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This item sold on November 11, 2012.

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Lots and LOTS more photos than just the 5 Etsy allows can be seen of Quarteroff the Troll on my Artuit site. Closeups of fingernails, toes, toothy grin, horned head, from every angle! http://alittlecharacter.com/troll_quarteroff.html

Character Dimensions in Inches: 5.5 x 2.5 x 7
A small avalanche of boulders and pebbles, loosened from the rocky mountain side, tumbled with a cheerful crash down through the scrub brush.
Startled squirrels dived out of the way, birds squawked in horror and an un-suspecting elk thundered away as if the mountain itself were trying to catch it.
Quarteroff chuckled, his laugh mimicking the now faint sounds of crashing further down the mountain, low and gravely, his chest heaved as he watched with merriment the small wake of destruction he'd created.
Idly he pried a medium sized boulder from the ground with his toes and when the earth finally released it's hold on the stone he kicked it, tough feet barely registering what would have been a painful impact for any one else.
He squinted, watching the stone sail straight off the cliff, out beyond the mountain's side, skimming tree tops and finally crashing into the dense forest.
Immediately a new cacophony of noise rose up like music to Quarteroff's ears as yet more animals raced through the woods below, away from the boulder, the splitting of branches and rain of pine cones dislodged from the un-expected aerial assault.
"BOOM!" Quarteroff yelled, his deep Troll voice echoing back, fainter, the world drawing to a hush as his happy exclamation filled the air like thunder.
The creatures who made their home on the side of the mountain and valley below breathed a sigh of relief as Quarteroff hollered again, "Boom, BOOM, BOOOOOOOOOOOM."
It was just the mountain troll up to his mountain troll ways once again. Not a hunter or avalanche, well not a natural avalanche anyways, while a bit startling and ever so slightly destructive, plant and tree wise, the animals knew Quarteroff to be kind hearted, a sweet and often times generous troll who happened to like kicking rocks off the cliffs.
There were worse neighbors to have...dragons, wicked witches and evil sprites made Quarteroff's mischievous ways look positively angelic.
The animals peered from their hiding places and since no more boulders came crashing down about them, life returned to the mountain side forest as creatures of all kinds resumed their business.
Now it was birdsong filling the air, teasing Quarteroff's ears with light, lyrical notes that made his brain itch when he listened.
Boulder kicking forgotten for the time being, Quarteroff paused, holding his breath, only the thick rugged fur on his arms and legs moved in breezes as he listened....really listened, feeling his brain itch even more and resisting the urge to scratch his horns, it never did any good, he could never reach the itch.
He hummed a little, almost a low growl, raising his voice louder and louder to what he thought was perfect accompaniment to the much amused birds in the air.
The day was another perfect day, sun shining brightly against silvery grey rocks. Clean air, a pretty view and plenty of good sized kicking rocks on this side of the mountain.
Quarteroff sniffed, breathing deep, nostrils flaring, picking up all the delicious scents of the world around him. Pine tree dominated the bouquet of fragrances, sharp and almost spicy green and it reminded Quarteroff he hadn't had lunch yet.
Turning, he lumbered up the mountain a bit, pebbles skittering from the impact of his heavy blue feet treading the ground, one thumping step after another. The first pine tree he came to had been hiding just around the side of a huge rock. Too big for kicking, good for leaning against Quarteroff decided and did just that, all ready for a break after his short stroll.
Idly he reached up and ripped a branch as thick as his forearm off of the pine tree and after sniffing it hard, sank his teeth into it.
He munched and crunched, powerful jaws making short work of disintegrating the sticky branch of needles and pine sap, cones and rough bark into troll digestible food.
Lips sticky from sap Quarteroff paused, the silence left after his constant chewing confused him for a moment, making him forget why'd he'd stopped but as always he waited, patiently and the thought resurfaced from whatever part of it's mind it had hidden.
Bird nests!
He looked the branch over, raining pine needles over his toes, it tickled so he shook the branch harder but no bird nests fell out, just cones and needles.
Darn it.
Bird nests were tasty. Round and twiggy they tickled his tastebuds and were one of his most especially favorite treats. Quarteroff's brow furrowed under his coppery crown, but he didn't eat birds, or eggs. No, that was wrong...and maybe eating the nests was wrong too but it seemed less wrong somehow and they were so tasty and the birds had a special secret way of weaving long grasses together into a tongue tantalizing way his fat troll fingers never could...
He shook the branch again and heaved a sigh, still no nests.
It was probably just as well.
Despite his best efforts, his extreme care, gently moving delicate eggs to a better, less delicious home...sometimes the birds got angry. They would shriek at him in shrill tones and sometimes land on his shoulder and peck at his ear and Quarteroff would hang his head in shame and mumble apologies with a belly full of nest until the bird would sigh and flutter it's wings on his cheek in the understanding way animals had of forgiving each other their natural impulses.
Quarteroff bent the last, skinny bit of pine tree branch in his hands until a rough circle was formed, it looked kind of like a nest, his golden eyes brightened with anticipation...but upon stuffing the branch in his mouth, it still tasted like regular old pine tree. Delicious, but decidedly un-nest like.
Hunger satisfied he pushed away from the giant boulder, it dislodged a bit from it's seating against the mountainside....
It made Quarteroff pause, he pushed it with one heavy finger and felt the enormous rock, easily 3 times the size as himself give a little more....
It's position precarious, one firm push could have it tumbling down the side of the mountain....
He could imagine it so clearly...but unlike the foot sized rocks he liked to kick this one would do a lot more damage...kind of appealing...but the softer side of Quarteroff, the part that wouldn't let him eat bird eggs or bunnies or even flowers if they were too yellow, stayed his hand.
Instead he heaved a breath and began the slow task of piling smaller rocks beneath the enormous boulder. Pushing them deep into the soil where it was soft, creating a wedge to prevent the boulder from slipping and for good measure Quarteroff pushed his shoulder against the rock, not towards the trees below but back against the hard embrace of the mountain, until he was satisfied it was steady, safe.
He grunted in approval when the rock stayed still under his testing hand, as unmoving as the bulk of the mountain it rested on.
That bit of chore done he kicked a small loose pile of pebbles down the hill before making his way further up the path.
This was Quarteroff's life.
Slow and steady and almost as unchanging as the mountain itself, occasional natural disasters like angry birds...
The higher he climbed the colder it got, his limbs steamed, cooling in the chill, his breath teased him by filling the air in front of him with white clouds. Not edible, he'd tried, all the snapping at his own frosty breath had just resulted in a cold tongue and dry mouth.
Up here there were still patches of snow tucked into the sharper, craggier bits of rock. Glittering like diamonds where the sun struck them, though they stubbornly refused to melt.
A little further the mountainside rose more vertically until it was a wall to Quarteroff's right and he had to walk even more carefully as the path narrowed and there was nothing but open space to his left. It wouldn't be his first tumble, or jump, down the mountainside but it was such an awfully long walk back up that he only did it on occasion.
Further he trudged, the snow grew more plentiful, only the hardiest of plants dared to poke their small leaves from any cracks and crevices they could hold on to.
Over head the ledge extended so far out from the mountain that the sunlight was abruptly blocked, leaving Quarteroff in a cold, cave like tunnel.
Icicles glinted overhead, their deadly sharp points dripping from the ceiling like stalactites. The path rose and Quarteroff ducked his head, trying to avoid scraping his horns against the jagged ice above him, wincing when he couldn't avoid them and heard the tell tale crash behind him as an icicle was knocked from the cliff ceiling, shattering on the stony path.
He could knock them all down with a few swipes of his fists but what would be the point, they only came back...plus they were beautiful in their own way...
And when the sun was setting, angled just so, brilliant, fiery orange light would blast through the open space beneath the cliff overhead and light would fill this little spot for just an instant. The icicles would glow, glittering like magic, a secret spot of icy candelabras glowing with the sunlight's dying rays and then the sun would dip behind the trees and the light would wink out as fast as it had turned on. Plunging the walkway into darkness again, the icicles once again nothing more than cold spears of ice.
Ahead the path widened, leaving behind the shadows and wicked icy teeth that battled his horns and tried to nip his back, but now the world opened back up and Quarteroff grinned, thick lips pulling back to reveal his tusk like teeth, this was the top.
HIS top, no one came here. Not even the birds bothered flying so high to this cold, isolated place on the top of a mountain. This was Quarteroff's place and his alone. He ruled here, the silence was broken only by howling winds that could work themselves into a fury without so much as a warning.
At the moment the breezes were light teasing the fur on Quarteroff's arms.
The cold didn't bother him, his thick troll skin and layers of fat and fur kept him cozy for the most part.
The sun was still high in the sky, below him the trees were a green blur carpeting the side of the mountain like a fuzzy blanket, stretching through the valley and far into the distance.
Clouds hung low, in places Quarteroff could see right over them.
It was a good spot.
There were smooth boulder's here, worn by his own hands and others before him.
Shiny, pale green rocks and blue crystaly rocks and heavier dark grey ones. Their edges no longer jagged, rubbed smooth from being troll petted.
They were good rocks, his favorite. Not the sort for kicking but the sort for sitting with and holding close, rubbing rough calloused finger tips over while he gazed deep into their shiny surfaces.
They made him happy.
"ROCKS!" Quarteroff bellowed, his words being yanked away by a quick wind.
They lay around him in piles, so many perfect rocks. Some still rough and hiding their secrets under dusty, unpolished surfaces, waiting for Quarteroff's petting.
He hopped, landing hard on his feet, jangling the copper arm bands he wore, the stones answered his feet and jumped as well.
Quarter off jumped again, and the rocks nearest him shivered and hopped. It made him so happy, his chest filled with warmth, his brain quieted, no itching was found here, just peace.
He stomped again and kept going in a slow, rhythmic dance he'd learned in this very spot so many ages ago that the rocks dancing intime with his pounding feet had just been craggy boulders.
He spun and grunted, singing a hearty tune without words, just random sounds that felt like spilling from his mouth and accompanying his drumming feet.
His song carried down the mountainside, slipping along with the winds, tickling the ears of the animals. The mountain seemed to hum, vibrating softly beneath foot and hoof and furry paws alike. Leaves shivered on their branches.
Quarteroff was happy and the world at his feet knew it, felt it, the pure joy of their mountain troll.
The peaceful king of rock and stone, on the tippy top of the world, dancing.

Lots and LOTS more photos than just the 5 Etsy allows can be seen of Quarteroff the Troll on my Artuit site. Closeups of fingernails, toes, toothy grin, horned head, from every angle! http://alittlecharacter.com/troll_quarteroff.html

Character Dimensions in Inches: 5.5 x 2.5 x 7

Monster Art Doll, Blue Horned Mountain Troll, Quarteroff the Troll