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Auralite Crystal Necklace - 23 Minerals Crystal - Dancing of the Spirits

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Holistic Healing
Auralite Crystal Necklace
with Amethyst Crystal Beads
23 Minerals Crystal

Adjustable to 3 center Chakras: Solar Plexus, Heart, & Throat.
To send healing energy to the body and chakra.

Auralite Holistic Healing Crystal Properties:
AURALITE-23 Crystal brings forth reminder of the positive connections from the self to other beings, to paths and ways of life, and to places that bring inner peace and serenity. Connects to its keeper like a twin spirit. This stone teaches that "All is as One", reminding of how alike one-another are to each other despite outer differences. A stone that reads into its keeper's spirit, searching and highlighting that which could be improved, and that which can benefit from healing or clearance. This stone gives support and help to light the way to sources that can be of benefit once it has completed its search. This is a stone that opens up the mind and spirit of the being, enough to recognize connections to the inner self, and to outer life, that are worthy of exploration and strengthening. Teaches of the many benefits of recognizing places of peace and serenity, and then integrating those places into daily life. Alongside this, removes the 'ticking clock', replacing it with space to breathe and relax, bringing opportunity for inner solitude. Removes feelings of burden and stress. It is a stone that envelopes the being with an air of calm and brings gentle waves of soothing energy. Where there are feelings of low emotion and depression, it can help to lift away the energies that follow such feelings. This is also a stone that can help ease, and even put a stop, to sleep disorders that are closely related to Insomnia, or where it is Insomnia alone, with no known cause. Helps to ease nerves and anxiety, as well as helping to lower the trigger of panic attacks, and the effects that follow. It is also a stone that can be called upon for comfort and calming, during times of shock and distress. Helps to relax the body and can be beneficial in the removal of tension, headaches, eye strain; muscle discomfort and muscle spasms. It can also be of help to vascular health, bringing an improved function and healing. Due to this stones relaxing and spiritual properties, it can be a very good support during meditation, astral travel, past life regression, and to the being that connects with spirit for the help of the self and of others. It resonates well with the body's energy centers, especially from the Heart centre, up to the Crown centre. This stone will work positively with what is associated with these particular energy centers. For the being who gains comfort and support from Angel awareness, Auralite -23 Crystal can be very helpful in communications and connections in this area, as it is a stone that has an open channel to the Angelic Realms. This stone teaches of the law of attraction. This crystal throws light on what is beneficial to the being, giving chance of many positive opportunities. It is a stone that removes and wards away negativity, replacing it with positivism. Removes much disillusion. A stone that also tones down anger and cools hot tempers, this Crystal teaches the being to think before speaking or acting for the self, and towards others. Also this is a stone that can help to remove prejudice and unnecessary judgment. Teaches of making good use of knowledge, and integrating it into needful areas of the self, and into life itself.

Super 23 “AURALITE” Crystal has been scientifically proven as the world’s oldest crystal gemstone which developed more than 1.5 BILLION YEARS ago while the first signs of life appeared on earth. Each crystal reflects its own journey frozen in time.

Within this family of crystals, scientists have identified 23 EARTH ELEMENTS and MINERALS. The average crystal contains at least 17 of the following:
1) Titanite
2) Cacoxenite
3) Lepidocrosite
4) Ajoite
5) Hematite
6) Magnetite
7) Pyrite
8) Goethite
9) Pyrolusite
10) Gold
11) Silver
12) Platinum
13) Nickel
14) Copper
15) Iron
16) Limonite
17) Sphalerite
18) Covellite
19) Chalcopyrite
20) Gialite
21) Epidote
22) Bornite
23) Rutile

The name “AURALITE” derived from the miracle of earth and sky connections, known as the NORTHERN AURORA BOREALIS LIGHTS. Native American Indians called this phenomenon “THE DANCING OF THE SPIRITS”.

Note - Necklace on model has sold. Auralite Crystal necklace being sold is the one in the photos with the lily.

Crystal Cleansing:
Using the 4 Elements.
When receiving your crystal for the first time it is very important to clean it. Especially if it is going to be worn as a necklace. Before purifying a crystal, it is good to clean the energy of the space you are working in. If you are indoors doing this, choose a room you are often in. A bedroom is a good space to choose if you leave your necklace and jewelery there. If not, if there is an altar in your house, it is better to leave the crystal necklace there. And if you live in the country, woods, have a garden, or sacred space it can be very powerful to cleanse your crystal outside. Next is to cleanse the space with sacred medicine; herbs. Here the Native Americans use Sage or Cedar and down south in Mexico and Central America the Native Americans use Copal (a sap and sacred plant).
Cleanse the space your in, the corners of a room where energy gets stuck, your own body, and the Crystal. Make sure there is the Element of Air (such as a window open if indoors) so that the energies can move on.
Scientifically when a space is closed up (room or body) it holds a lot of positive ions which are harmful to your body. Spaces that are closed up with a lot of energies moving thro them (such as large malls) have a lot of positive ions polluting the air. While negative ions are healthy for the body. The come in coniferous forests, they are in the trees, near or above the sea, and in storms of thunder and lighting. They come from Mama Earth.
Sage, Cedar, and Copal take away positive ions and leave only negative ions. These sacred medicines take away the bad Spirits.
When you smudge and clean a space, a crystal, and body remember you are holding a ceremony. You are using the ancient medicines of the Natives. They are not just nice smelling incense, but a powerful medicine that must be respected. Many people who work with Spirit and in Ceremony begin their journey of wisdom on the Red Road with calling on the medicine of these sacred healing herbs of Sage, Cedar, and Copal. They carry the Frog Medicine of Purification.
So to begin your own healing work, so that you can walk with Spirit, become the Medicine Woman or Man within us all and hold your own cleansing ceremony.
Many Natives of the North use Sage and Cedar with a Abalone Shell. If you don't have one, use any natural object. The Shell represents the element of Water. The match which lights the medicine represents Fire. The herbs and medicine of sage, cedar, or copal represent Earth. And the smoke represents Air.
Holding a ceremony of the 4 Elements is very powerful. It can lead to a lot of Self Healing! I personally have just this year started holding ceremonies with the 4 Elements and its extremely powerful. Spirit gave me this gift, this knowledge, and now i read of it and see it done, thus am confirmed of the power it holds. As well if you are holding a Self Healing Ceremony with your new Crystal, you can add the medicines of Tobacco of Fire/Earth, Drum, Rattle, Chant or Song (music) of Air/Earth, water as Water, and food as an offering, such as Corn, Beans, or Fruit of Earth. And of course our Grandfather Fire representing Fire.

Purifying your Crystal: After the smoke and cleansing of the herb medicines, it is now time to use the Element of Water.
First you need a bowl of natural material, such as a sea shell, abalone, glass, ceramic, stone, or wood. No plastic or metal. Now pouring water into this bowl. It is most powerful when the water is from our Mama Ocean. If not available, using any spring water, river water, or running water is as well powerful. And if that is just not possible, use your city or bottled water, but before you must make a ceremony with it. A ceremony of love and healing towards the water, so that it too can be purified. Then add a pinch of sea salt (1/4 teaspoon per liter). Using sea salt dissolves it equally among the molecules of water and creates an electric charge in each molecule of water. This is stronger than the molecules of the crystal and thus erases all memories, and positive ions of the crystal so that it can be ready for holistic healing use.
For 7 days & 7 nights you place your Crystal Necklace or any Holistic Healing Crystal that you use for healing in the Sea Salted Water to purify at night. This is done to erase the memory of the crystal. That is why when you have a crystal and let others touch it it must be cleansed afterwards. They are very sensitive and pick up others energy with touch. Crystals are proven to be so powerful as they are used as memory chips in computers and electronics today. That is why its so important to clean the past life of the crystal so that you can work with it a new.

Charging a Crystal can be equally as important as cleaning it, but must not be done alone. There are different manners to clean a crystal, but i find my favorite is done in a Full Moon's light.
As well if you need to work on a certain element within yourself. As most do, you should charge it on that certain Elements Full Moon. Such as i am Earth - Virgo and resonant with Earth energies in every cell of my body. And secondly i am Water. I must work with the Elements of Air and Fire more. I must learn to move like the Wind and not stand so grounded always and as well live with passion, love, and Fire.

And the last note on taking care of your holistic healing crystals is on how to carry and to transport them around with you. You should carry them around in RED 100% Cotton or another natural fiber such as Hemp, linen, silk, or wool. Red has the slowest absorption rate of luminous vibrations and is most resistant. It forms a natural energy barrier, which prevents outside energies of other people and life and forces to enter into the crystal. As well the properties and energy of itself and yourself are within it, and you don't want to give off these energies as well. Red is the color of Spirit in the Rainbow Medicine Wheel.

Powerful Holistic Healing Jewelry Created with Purpose, in Ceremony brought from Spirit and my Chumash Ancestors to bring an peaceful, loving, and restoring energy towards our Mama Earth. She calls us as the Earth shakes, to Wake up & give back
Made with Love and pure, positive energy to restore the health of the 2 leggeds.

Handmade with Love

Auralite Crystal Necklace - 23 Minerals Crystal - Dancing of the Spirits


  • Handmade item
  • Materials: auralite crystal, amethyst crystal beads, waxed polyester string
  • Ships worldwide from United States
  • Feedback: 362 reviews
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