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Request a custom order and have something made just for you.
Due to customer request, now my hand crafted eye shadow comes in smaller sample tubes! Use these to refill a 3 gram jar (approx .5 gram), toss in your handbag to take along, try out new shades! You get 1 tube filled with your choice of eye shadow shade.

Please add shade choice in notes at checkout

Abyss: Dark earthy green-brown with an unusual addition of multi-colored sparkles. Abyss
allows you to have a good layer of color without the sparkles being too heavy.

Amber: Sparkling just as surely as the resin-gemstone it's named after, Amber is a showy
combination of earthy browns and sun kissed gold.

Anonymous: Anonymous looks like a medium gray color, get closer and it's silver, apply and
there is an explosion of purple, blue and green sparkle!

Apricot: A lovely matte base eye shadow, Apricot eye shadow is a direct translation of the

Aronia: This is the purple that anybody can pull off with a stable hand and a good brush.
The sultry mix of black, blue, and royal purple is offset with a charcoal gray to keep the color
from veering off too far in one direction or the other.

Beholden: A stunning light sunset coppery orange that complements any eye color, and infused with loads of yellow gold sparkle.

Beige: Neutral doesn't have to be boring and Beige proves that by endowing your skin with a
magnificent peachy shimmer.

Black Orchid: This stunning deepest black is highlighted with a shimmery ocean blue, a
perfect eyeliner or eye shadow for those.. romantic evenings.

Black Steel: A medium/dark black with multi-colored sparkles. For those who want a black eye
shadow with more pizazz than plain black or an eye liner that will turn heads.

BlackEye: A dark black with red sparkle that when applied turns into purple highlights

Blue Ray: Dark multicolored sparkle blue green, goes on sheer or opaque, it's up to you!
Fantastic as an eyeliner, match your favorite turquoise/aqua outfit, super sparkly, super fun

Bluing: For experts only, this highly pigmented deep blue shadow leans toward the deep
gunmetal gray tones.

Brogue: A coppery bronze compilation, a stunning unexpected eyeliner too!

Bronze Medal: Of all the 'award winning' metals, Bronze is the rosy one. With the
brightness of Gold and the sultry allure of Copper, Bronze combines the best of both while adding
a rosy apricot hue to the mix. Sparkle and shimmer.

Camo: Earthy and mild, consider this the 'khaki' of the greens. The smallest amount of
sparkle keeps it from being flat.

Cane: A refined and delicate mixture of rose, tan and dusky peach; Cane is more rose than
peach. Matte.

Castle: A nicely workable medium gray with a lightly smokey blue haze.

Cerise: For those who adore neon bright colors, this is the pink in your palette. When used
wet, Cerise turns a slightly darker shade of pink. Tons of shimmer and sparkle.

Chameleon: A dull tan in the pot, once applied Chameleon explodes into a burst of multicolor

Charcoal: Dusty black. A classic liner.

Charming: Perfect for highlighting, a sultry light grey/tan eye shadow shade.

Chase: Royal purple/blue with a kick-- multi colored confetti sparkles! Chase is a playful
diversion from the monotony of standard eye shadow shades. With its multi-colored sparkles it can
easily be worn next to any other color.

Cherry Sky: This stunner is a complicated medley of purple, red, pink, and orange hues that
when applied thickly stays on the purple/red side of the spectrum. When lightly smudged and
thinned out Cherry Sky warms to a sunset orange. Metallic shimmer with a bit of sparkle. Think of
this as getting four colors in one!

Cloudy: Dark matte gray with an ashy gray base.

Concrete: The lightest shade of gray before you hit white. Matte with superb coverage if

Confetti: A soft, warm pinky purple with a burst of confetti like white, silver, and pink

Copper: Bold, bright, and gloriously metallic, Copper is a jaw-dropping show stopper when

applied even with moderation. This is what copper pennies SHOULD look like when they're first

minted. But of course the Fed wants you to spend the money, not stare at it in awe.

Copper Peach: A brush of peach with the bold metallic properties of Copper.

Copper Red: Fiery as a chili pepper, this Copper is no slouch when it comes to grabbing
attention. Sparkle and shimmer.

Coral Rose: The name says it! A coral rosey shade loaded with sparkle, also makes a
fantastic blush!

Cotton Candy: The pinkiest pink you can get without being garish or over the top. Loads of
shimmer and sparkle.

Crowned: This yellow-gold gets the royal stamp of approval with its abundundant iridescent
sparkles. A true gold with a touch of peachy orange.

Dark: The deepest darkest brown with pink sparkle.

Dark Chocolate: This scrumptious dessert of a color lets you keep your shape while indulging
in its richness. As beautiful as pure cocoa with a hint of red which lends warmth, making it work
for any color skin tone.

Delight: When you see the lovely composition which makes up Delight, you'll think it should
have been named Milk Chocolate Brownie instead. A classy matte medium brown.

Descend: A nearly indescribable concoction of gold-black, Descend takes you to the depths of
shadow and mystery. Copper sparkle only enhances its appeal.

Diamond: A bright, sparkly sheer, so white it has a blue tint!

Dragon: Fiercely dark, this black dragon has a unique twist to her coloration- bluish teal

Ebonurgundy: Think of a dark luscious purple grape. Now swirl in an auburn chocolate brown
and you're close to what Ebonurgandy is. This rich confection of a color is then overlaid with a
copper sheen for warmth. Truly a masterpiece.

Ecstasy: Black with a splash of come-hither multi-colored sparkle. Whether used liberally as
a single eye shadow or as a stunning liner, Ecstasy is certain to be the dominant color in any
color scheme you can come up with.

Elvenwood: Matte medium brown with a honey undertone.

Enchantress: A matte medium pink which blends out into a dark rosy reddish pink color.

Eros: The perfect matte mixture of blush pink and glowing peach.

Fairy Wing: This can be described as the fairy dust on a fairy's wing... or better yet the
silvery sparkle on a purple fairy's wing. Either way, this is one sparkling gem of a color. Pastel
purple with silver and purple sparkles. Catches the light like a dream.

Falcon: Falcon - Soft matte medium brown with dark gray undertones.

Fern: For the opaque coverage Fern gives you wouldn't expect it to come with the added bonus of sparkle. A unique shade of the palest green in the forest.

Fir: Deep green like pine trees.

Fire Opal: Stunning, sizzling colors! Although it appears a tan color in the pot, once
applied it explodes into a rouge pink laden with multicolored sparkles!

Frosty Plum: Nearly metallic total purple shine with pink undertones

Garland: A deeper darker gold, like the garland shimmering on a holiday tree.

Ghost: More silver than white, Ghost lays down a superfine layer of shimmer for a mirage
effect when gently brushed over other colors.

Gold: Who says you can't live in splendor and still have a modest checkbook? With Gold eye
shadow you have the chance to liberally play up your features or simply accentuate them. As bright as the sun and capturing the lemony yellow glow, Gold is pure shimmer.

Gold Lime: Think of an extra tart Margarita. Add gold dust for shimmer

Gold Medal: A bright, showy gold with a metallic hue.

Gold Ore: Chocolate and Gold. If that mix doesn't make your heart skip a beat, consider the
earthy sparkle that has been added for you.

Golden Amber: A muted mix of sunny golden yellow and warm honey gold, Golden Amber sparkles like the resin-gemstone it's named after.

Golden Gate: A soft metallic shimmer eye shadow, gold with a touch of rose.

Grayet: A surprising gray that when smudged takes on a rosy hue.

Green Luster: A silvery and bright spring green full of sparkle.

Green Sheen: A dark neutral green with the barest hint of shimmer. Almost a matte. Think:
evergreen. When thinned out and smudged, Green Sheen takes on a silvery cast. Easily used as both a lighter and a darker color when applied thinner or thicker.

Green Bean Casserole: At first glance, this green isn't quite quite the green you imagine.
When smoothed on the eyelid it is transformed into a silvery hued wonder.

Grizzly: Almost an Indian yellow, Grizzly posseses a touch of earthy brown. Matte.

Harmony: A harmonious blend of sparkle and shimmer, this blue is close to cornflower blue,
jean blue, and even periwinkle blue- but spiked with a touch of purple.

Haze: Not gray. Not taupe. A perfect blend of the two. This quirky color is the perfect pick
for when you want a dusky matte that is more natural than showy. A great crease color.

Hazelnut: A medium toned gray with a smoky whisper of purple, Hazelnut is the perfect choice
for contouring.

Hollyberry: Not for the faint of heart, Hollyberry is a bold pink with pinkish purple
sparkle. Used as an accent or as a main color, this pink is sure to get attention. Works well with
other colors which have a silver base or silver sparkle.

Hot Cocoa: Spicy and more than a little sexy, this sparkling beauty is a mix of copper and
bronze. The metallic glow it gives to skin means that on light complexions it really stands out
and on darker complexions it blends to give a sultry warmth.

Hulla Blue: Note: Highly pigmented. Use with a steady hand. Dark navy blue with a shimmer of
teal sparkles.

Imperial Garnet: A medium almost plum purple with a subtle burst of pink. Imperial Garnet
has a red-purple base with a silver metallic sheen.

Iris Lace: A delicate matte with a subtle tribute to one of the most stately flowers, the


Jack Frost: Highlighter, liner, come-hither-and stare, this eye shadow can do it all. And
who wants a plain white when you can have a multi-faceted white with all the glamorous shimmer and shine you'd think would cost a million bucks? Use Jack Frost thick for an opaque dramatic look or thin it out for a glaze of sparkle to highlight another color underneath.

Jet Black: Truly the deepest black color, reserved for professionals and those with a steady
hand. Used primarily as an eyeliner and for special effects, takes precision to apply.

Karmic Red: As close to red you can get without using chemicals or carmine. This red almost
metallic shimmer eye shadow has the slightest fuchsia tint which makes it versatile enough to use next to blues or purples.

Kettle: Kettle is the deepest and darkest matte brown before you hit pure black on the color
spectrum. Because of its ability to blend away into a pleasing shade of soft neutral brown, Kettle can even be worn by the most pale complexions while still looking natural.

Kiss: a medium rich sparkly pearly reddish pink!

Sagender: Sage green with lavender sparkles. A surprising twist that is only surpassed by
just how lovely it looks on any skin tone.

Lagune: White with a lemony green splash of sparkle- Consider this as getting two for one.
Layered over a matte green Lagune picks up the green and enhances it with yellow. When laid over yellow it turns a bewitching minty green. On it's own it is a sheer silvery white with green highlights.

Lavender: A cool pale purple with a hint of pink. Matte.

Lavender Cream: Pale, sweet, and just barely there, this version of Lavender is the perfect
compliment to a powerful color when used beside it. Or if used alone it is just darling. Lavender Cream can also be used as an alternative to gray.

Lemon Peach: Yummy off white/yellow shade infused with lemon and peachy shimmery goodness!

Lemon Tree is a bright,shimmery lemony green, but not over the top

Lotus: If you like turning heads and need a good white highlight- then Lotus is definitely a
good choice. The pink sparkles in an opaque base of shimmery white is unusual enough. But when your add its ability to appear almost red in bright lights then you're getting three colors in one.

Mais: Soft corn yellow with gold shimmer.

Marigold: Lighter on skin than it looks in the pot, Marigold is the palest yellow with
multicolored sparkles.

Mauve: Glistening and sparkling, Mauve is a pink that ever-so-lightly edges into purple,
leaving you with a dewy glow.

Mermaid: Even Arial would be jealous of this combination of shimmer and sparkle. Used thick
or thin, Mermaid is a bold aquatic shade.

Midnight Blue: Darker than Moody Blue, Midnight Blue has the same dusky gray effect. Nearly
a dark blue jean shade. Matte.

Mint Dilly: A minty cool shade of green with gold sparkles and shimmer.

Mistletoe: Not just a seasonal addition to your decor, Mistletoe eye shadow works year-round
to make your eyes sparkle. This tone of green works with any eye color beautifully. A mix of silver sparkle and sheen means that you can dress it up or let it work wonders on your casualwear. A little touch goes a long way.

Moody Blue: At first glance in the makeup pot this eye shadow appears to be almost a dusky
powdery purple, but when applied on skin it transforms into a stormy day gray/blue. Matte. Smudges beautifully as a not-quite-blue eyeliner and substitute for plain gray.

Moor: medium to dark matte gray shadow with purple undertones. It is also stunning as an

Naked Frost: Matching pale skin tones perfectly and used on medium to dark skin tones as a
glow or highlighter, Naked Frost can literally be the sparkling icing on the cake when combined with dramatic color schemes.

Nectarine: Luscious floating peach color with reflecting shimmer.

New Leaf: Lighter than mint but darker than plain white, New Leaf is a wonderful color to
use adjacent to another green or neutral.

Night: Midnight gray black with a touch of starry sparkle.

Night Dust: Bold enough to be worn as a single eye shadow or take the place of the standard
black eye liner, Night Dust is a deep dark navy with a subtle splash of teal sparkle which lightens and brightens the eyes.

Nuance: If you're looking for more sparkle than opaque color, then Nuance is the pink that
will capture your heart. And multi-colored sparkles means that you can lay it over or by just about any color. A lovely glistening accent.

Ocean Blue: Medium powder blue. Matte.

Old Gold: Not looking for a thousand watt yellow gold? Try Old Gold and get the more subdued
cousin. Gold is sparkle bright while Old Gold is shimmer and has a darker yellow tint.

Olive: If you've run out of cucumbers to put on your tired eyes, let Olive perk you up! It's
a lush, cool toned green with silver shimmer- sure to brighten your day and your mood. Looks good on any eye color and complexion because of its medium green base.

Orange Cream: For when a little bit of a good thing is better than a lot. This subdued
orange variation blends effortlessly into the skin for a slight sheen to enhance while giving a pale glow of color.

Orange Fizz: A bright shade of orange with sunny yellow sparkle and shimmer.

Original Pink: Appropriately named, this mica mixture is a medium toned dark pink. Pure
girly sparkle.

Palm Pattern: Deeper shimmery green like shadowed palm leaves.

Pandysmonium: Is it green with brown or brown with green? You're bound to get a lot of
double takes when wearing Pandysmonium. This medium brown is splashed with a surprising layer of green shimmer. When in direct light this eye shadow produces a unique holographic effect. Blinking those pretty eyelashes will cause jaws to drop.

Peach Granita: Off white granite with a pearlescent sheen of peach. A great base color or a
subtle highlight.

Peachblow: Juicy peach with a whisper of rose to keep the hue warm and inviting. Subtle
multicolored sparkles

Peach Mamba: Earthy and warm, this color stradles the fence between rose and peach quite
beautifully. Matte.

Peachy Green: In the makeup pot it appears more of a medium mossy green, but when applied to the skin Peachy Green transforms into a two-toned sparkling jewel: Is is green? Or peach? In direct light the peach takes over and in shadows the green makes a stunning entrance. Depending on how thin or thickly it is used you are able to create variations with one single pot of color.

Pearl Blue: A soft, silvery blue with a classy metallic shimmer.

Pearl White: A sparkle infused white shadow, perfect for highlighting.

Peridot: Equally beautiful when used sheer or thick, Peridot is vivid and laden with silvery
sparkles but still very wearable on any skin tone. Reminiscent of the semiprecious stone and just as charming.

Petal: Delicate and fine, Petal boasts a slight shimmery sheen but still keeps its modest
quality. Works and blends beautifully as a highlighter with darker colors.

Piney: a dark green shimmer animated with lights of gold.

Pink Moment: A sultry metallic pink shimmer on the red side of the spectrum.

Pink Slip: Almost lavender, Pink Slip slips in a wee bit of purple for a perplexing blend
sure to catch attention. Matte

Plum Brown: A very workable matte brown with a hint of plum to give it a formal feel.

Plumbelina: A plummy purplish reddish with a hint of sparkle.

Prince: If the pastels had to choose their royalty, this would be it. Prince isn't a pure
powder blue or a pure lilac purple but a breathtaking combination of the two. With its very wearable matte finish, Prince can be dressed up with a bold eyeliner or made casual by leaving plain.

Prism: Built on a white base, this deceptive eye shadow is engineered to put down a layer of
translucent shimmer and sparkle which veers toward the blue/green side of the spectrum.

Prissy: Mostly matte, with the slightest shimmer; Prissy looks almost-purple on medium to
dark skin tones and a stays a true pink on pale skin.

Pumpkin Sand: Beautifully matte, this soft medium orange is muted with a pale sand tone.
Neutral enough to work on any skin tone.

Rapture: Coral colored peachy pink super shimmery shadow!

Razzle: Meant to dazzle the senses, this pink is pure saccharine sweetness. Shimmer plus

Ribbon: Almost translucent, this pink is reminiscent of a lipstick-stain-pink. Pink shimmer.

Ripe Raspberry: Just about good enough to eat, this sun kissed pink is sparkly enough to
grab attention but not too over the top.

Roasted Grape: Appropriately named, this shade of purple appears to have been flash roasted
over an open flame. The deep ebony hue is offset by a warm glow of copper shimmer, which makes it a more personable and wearable variety of color.

Romance: Silver with a touch of pale pink for just the right shade of dewy sparkle to make
your eyes shimmer.

Rose Gold: Soft pink with a subdued layer of gold sparkle.

Rosey Ice: A warm pink with iridescent shades of icey blue/white.

Ruby Tuesday: Dorothy eat your heart out, this is one ruby that us common folks can wear
every day and not stick out like a sore thumb. The sparkle and down-to-earth brown tone is anything but common, however. Ruby Tuesday is a brighter way to wear brown while not committing to a pure red.

Rusee: Medium shade of red mica with a strong metallic sheen. Meant to be used as a primary
color/centerpiece or a very subtle detail.

Saddle: Dark smokey matte brown.

Sea Crystal: An exquisite blend of sea and turquoise greens splashed with silvery sparkle!

Secret: A soft and hazy form of pastel purple in a neutral shade. Matte.

Seven Seas: The shimmery sparkle of open water during a sunrise. Medium blue with teal

Silver: Pure silver sparkle which turns to gray in shadows.

Silver Medal: Medium-dark variation of silver with multicolored sparkles. A very versatile
sparkle eye shadow. Semi sheer when applied lightly. When applied thick it possesses great coverage and darkens beautifully.

Sky Blue: Matte light blue for everyday wear.

Smoked Orange: Not so dark that fairer complexions can't wear it, Smoked Orange is a perfect
blend of medium shimmery orange with a touch of earthy brown for stability.

Soft Brown: yes. exactly.

Soft Violet: An opaque medium purple with a touch of feminine sparkle. Can be smudged and
worn as a smoky purple liner.

Someday: An unusual shade- looks brown in the pot but goes on a smokey deep green with brown undertone, and a shimmer finish. Excellent for an unusual eyeliner.

Sparkling Sand: A wonderful multipurpose eye shadow, Sparkling Sand is a neutral sand tone
with blue and green sparkles.

Spring Green: Soft foliage green infused with turquoise and silver sparkle

Spruce: Matte green blended to a soft medium green tone!

Starry Eyed: Rich primary blue with a slight turquoise sheen and loads of sparkle..

Strawberry Dream: For those who need something with a bit more warmth than a pure white can give you- Strawberry Dream is what you're looking for. Pale opaque pink with a dash of sparkle.

Sugarplum: Goes on a plummy pink with shimmer and sparkle!

Summer Gold: Don't let the dark brown appearance in the makeup pot fool you, this eye shadow lightens to a pale peachy gold with tons of opulent sparkle when applied to the skin. Pure summer goodness.

Sunshine: Sparkly super bright yellow warmed with gold flecks.

Surprise:This medium yellow has a 'surprise' of hidden green sparkles which show themselves
when applied to skin. Super glam and a perfect highlighter.

Sweet: The palest pink before you hit white, Sweet is a matte picture of innocence.

Tassled: Some say it's purple and others swear it's pink. The truth is out- Tassled is both.
In bright direct lighting this complex color shifts from one to the other. Silver sparkle keeps it light and fun.

Taupe: A deep brown with dark gray undertones, infused with silver sparkle.

Thistle: Medium brown eye shadow on the plum side of the spectrum. Excellent eyeliner!

Toile: Sheer rosy pink with tan/brown base eye shadow, this color is perfect for every day!

Tulip: Striking shimmery purple.

Tupelo Honey: Light and fluffy, consider this eye shadow to be a layer of gentle warmth when
layered over other colors. And when used alone it can be as bright as the sun in the intensity of its sparkle.

Turquoise: Light refracting sparkle means this beautiful hue of green/blue can be used as a
thin layer to draw attention to an otherwise demure color scheme, or applied thickly to make a showy statement all by itself.

Utopia: Utopia is a light creamy matte off-white eye shadow.

Velvet: Deep dark and luscious, this purple has a metallic sheen that really pops. Perfectly
smudgable for that smokey look.

Vice: Looks are very deceptive. At first glance Vice is a plum purple. When applied to skin
it turns to luscious grape purple with a silver cast. Depending on how thickly it is applied you are literally getting three colors in one jar. It can be used as a pastel purple, medium, or a dark smoky purple-black.

Violette: A solid purple which lays down a good amount of pigment, Violette gives a bit of a
surprise with its subtle addition of multi-colored sparkles.

Vivid: Vividly unique and appropriately named- this color stands out from the crowd. A
daring blue with a touch of teal sparkle.

Wannabe: A chic and classy matte green. Not quite mint but not gray, either; Wannabe gives
you the best of both.

Water Lily: a soft, gentle peachy tan, super light yet adding a stunning brightness to your

Whisper: A matte light tan brown with just a whisper of peach to brighten.

White Lights: A white shimmer base animated with lights of gold!

Wing: An optical illusion was created with this color. Appearing to be a pure gold mica in
the jar, Wing unleashes a subtle green shimmer when smoothed onto the skin, then it takes on a a peachy glow in shadows and creases.

Winter Bamboo: A neutral pink/flesh tone with iridescent multi-colored sparkles. A wonderful
base or highlighter for those with a medium skin tone.

Winter Mountain: Grayish pink with an abundance of silver and pink sparkle, Winter Mountain
is thin enough to be used as a highlighter or alone as a sheer layer of sparkle.

Winter Sunshine: A lovely peach base with multi-colored sparkles. More translucent than a
base color, Winter Sunshine is a perfect highlighter or simply swept on as a bit of sparkle.

Wisteria: This color is highly pigmented, so please apply carefully. Bold and beautiful,
this floral toned purple is matte and has great staying power.

Wrap: a more subdued version of gold, meant to be an 'everyday' type shimmer and shine. A
neutral sort of peachy gold with pale green sparkles.

Yoboistic: Pronounced (Yo-boe-istic) Orange and yellow sparkle combine to make a splash with this bright color! Yoboistic works wonderfully as an eye brightener. Think: silvery apricot/tangerine.

For descriptions of all the shades please check:

Please add shade choice in notes at checkout

Eye Shadow Tube Refill Sample