LISA wool - Medieval Viking Wool apron dress, Over dress, Apron dress, Woolen Hangerock, Norse, Reenactment

LISA wool - Medieval Viking Wool apron dress, Over dress, Apron dress, Woolen Hangerock, Norse, Reenactment



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  • Materials: Delivery Time is 3 days, Accessories are not included, Made in Turkey by bycalvina, 80 Wool 20 Polyacrylic, Same Day Worldwide Shipping by TNT EXPRESS

LISA - Medieval Viking Northern hangerock Garb Pinafore Wool Apron over Dress

Material : Wool Fishbone - 80% Wool, 20% Polyacrylic
Colours on Sale : Black/Grey – Blue/Grey – Red/Grey – Burgundy/Grey
Available stock sizes : XS/S – M/L – XL/2XL – 3XL/4XL
Producer :
Produced in : İstanbul / Turkey

SHIPPING TIME : All colours are in stock. We ship in the same or the next day after we receive the order

DELIVERY TIME : 3 – 5 days by TNT Expres

The NEW Medieval Viking Northern hangerock Garb Pinafore Wool Apron Dress FIONA are for those who don't want to wear the same thing as everyone else.
This apron dress has been produced inspired by the Viking Age produced in long lasting wool fabric. This dress can be worn for both parties and events themed "Viking Age" and of course for other occasions as well.

You can wear the dress with tablet vowen belt. Historically, no belts were worn with an apron dress, but you can choose to fit your waist with a thin tablet vowen belt like ours.

This feature on the apron dress will help you putting and taking off. Additionaly it fits on your waist nicely.I hope this new apron dress wil help you to break the moulds and to feel the living atmosfere in the medieval and viking times.

CONTENT : Only Apron overdress. Accessories are not included.





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amyrleal Feb 28, 2021

5 out of 5 stars

What beautiful apron dresses, and once again, lightning fast shipping! The wool herringbone fabrics are beautiful.

Purchased item:

Cindy Jan 27, 2021

5 out of 5 stars

OMG! Super high quality. Fit perfect. Absolutely gorgeous. I ordered one in every color because the style is literally timeless. These are not costumes. These are not "fast fashion". These outfits are made to be worn for years. Every day if you want. Pandemic changed everything. Wear what is super comfortable and makes you feel fantastic. This does it for me. I only wish they had this available in a linen option for summer.

Purchased item:

Rachel Mogan Nov 12, 2018

5 out of 5 stars

I LOVE this piece! I ordered the red and it is just gorgeous. I would say the color a little darker than the picture (more like maroon), but I think it's prettier that way. It's a nice weight, easy to put on, and just the right length. I'm 5'3'' and this hits just above my ankles. Wore it over a peasant shirt, leggings, and high rise boots for a killer Renaissance outfit. I'll be wearing thing for years to come!

Purchased item:

Laelah Dawson Dec 22, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful! I followed the size chat and it fits perfect. The material is thick and very well made. I ordered the underdresss and can't wait to wear it all together. Arrived sooner then expected. So happy with my purchase. Thanks Bycalvina!

Purchased item: