PhotoThrow, Inc.

USA based knitting mill - small and large runs welcome

  • Saddle Brook, New Jersey
  • Established 2001
  • 6–10 people
  • No minimum order

Andy Concilio

Our work

At PhotoThrow Inc. we produce quality knit goods for the fashion industry and photo-gifts that inspire new entrepreneurial businesses.

PhotoThrow™ Inc. is the leader in the photo knit industry, with a history that spans over three decades. We began as sewers for the fashion industry and expanded our services to include knitting. We continue knitting, processing and handling a variety of knitting projects and work with the start ups as well as established teams.

We provide our customers with personalized customer care as well as the following:

• Knitting on site
• Patterning in house
• Fabric development
• Washing and drying facilities
• Sample making
• Small batch runs


Cut and Sew
Natural Fibers
Synthetic Fibers
knit blanket
knit pillow
throw blanket

We help with

We work with designers at any of these stages

Concept / Design
Support building concepts and designs into initial samples or prototypes
Create end products based on existing production samples
Sampling / Pre-production
Refine existing product samples or prototypes for production


Payment terms

We accept all forms of payment including, credit cards.
Once the project is agreed upon, and price quote accepted, payment for services will be prescribed by schedule.

Minimum order

No minimum.
Since our business is that of personalization, our minimums are quite low.
In fact, on several items, our minimum is ONE.
The minimums however would vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Shipping & handling

As a national supplier, we ship daily throughout the U.S. via UPS, FedEX as well as the USPS.
In addition, when needed, we can also ship in bulk and on pallets.
An extra bonus is that we

Estimated production time

Production time can vary from 2 DAYS to 4 weeks depending upon quantity.

Returns, damages, repairs

all our work is guaranteed to your satisfaction even if we have to refund you payments.

Other details

we welcome all questions and offer any help to you. Even if we ourselves cannot actually perform the work, we can usually refer you to someone that can help you.

Our story

Our Knit Niche

Within our 10,000 sq. foot facility in Saddle Brook NJ, USA, we house several state of the art Stoll CMS fully computerized knitting machines, as well as sublimation printers and quality heat transfer presses that continue to produce quality products for use around the globe. We revolutionized the domestic sweater manufacturing process and continue to present our clients with new and exciting knit works and specialty goods. As a turn-key knitting mill, we provide the following:

• No set up costs
• Guaranteed quality products
• Outstanding customer service
• No job too large or small
• Discounts on bulk orders

Unlike most knitting mills, we thrive on small orders, where each project is handled with special attention and care. With over a million dollars in annual billings we still believe that each customer deserves our time, with a hands-on management team that's always available to answer questions and concerns.

Our knit items have been sold through major retailers including but not limited to:

• Walmart
• Kmart
• Macy's
• Neiman Marcus
• Nordstrom
• Private label

At PhotoThrow Inc. we produce quality knit goods for the fashion industry
and photo-gifts that inspire new entrepreneurial businesses.

In addition, we offer quality jacquard knitting of any design or photo. Our PhotoThrows turn those pictures into life long memories.