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This listing is for ONE large Citrine tumbled crystal, measuring approximately 1" to 1 1/8" long. These high quality, sparkling beauties come from Brazil. They have lovely shades of champagne, golden-yellow and milky white. They are opaque to translucent, and many display beautiful inner crystalline pockets and rainbows. Their energy feels very bubbly, warm and energizing

This beautiful, hand selected and cleansed gemstone comes carefully packaged and lovingly tucked into an organza pouch for safe keeping or gift giving. As with all my crystals, it also comes with a list of recommended cleansing methods.


Metaphysical Properties:

Citrine doesn't require much introduction, as it has been one of the most popular and beloved gemstones among collectors, meditation practitioners, energy workers and crystal healers alike. It is the premier Solar Plexus chakra crystal, and should be one of the staple stones in the crystal medicine kit to begin the healing journey with. Citrine is a form of Quartz, and often naturally occurs with other members of the Quartz family, such as Amethyst and Smoky Quartz.


Known as the "abundance stone" and as the "merchant's stone", Citrine attracts and helps to maintain prosperity on all levels. Powered by the Sun, Citrine warms, cleanses, and energizes. It heightens self-discipline, resolve and diligence, attracting personal and professional success and wealth. Following traditional lore, Citrine can be placed in a cash register or drawer, and in accordance to Feng Shui principles, in the far-left corner or "wealth corner" of the home, to attract abundance. Carry Citrine in the purse or pocket as a general good-luck stone. Used as a manifestation tool, Citrine works wonderfully in crystal grids, with yellow candles and Clear Quartz and/or other Citrine crystals surrounding it. Citrine crystals can be strategically placed around your home or office to emit their sunny vibes to all those who pass by or dwell within.

Citrine is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs and individuals starting a new business. It supports your business success in addition to supporting your business plans and successful associations with vendors, partners, and suppliers.

Citrine has a reputation of being able to increase energy and drive. This property can also help those who are trying to lose weight, by encouraging one to be optimistic about achieving their goals.

Physical, Emotional & Mental Well-Being:

Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator, and can help to transform emotional fears, including inherited ones, by bringing clarity of thought. Citrine clears and transmutes the accumulation of negative energies while promoting an openness within ourselves that radiates in a constant happy disposition. It is a powerful Aura protector, and is known not to retain negative energy or vibrations. Instead, it transforms it to positive energy. It is the vibrant yellow color increasing the amount of light surrounding the body, creating a protective bubble. Like that of the Sun - warming, comforting, penetrating and life giving energy that increases motivation and promotes physical activity - it unblocks the Solar Plexus chakra, develops confidence and security, and helps to manifest abundance.

Citrine carries an important vibrational frequency that aligns your connection to Self and your ability to manifest. It can assist you in identifying and healing from experiences of being taken advantage of or being belittled. This magnificent crystal helps you to be more intuitive and distinguish between free-floating anxiety and your inner voice that is there to advise you on the right course of action. It also lends courage to make the difficult choices, and to resolve a situation for the higher good. If you find yourself in circumstances where you are overly sensitive or feel vulnerable to the energies of other people or places, Citrine can help clear and block these energies. It acts like a shield for you and your space when worn or carried on you, or placed in your environment.

Being a powerful Solar Plexus balancer, Citrine is also excellent for enhancing intuitive and extrasensory abilities, and then grounding them in everyday reality. This crystal removes blockages from your spiritual path and purifies the etheric blueprint. It clears away old beliefs and thought forms that keep you mired in poverty, opening the way to abundance. It is excellent for removing vows taken in other lifetimes, especially those of poverty and chastity, and assisting you to move out of present circumstances or an environment that precludes expansion. It draws wisdom from the collective memory banks through your own psychic powers. Citrine can help you to visualize your desired goal and bring it to light. In this manner it can keep on energizing and protecting you for long periods of time.

In addition, Citrine enhances self-esteem, strengthens will power, and raises self-confidence while removing destructive tendencies and habits. Citrine also motivates you and activates your personal creativity, encourages self-expression and promotes honesty. It makes you less sensitive to criticism and encourages acting on constructive feedback. It can help you to enjoy new experiences and encourage exploration of new avenues.

Mentally, Citrine revitalizes our minds and is excellent for overcoming depression, fears, phobias, emotional traumas and grief. It promotes an inner calmness so that the wisdom inside can rise up. It can also help you to verbalize your inner thoughts and feelings more clearly. Emotionally, Citrine diminishes self-doubt, anger, and irrational mood swings. When worn or carried, it brings happiness, cheer, joy of life and invigoration.


Citrine allows for the manifestation of your Spirit on Earth. The Solar energies reinforce vitality, inner strength, courage, clear thinking, endurance, mental activity, as well as an enhanced sense of Self during times of change, transition or conflict. promoting refinement of action and discernment in direction. These fiery energies can also help to re-instill a love of life that has been lost. The Solar energy, within the golden hues of Citrine, does not only promote a communion with the energies of our own Sun, but through a thread of Light, it also connects with the Great Central Sun, the home and consciousness of the Universe. These qualities can be used to activate and balance the male aspects of the Self in both men and women. This inner Sun within Citrine is supportive of the traits of assertiveness, charisma, creativity, physical activity and extroversion. For those who feel tentative, unfocused, passive or weak, Citrine can be a very helpful ally. The golden hues of Citrine are also said to represent the spiritual Gold Ray of Divine Creation.


Citrine can activate one's imagination, bringing more creative visions to a clearer mind. It can enhance one's optimism in any situation, fostering a more positive outlook into the conscious and subconscious mind, which allows one to step into the flow of things with better results. Citrine is often credited with attracting synchronicity and serendipity by opening the mind to new ideas, discerning which are most likely to succeed, allowing those to develop, and following through with them to their happy conclusion.

Crystal Correspondences & Lore:

Mohs Hardness: 7
Chakras: Solar Plexus & Crown
Zodiac: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius
Ruling Planet: Sun & Jupiter
Element: Fire & Air
Energy: Projective

Totem Animals: Lion, Bee, Ram, Heron, Dolphin, Hummingbird, Rooster, Blue Jay

Deities: Lugh, Brigid, Aine, Belenos, Baldr, Sol/Sunna, Helios, Apollo, Hyperion, Sekhmet, RA, Horus, Amun-Re, Utu/Shamash, Mithras, Shapesh, Archangels Uriel & Michael, as well as other divinities associated with the Sun, Prosperity, Creativity, and Communication.

Feng Shui: Place Citrine crystals in the wealth and abundance area of your home or office (Southeast if you follow the classical Feng Shui bagua).

Citrine corresponds with Summer Solstice (Midsummer, Litha), and the cross-quarter holiday of Lughnasadh (Lammas).


Thank you for looking and please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

CITRINE (Large Tumbled Crystal) Clear/Balance Solar Plexus Chakra, Manifest Abundance, Boost Creativity, Courage, Strength & Positive Energy


  • Handmade Supply
  • Materials: Sun Moon Selenite Charged Sage Smudged, Citrine Meaning Metaphysical Lore Healing
  • Ships from United States to select countries.
  • Feedback: 189 reviews
  • Favorited by: 13 people