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Reserved TJ- Retro Graphic Art Supplies, Collection Letraset and Chartpak Letters in Case

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This shop accepts Etsy gift cards

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Many creatives older than 35 or 40 years of age will recall these fabulous rub-on letters produced either by Letraset or Chartpak. If you didn't have a job that required work from a typesetter, these letters were a convenient alternative. This collection of 10" x 15" Letraset and 8.5" x 11" Chartpak rub-on letters is comprised of 83 sheets in 24, 36, 48, 54, 60, 72, 84, and 90 point sizes, as well as some decorative borders and corners. Most sheets are at least 7/8 untouched with only a few letters gone, having been used. We used them in the 80s and kept them in a cool translucent corrugated plastic brief case, also acquired in the early 80s. It was the perfect case to store and carry, assuring the excellent vintage condition the sheets still remain. The photos show a variety of sheets, sizes, and the condition. We have also created an inventory below of font name, sheet number, and quantities. There are standards, as well as some more decorative fonts that are indicative of the time of use, and trends. We will ship in the case with handle dis-assembled from the case. It is easily re-assembled even for the mechanically challenged among us. These letters are collectibles, their commercial necessity long vanquished by graphics apps. and the ubiquitous personal computer in its many incarnations. These sheets can still be used, we have even included the burnishing tool! But, we see this extensive, existing collection as a must keep for the graphically inclined.

1@ 24 pt. LG4019 ITC Benguiat Gothic Medium, 2@ 30 pt. LG4308 Enviro, 2@ 36 pt. L4018 ITC Benguiat Gothic Medium, 1@ 36 pt. PR1615 Vienna Extended, 1@ 36 pt. 2652 Murray Hill Bold, 1@ 36 pt. LG3219 Gillies Gothic Light, 1@ 36 pt. 101 Helvetica Light, 1@ 36 pt. LG2330 L'Auriol, 3@ 42 pt. LG1009 Camellia, 1@ 42 pt. LG3711 Hadfield, 1@ 42 pt. 661 Microgramma Medium Extended (upper case), 1@ 42 pt. 2432 Microgramma Medium Extended (lower case), 1@ 42 pt. 3411Glastonbury, 1@ 42 pt. 4414 Freestyle Script, 1@ 42 pt. LG4418 Papyrus, 1@ 42 pt. LG4314 Demian, 4@ 42 pt. LG4414 SantaFe, 1@ 42pt. IL4782 Oblique Light, 1@ 48pt. 2757 Optima Medium, 2@ 48pt. LG403 Busorama Bold, 1@ 48pt. IL4842 Renate Light, 1@ 48pt. LG2019 Plaza, 2@ 48pt. LG1013 Serif Gothic, 1@ 48pt. LG1712 Airkraft, 1@ 48pt. 2903 Le Griffe, 1@ 48pt. LG2916 Cathedral, 1@ 48pt. 3155 Pump Tri-Line, 1@ 48pt. LG4103 Van Dijk, 2@ 48pt. 4420 Nevison Casual, 1@ 48pt. 4431 Park Avenue,
1@ 48pt. LG3116 Shamrock, 1@ 48pt. 4410 Pendry Script, 1@ 54pt. IL4615 Cancellaresca Script, 1@ 60pt. LG1008 Camellia, 1@ 60pt. LG1431 Roco, 1@ 60pt. CT105 Arnold Bocklin (upper case), 1@ 60pt. CT106 Arnold Bocklin (lower case), 1@ 60pt. 2536 Clearface Heavy (upper case), 1@ 60pt. 2537 Clearface Heavy (lower case), 1@ 60pt. 4412 Freestyle Script (upper case), 1@ 60pt. 4413 Freestyle Script (lower case), 2@ 60pt. LG1324 Fino, 1@ 60pt. LG4413 SantaFe, 1@ 60pt. LG3611 Squire, 1@ 60pt. 1769 Helvetica Medium Italic, 1@ 72pt. LG2818A Plaza, 1@ 72pt. LG2818B Plaza, 1@ 72pt. LG2506 Quicksilver, 1@ 84pt. LG105 Premier Lightline, 1@ 96pt. 770 Clarendon Bold, 1@ 96pt. LG103 Premier Lightline (upper case), 1@ 96pt. LG104 Premier Lightline (lower case), 1@ 3228 Decorative Corners & Borders, 1@ 3908 Decorative Corners & Borders, 1@ 3599 Decorative Corners & Borders, 1@ 4237 Decorative Corners & Borders

1@ 36pt.M39536CL Mandate, 1@ 36pt.M38136C Relief, 1@ 48pt.M19448C Prisma, 1@ 48pt.M39548L Mandate, 1@ 48pt.M39548C Mandate, 1@ 60pt.M40060L Woodstock, 1@ 60pt.M39960C Th-Tube, 1@ 60pt.M34160C Kaufmann, 1@ 60pt.M34160L Kaufmann, 1@ 60pt.M28360C ITC Typewriter Bold Outline, 1@ 60pt.M28360L ITC Typewriter Bold Outline, 1@ 60pt.M22860C Uptight Neon, 1@ 60pt.M25760C Bauhaus Light, 1@ 60pt.M25360L Skin & Bones, 1@ 60pt.M17160 Neon, 1@ M488 Open Circles

Measurements: 11.25" x 15.25" (including handle 13" x 15.25" )

This vintage item is pre owned and normal wear is to be expected. Imperfections will be listed and photos taken to represent the item's condition at time of sale. We may overlook an occasional small flaw. Please contact me if you have any questions. This item is intended for final sale.

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