath salt you want that says: Please Fizzify!
This means a dash of all natural citric acid (derived from oranges) and baking soda will be added to your bath salts for fizz factor!

--Pixxxie Pie Lip Embellishments are created from all natural ingredients. The lips are softened and conditioned to perfection, leaving you with an irresistible urge to pucker up and shower delicately flavored kisses on all those around you. Chapped lips are cured and left with just a hint of sweetness. See individual listings and all the details for my lip balms in the Bath, Body and Mind category!

--Pixxxie Press Teas are created from organic and fair trade tea components. Tea arrives with a re-usable cotton drawstring bag for steeping. See my tea listings for more steeping details and full descriptions.

--Genuine Pixxxie Pressed Infused Honey is created from organic and fair trade botanicals and syrups mixed with all natural honey! See my infused honey listings for more info!

--Pixxxie's Acorn Box is hand carved oak from the far off shores of Thailand. It is approximately 8.5 inches tall, 7 inches wide and quite deep. All by its lonesome, the Acorn Box weighs 15.5 oz with nothing in it=).

♥--------------------Available Aromas: Advice- Copy, paste and print the menu.-------------------♥
Mull over it slowly while drinking tea or coffee: take your time. If you need help choosing the aroma blend that’s right for you I’m more than happy to give you an email consultation. Just convo me via Etsy with info regarding the types of aromas you like (and don’t like) and I’ll get back to you with recommendations within 24-48 business hours =)!! All of my aromas have been divided into families too, so check out the top of my shop Policy page: http://www.etsy.com/shop/pixxxiepieandposie/policy

Aroma Gender & Nuances: My aroma blends hold an intricate charm and a certain "green" and "dark woodsy" sensuality. Many are unisex, so they're perfect for all manner of mysterious man and oddly whimsical woman.

-----The Ether - (primary notes: ginger, amber & thyme)
persona: playful, uplifting, delicately earthy, warm, subtly green & zesty (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Dark Willow - (primary notes: patchouli, cedar & amber)
persona: grounding, persistently woody, spicy, exotic, full bodied, darkly sweet, bold & balsamic (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----La Petite Morte - (primary notes: honeysuckle & vine)
persona: lightly green with delicate floral overtones, soft, soothing, bright & intricately sensual (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----Lush Alchemy - (primary notes: firewood, lotus and moss)
persona: a forest floor awash w/ leaves, cut wood, rich layers, nuanced sweetness redolent with moss (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----The Arcana - (primary notes: bergamot, lavender & myrrh)
persona: vibrant green, comforting, softly floral, herbaceous, balsamic, a mild sweet dashed with citrus (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Sweet Olivander - (primary notes: lilac & field)
persona: wild lilacs, green fields, tall grasses, light, airy, heady-sweet, shamelessly floral (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----Sugar Plum Fairie - (primary notes: plum, yuzu & chamomile)
persona: sweet, fruity, ripe, tea-green, fancifully effervescent, up-lifting, fun and playfully feminine (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----Barbaroi - (primary notes: frankincense & sandalwood)
persona: headstrong, dark-woodsy, richly earthy, warm & spicy, rare, sensual, exotic and ancient (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Masculine)

-----The Shadow Woods - (primary notes: frasier fir, jasmine & pine)
persona: intensely woody, fresh, leafy, a forest of evergreens & pines with subtle floral undertones (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Masculine)

-----Voodoo - (primary notes: neroli, white tea & ginger)
persona: floral, green, captivating, delicate, sweet, intricate, sun-dappled, sensual, relaxing & feminine (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----The Wormwood - (primary notes: anise, sweet pea blossom & mint)
persona: deeply green, heavy pools of licorice with mellow floral tones hemmed in a peppermint lace (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----For Strange Little Girls - (primary notes: cucumber & green tea)
persona: clean, fresh, airy, carefree, bright, flirty, lusciously green & brightly feminine (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Feminine)

-----For Lost Boys - (primary notes: chocolate-spiced colombian coffee)
persona: decadent, layered, dark-chocolaty, invigorating, warm & bold as a fresh cup of spiced espresso (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Laudanum - (primary notes: apricot, fig & ivy)
persona: fresh, subtle fruit w/ a bit of sweetness underpinned by green forest vines and other wild flora (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Feminine)

-----Ergot - (primary notes: kiwi, coriander, sage & vetivert)
persona: heady, bold and magnificently herbaceous with a lightly kiwi undertone to balance the brew (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----The Spice Melange - (primary notes: cinnamon, clove & orange)
persona: sultry, wildly spicy, unconventionally bold, exotic and rich with softly chiming citrus-y notes (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----The Gunslinger - (primary notes: leather, sandalwood, amber, rose, oak, tobacco & caramel)
persona: boldly sensual, exotic, complex, primal, musky, woody, dark, warm, smoky & compelling (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Masculine)

-----Stormbringer - (primary notes: hyacinth, heather, lotus & musk)
persona: intoxicating, headstrong, unique with wild flower notes tinged in green-muskiness & rain (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Marrakesh - (primary notes: nag champa, bamboo, teak)
persona: rich, woody, exotic, earthy like fine temple incense, lightly floral, musky & quite grounding (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Fooly Cooly - (primary notes: cherry blossom & green grass)
persona: a deliriously sassy cherry bomb, fruity and bold, shamelessly flirty, sweet with a green edge (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----Fire, Walk With Me - (primary notes: hazelnut, tobacco, vanilla & scorched woods)
persona: uninhibited, seductive, smoky, deep, dark, woodsy-sweet, warm vanilla cream & fine pipe tobacco (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----Na Dobranich - (primary notes: spicy pumpkin pie & clove)
persona: a sweet-wood core filled with rich and spicy pumpkin pie powdered with the dust of cloves (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Feminine)

-----True Blood - (primary notes: dragons blood, spanish moss & honeysuckle)
persona: dark, bold, a touch earthy, oddly resinous, Patchouli & Sandalwood tones linger next to moss (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----The Patronus Charm - (primary notes: honey, almond & caramelo)
persona: old-fashioned candy, carefree notes of honey & caramel play warmly across toasted almonds (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Morphine - (primary notes: frost, white woods, white amber, musk & nag champa)
persona: Morpheus, bright and dreamy, mildly floral, herbaceous musk simmering with temple incense (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Lichen & Loam - (primary notes: lush clover & aloe)
persona: wondrously green, lush, clean, light, a verdant rainforest shivering with morning mist & dew (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Swan Bow & Foxglove - (primary notes: currants, peaches & wild woods)
persona: arboreal, bright snow, loamy earth, crushed twigs, currants, evergreens & pepper peach Lambic (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Feminine)

-----Arsenic & Old Lace - (primary notes: rosewood & bay)
persona: antique, headstrong & warm like a centuries-old rosewood piano polished with resinous oils (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----The Bene Gesserit - (primary notes: sandalwood & peony)
persona: a rich heart of precious Sandalwood reveals her golden notes & hints of Peony bind her edges (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----The Weirding Way - (primary notes: pear glace & vine)
persona: diaphanous, fruity, lightly sweet, wild vines entwine a core of ripe green Anjou Pears (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Feminine)

-----Hemlock & Cream - (primary notes: colombian coffee & sweet orange blossom)
persona: vibrant, deep warm tones, an invigorating romance between roasted coffee & blood oranges (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Devotchka - (primary notes: petitgrain & musk)
persona: fresh, woody, uplifting, a mildly citrus-y undertone is rounded with splashes of green musk (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Miette - (primary notes: honeydew & green grass)
persona: a light, cool breeze, fresh cut honeydew melon outlined in a fringe of tall green grass (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----Sweet Absinthe - (primary notes: ravensara, sweet sage, anise)
persona: a mellow backing note of Anise next to warmly nuanced chords created by Ravensara & Sage (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

------Dandelo - (primary notes: dandelion blossom, pomegranate, geranium & willow)
persona: green blossoms next to the strange fruit of the underworld, semi-sweet, multifaceted & odd (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----The Prim - (primary notes: cypress, clover & lily)
persona: a primordial rainforest, lush, fantastically green, old-growth trees and their clinging vines (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Feminine)

-----Hester Prynne's Lot - (primary notes: wild summer watermelon)
persona: whimsical, dazzlingly, high green notes blend w/ the fresh sweetness of summer watermelons (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----Barbarella - (primary notes: coconut pina colada)
persona: adventurous, boldly saccharine, sunny viridian notes nestle close to tropical coconut & rum (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Feminine)

-----Blue Velvet - (primary notes: wild blueberry & violet)
persona: darkly lustrous, a fruity sweetness subdued by a heavy pressing of musky, sensual violets (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----White Willow - (primary notes: white tea & green woods)
persona: serene, delicate, light, a singular beauty outlined in ribbons of pale chartreuse and white (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Feminine)

-----The Blackwood Cello - (primary notes: burmese wood, ebony, pine resin & black amber)
persona: hypnotic, layered, warm, a resonant base of elder woods beset with a smooth & resinous heart (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Masculine)

-----Cabin Fever - (primary notes: juniper woods, clinging vines, wild flowers)
persona: woody & mildly sugared, a log cabin in the heart of a Juniper Forest at the edge of the world (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Vatrushka - (primary notes: chocolate ganache over yellow cake)
persona: buttery yellow cake slathered in a warm shell of chocolate Ganache (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----Verbeana - (primary notes: lush lemongrass)
persona: vibrant, herbaceous, mildly woody, brightly lit with notes of lemon & leafy wildling woods. (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Little Red Riding Hood - (primary notes: fire baked pears & cinnamon)
persona: daringly sweet & warm, Sri Lankan Cinnamon dusts fire-baked pears in a halo of sultry spice (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Feminine)

-----Severus - (primary notes: cedar, spearmint, musk & rosemary)
persona: boldly minty, layered, musky, pleasantly herbaceous, woody & burnished by internal fires (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Masculine)

-----Burlesque - (primary notes: white gardenia & musk)
persona: a bouquet of hot-house flowers, deliberately heady, vivaciously floral w/ a tawdry muskiness (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----Warm Leatherette - (primary notes: leather, frankincense & clove)
persona: heavily spiced, balsamic, rawhide, masculine, smooth with woody overtones, mildly smoky (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Masculine)

-----Bellatrix - (primary notes: patchouli & vetivert)
persona: earthy, uninhibited, woody & fantastically musky, Bellatrix resides where the wild things are. (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Sackcloth and Ashes- (primary notes: lavender burned woods)
persona: lavender is the dominant tone, heavily herbal, full-bodied, & flanked by scorched woods (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Tiger Lily - (primary notes: calla lily & juniper woods)
persona: lilting, floral, untamed like wild lilies growing in a thick grove far from the hands of man (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Feminine)

-----Siamese Dream - (primary notes: allspice, coconut, vanilla & tonka)
persona: decked in bells of Allspice and Nutmeg, Coconut and Tonka pad in on velvet feet, purring sweetly, goose-down coats redolent with the woodsy scorch of java laced with chai and vanilla. (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

----------------------------------------THE MAJOR ARCANA AROMA BLENDS---------♥

♥Some Pixxxie Pie and Posie aroma blends are not available with this listing due to the expense of the essential oil components contained therein. A special listing can be created upon request and the pricing will be hammered out accordingly.

—–Rasputina – (primary notes: davana, benzoin resin & fresh baked honey cakes)
persona: a quirky strumpet, spiced rum, rich layers, striped bloomers, honey cakes & vanilla bourbon (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

—–The Blade Runner – (primary notes: angelica root, opopanax & musk)
persona: exotic, mildly wood, complex, a unique heart of gold with tendrils of musk & unlikely resins (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Masculine)

—–Anguisette – (primary notes: moonflower, orchid, violet & musk)
persona: voluptuous, sweet and sexy, a musky, night blooming flower cultivated with purpose & care (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

—–A Tight Corset – (primary notes: moroccan amber & cardamom)
persona: carnal, spicy, sweetly-earthy, dark, intoxicating, a smoky brew inspired by legends and lore (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

—–Sirius Black – (primary notes: immortelle flowers, teak & musk)
persona: deep, charming, musky, unbelievably warm, syrup-heavy caramel poured over antique woods (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Masculine)

—–Persia – (primary notes: indian oudh/agarwood, labdanum & myrrh)
persona: dark, resinous, exotic, dry-herbaceous, extra-bold and wonderfully faceted, the aroma is marked by a distinctly musky fringe of Indian Oudh slowly melding with warm, maple-syrupy Labdanum (Aroma Gender: Unisex, Leaning Masculine)

-----The Devil & Miss Jones – (primary notes: lychee, bergamot & blue tansy)
persona: feminine, uplifting, mildly woodsy w/ faint fruity notes hemmed in unique floral overtones thanks the inclusion of blue tansy. (Aroma Gender: Feminine)

-----Behind The Green Door – (primary notes: spruce, wild woods, coriander & wild peppermint)
persona: unisex, wild, green, invigorating, this scent is a primal rain forest that's both lingering & bold in just the right ways. (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-----Lovecraft – (primary notes: opopanax, oakmoss, vetivert, sandalwood & heavy musk)
persona: a complex creation made with a mesmerizing conspiracy of oils, deeply green and strangely woody, this potion is unisex, persistent, bold & heavily herbaceous with a heady musky fringe. (Aroma Gender: Unisex)

-------------------------------------------------♥AROMA FAMILIES & SUCH

AROMA FAMILIES: Many find it much easier to shop when things are organized into aroma families, so the Pixxxie Pie & Posie aroma pantheon now spreads before you with every aroma nestled conveniently within a family. So whether you’re new to Pixxxie Pie or stopping in for your monthly refill, this new organization scheme will help you quickly narrow down which aromas are right up your alley. Check out the top of my shop Policy page: http://www.etsy.com/shop/pixxxiepieandposie/policy

-------------------------------------------------♥TEA FLAVORS
♥Here's a list of available tea flavors:

--Lavendera Somniferum
--Chocolate Zanzibar
--Chocolate Somniferum (combination of Lavender and Chocolate Tea)
--Absinthe Green
--Gunslinger Green Hibiscus

-------------------------------------------------♥INFUSED HONEY FLAVORS
♥Here's a list of available flavors of infused honey:

--Lavender and Violet Honey
--Ginger Honey
--Absinthe Honey

-------------------------------------------------♥LIP BALM FLAVORS
♥Here's a list of available lip balm flavors:

--Sweet Hemlock: Roasted Colombian Coffee
--Honeysuckle Wine: Honeysuckle and Nectarine
--Belladonna: Spiced Chai Tea
--Blue Velvet: Wild Blueberry Tart
--Barbarella: Pina Colada

-------------------------------------------------♥AND THE REST

--Colors for the soap bar or bath salt: Default color is white, though I may pick a color based on the concept behind the aroma if you don't state otherwise. This is a couture listing, so feel free to let me know if you have a color preference.

--If you want your soap to have no solid botanicals added like seeds, flower petals, tea leaves or parts, please state the following in your order comments: No solid botanicals

--Body Butter and Lip Embellishment are only available in color cream white.

--Product will come to you in Victorian, gift-style wrappings, tags and old world bits and bobs... packaged with love and care. Most product labels and such are produced in-house & are completely composed of recyclable paper and the like. Peel the label right off & tuck it away as a keepsake or bookmark. I encourage all clients to upcyle and recycle all containers since they are high quality.

--Mention that this purchase is a gift and a card will be included according to your wishes at no extra cost. Extra fee is involved if you want a rather long winded message, or specialty message packed into a corked glass test tube "message in a bottle" style. See my gift box listings to check out what my messages in bottles look like =) !

--Fast and reliable shipping is handled via USPS Priority mail!
--Tracking number is sent the moment your order ships too!
--Products/Photos/Label Design © Pixxxie Pie & Posie

unique gift box - the cabin fever wonder box number 3 - bars o soap w/ jar o body butter, bath oil and more tucked into wooden acorn box


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: high quality essential oils, natural colorants, organic tea, honey, high quality carrier oils, soap, acorn box, body butter, lip balm, bath salts and bath oil, fair trade tea, natural botanical oils, plant absolutes
  • Ships from United States to select countries.
  • Feedback: 1570 reviews
  • Favorited by: 149 people