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Shadow work.

Sounds mysterious and a bit spooky, doesn’t it?

In all actuality, Shadow work is neither of those things. Shadow work is a self-driven process of identifying and exploring your hidden shadow aspects—the parts of our personalities that we reject and repress, whether we do so consciously or unconsciously. At its most basic essence, the shadow is the unknown we harbor within ourselves. Through the process of shadow work, we seek to root out and heal those shadows so we can live better, more fulfilled lives. The method of shadow work that remains nearest and dearest to my heart is through its use with tarot cards.

Tarot and shadow work go together like peanut butter and jelly. (Or almond butter. Even sun butter. No judgment here.) Using the cards to guide us, we can then dig deep down and find what we have hidden in the soul muck, working through those shadow aspects rather than ignoring them; hoping they get better or go away on their own.
Why does this method work so well?


Beats me. It just does. In all seriousness though... It really does. Tarot taps into something. Plain and simple. I tried to elongate that sentence for a good long time and then realized… Nope, that’s the complete thought right there. Tarot reaches into our soul and speaks to us on a level we can’t always explain—and perhaps we shouldn’t strive to.
That intuitive connection is what we will use to coax our shadows up and out in the light, helping us both to identify them and to work through them. Tarot and journaling are two very powerful tools, and, through this deck and book, we will marry them to get the most out of our shadow work.

I created Emerging from Darkness: Using Tarot for Personal Shadow Work in 2020 as a deck and book combo but the method of shadow work I created in its guidebook can be done with any deck—and in this PDF workbook, you will find all of that information ready for immediate reading. If you already own the deck, the information found within this download IS the same that came with that deck; you likely do not need to purchase it here, unless you prefer the this format.

This downloadable, printable PDF workbook differs slightly from the edition released in tandem with its namesake deck in format only. No card images are included in this version, both to save your printer’s ink and to make it truly useable with any deck you feel called to delve into shadow with; no images will distract you from the imagery your own deck has to share with you. However, the process is the same: we will discuss the shadow work process, the eight individual shadows we will be exploring, and a sequential series of spreads to help you dive deep into shadow, as well as my thoughts and “tweaked” card definitions, as looked at through the lens of shadow.

This PDF has been formatted workbook style, creating a 126-page booklet that has room for journaling your thoughts and personal take-aways on each card, as well as full page editions of the tarot spreads with room for jotting down the cards you pulled in your own, unique reading. An extra line-page template has also been included on the very last page of the document, to be printed as needed for extra journaling room.

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4.5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

I can't wait to dive into this, combining my tarot with shadow work is another avenue to really dig deep and discover so much more!

Stacey Eichinger Mar 15, 2021

5 out of 5 stars

I love this item. Well-exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to really get started using it!

Julie Michael Nov 14, 2021

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much !

Ericka Me Mar 16, 2022

5 out of 5 stars

Thanks so much, can't wait to use this in my practice!

Angela Rose Jan 1, 2022

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