Baker Prints

Superlative Silkscreen — Meticulously screen printed gig posters, fine art serigraphs, and more!

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Established 2011
  • 2–5 people
  • No minimum order

Our work

Our biggest strength is conscientiousness; we are careful to understand exactly what our clients want to produce and advise them comprehensively as necessary.

Some are seasoned vets of print design coming to us with camera-ready color separations, Pantones, and full print specs; others are total noobs with wild ideas on a cocktail napkin. We will happily serve both extremes and anyone in-between—our committment is to forging genuine relationships with our clients through building trust and respect.

One thing that sets us apart from our fellow printers-for-hire is our capability (and willingness) to produce oversize prints, up to 40" x 26". Many of our clients found us through word-of-mouth as they were searching for printers up to the task of producing their oversize work, and all have been thrilled with the results.

We are also willing to take on rush jobs when possible, because we believe helping you out of a jam is a great way to start or build a relationship, and we understand that sometimes you need it yesterday.

Like many of our flatstock-printing peers in the art print and gig poster world, we print with waterbased inks which are both eco and human-friendly. Our paper suppliers are certified in responsible forestry practices and we offer lots of post-consumer recycled options that look and perform great with our inks.


Pre-Press / Color Separations
Film Positives
Art and Photography
Stationery & Paper Goods
Gig Posters
Sustainable Materials
Recycled paper stocks and mills with responsible forestry practices
You can ask us to verify that these materials are sustainable and / or certified.

We help with

We work with designers at any of these stages

Concept / Design
Support building concepts and designs into initial samples or prototypes
Create end products based on existing production samples
Sampling / Pre-production
Refine existing product samples or prototypes for production


Payment terms

Cash, checks, major credit cards, and PayPal are accepted. At our discretion a 50% nonrefundable deposit is required to commence most jobs. We have never blown a deadline and take them very seriously—it is critical for the client to identify hard deadlines explicitly and remain responsive throughout a time-sensitive job! Client is responsible for all applicable use and/or sales taxes.

Minimum order

No minimum.
We do not enforce any minimum order requirements. However, for the majority of jobs, the per-print prices balloon on extra-short print runs because in that scenario the vast majority of our costs are in setup. We'll make this very clear during the quoting process so you are well aware of your options!

Shipping & handling

Client is responsible for shipping costs (not including packaging which we cover). We use FedEx, UPS, and occasionally freight carriers. We are happy to ship on your account or ours. By default we prefer to insure the shipment for at least the value of the print job, and to include your email address for tracking and a phone number for receiving. We can handle it however you want.

Estimated production time

If you have a hard deadline, pipe up immediately! We need to include it explicitly in our quote. For most jobs, ten business days (or earlier) is our standard turnaround, starting from our receipt of both the deposit and the production art. If you need prints sooner, we usually add a rush fee, depending on our production schedule and how soon you need them.

Returns, damages, repairs

Our clients' prints have never, ever left our shop in unacceptable quality or condition—and if they ever do, we will talk to them about whatever the issue is resolve the matter. Prints could be damaged in transit (though this is highly unlikely as we are thoroughly experienced in proper packaging) and that is why we encourage insuring the package(s) for at least the cost of the print run.

Our story

In late 2008 Kyle Baker learned how to screen print to make gig posters for his favorite local bands and fell madly in love with the medium. Learning from enigmatic folk hero Steve Walters of Screwball Press, he soon after progressed to creating posters for national touring acts like the Avett Brothers, Louis CK, and Counting Crows.

With bigger clients came bigger volume, and he had to make a choice—either outsource the print work or build a proper print shop. A natural-born printmaker, it was no choice at all, and in 2012 Baker began printing other artists' work as well. Since then Baker Prints has earned a reputation as one of the most attentive, technically advanced, and generally capable flatstock screenprinters around.

In early 2015, Kyle hired Kate McQuillen to serve as Shop Manager, Baker Prints' first full-time employee. The two met and worked together several years prior while Kate was president of the Chicago Printers Guild and Kyle served on the board with her. Kate, a successful artist in her own right, brings enthusiasm, professionalism, and several years of advanced printmaking experience to the team—not to mention a pair of degrees on the subject.

As our staff has grown to a half-dozen conscientious printmakers and our capabilities and output greatly advanced, our commitment to our clients remains unchanged: We treat your art with the same passion as our own.