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This item sold on July 31, 2012.

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LOTS more photos than just the 5 Etsy allows can be seen on my Artuit site at:http://alittlecharacter.com/jacko_nose_macario.html

Character Dimensions in Inches: 2.75 x 2.75 x 3

Macario had not always been a jack o'lantern. He'd been a tree once, a flower before that, a toadstool before that and if he had his memories in order he'd been a pale grey river rock the time before that.
Of course he wasn't realllllly any of those things, he was Macario, a free spirit, literally a spirit free of any body and he could come and go as he chose.
He could float in the ether of space between worlds, dreaming away entire lifetimes or he could zip about the planet popping into one physical existence after another.
Sometimes he chose to be a blade of grass and let the wind tickle him, another time he'd slipped inside a shiny red apple just as it was about to fall from the tree. He'd liked that. Macario remembered the strange rush of sensation, gravity pulling at him, the feeling of sun warmed leaves still attached to his stem and then the earth, smacking into him as he finally made contact. It didn't hurt of course, he was an apple, but it was exciting. Exciting enough to zip in and out of apples that entire fall.
Macario snickered, 'Fall', appropriate name for a season when all the most delicious and beautiful fruits were literally falling from the branches. Fall was fun, he liked it. A lot.
So much that more than any other time of the year he passed the time popping from one thing to another. Experiencing life as a colorful swirling leaf dancing across the ground, as a round little acorn, a cheerful sunflower, anything that caught his attention and no sooner than his mind turned to it than he WAS it. Such being the perks of a free spirit and all.
This Autumn was the best of all the many many many Autumns Macario had experienced thus far. First there'd been the pumpkins, fat and orange and so jolly that he laughed as a spirit, filling the air with delightful music of his giggles. He'd zipped through the field being first the biggest pumpkin then the smallest, he'd tried existing as the greenest and then the orangest. It was a lovely time. Feeling the comforting weight of those shells, the moist innards, the feel of soft earth under him, how delicious the sun and rain tasted through his vines and leaves, just wonderful.
So wonderful in fact that Macario couldn't imagine how any thing else could be that fantastic...until the pumpkins left. One moment they were there and the next morning they were being tossed onto the back of trucks. Macario followed along in the air, curious. He was always curious, his thirst for experiencing anything and everything driving him forward into the unknown.
The truck was a mystery, he'd seen them before and already knew it was beyond his abilities, if it wasn't 'of nature' he couldn't become it. Darn, he sighed wistfully, admiring the gleaming hood, the roar of it's engine, the speed with which the wheels turned. He thought he might enjoy being a truck for a while.
Thoughts of racing along as a big metal machine flitted away though as the pumpkins were carried off. One by one humans came and looked the pumpkins over, lugging their chosen one off in their arms.
How odd. Macario liked odd, so he zipped alongside one of the pumpkins and it's human transport, growing ever more curious.
He watched fascinated as the human, surrounded by smaller humans took a big knife and carved away at the pumpkin, chipping out bits of shell. Lopping off the top where the stem poked up, scooping out seeds.
While they busied themselves with the pumpkin, performing their mysterious surgery Macario popped in and out of the seeds they'd discarded on the ground. It was fun for a while, being all slick and slimy and just a little cool, hugged by stringy orange pumpkin guts.
Then he remembered what the humans were doing and popping out once more hovered over the pumpkin....only...it wasn't a pumpkin any more!
It had a face, it's stem was back in place, mostly, like a jaunty cap. The eyes glowed from a flickering flame, the air smelled of rich smoke and warmed pumpkin. It was bizarre and strange and...and....Macario swirled around and around the pumpkin delighting in what the humans had done. It was WONDERFUL!
Immediately he popped inside the pumpkin, curious to see what would happen.
Immediately he felt a difference, an emptiness, a hollow feeling that soon filled with heat and warmth. The fire inside the pumpkin sputtered and reacted with Macario's presence, green sparks filling the inside.
Macario smiled....then gasped and smiled again. Then again and again and again. Flexing his pumpkin mouth this way and that, eyes sparkling with joy. He was a pumpkin...and he was Macario...and......he was also something more.
He laughed, startled when the sound slipped from his freshly cut lips and spilled into the air. Had he made sound like that before? He couldn't recall any of the things he'd been before being capable of making sounds...beyond the splat of the apple hitting the ground anyways... This was different, this was the laugh inside his head actually escaping into the air around him!
He bobbled, bouncing up and down a little, felt his little stem cap slide about and settled himself back into place. This was all new territory, wonderful fresh unexplored territory, a shiny new existence for himself to investigate.
The thrill was so much he could hardly contain his excitement, wondering what to do...what to say? He laughed again, his joy uncontainable.
For a free spirit who'd been everything imaginable...a jack o'lantern was the beginning of a whole new life experience and Macario intended to enjoy every second of it. And then...enjoy it again.

LOTS more photos than just the 5 Etsy allows can be seen on my Artuit site at:http://alittlecharacter.com/jacko_nose_macario.html

Character Dimensions in Inches: 2.75 x 2.75 x 3

Jack O'Lantern Sculpture, Macario the Spirit in a Jackolantern