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    Mt. Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival

    Local Event  | Sep 27, 2019–Sep 29, 2019
    About This Event he popular Mt. Pleasant Glass & Ethnic Festival evokes an atmosphere of tradition and happy memories. Located in a small town neighborhood, rows of homes outline the festival, showcasing a variety of architectural decor. There is a welcoming feel of comfortable charm for you, our guests, as you stroll the streets that have been transformed into festive walkways. Each day, the festival is alive with color and excitement. Blending into the night, the festival street glows with the lights of the booths and the porch lights of homes. No matter where you turn, unexpected delights, sounds of music, and fun-filled sights are everywhere. The unique Glass & Ethnic Festival experience is proof that the best of a small town American festival can be found in Mount Pleasant, PA. Treat Yourself… Enjoy the Festival!
    1 Etsy seller attending
    WoodDocs All of our merchandise will be available...fine wood crafts completely made from raw lumber and materials. Please stop by! View Hours

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