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Do you work with a production partner to produce any of the products you design? If so, you must disclose this information on those listings. Learn more.

Why do I need to disclose my production partner?

Disclosing your production partners is an important aspect of maintaining transparency on Etsy. It’s also a great opportunity to catch attention from shoppers who are increasingly interested in the way things are made. Designers working with production partners must comply with our Manufacturing Policy and those who sell on Etsy must also abide by our Handmade Policy.

How do I know if I need to disclose this information?

If you work with a production partner to produce any items you have designed — even if your partner was found on Etsy Manufacturing — you are required to disclose this information in your relevant listings. This information will also appear in the About section of your shop, if you have one. Learn more about how to add production partners to listings.

A production partner is

Anyone (who’s not a part of your Etsy shop) who helps physically produce your items.

A designer is

A seller who has come up with an original design, pattern, sketch, template, prototype, or plan to be produced by in-house shop members or a production partner.

Collaboration in action

Production partners vary widely and can include everything from large-scale, family-owned companies to solo entrepreneurs. Pursuing responsible production partnerships is a way for designers to offer products made with processes they might not have access to in their own workspaces. It’s also a great way to meet growing demand and explore new product lines.

At some point you have to find somebody you trust to take care of one aspect of something while you focus on the thing you’re really good at, which for me is design and finding creative ways to engage with people.

Alisa Toninato

American Skillet Company, Madison WI
Machining and Fabrication

I love working with small companies here in Seattle because it helps our local economy. So when people are buying from my Etsy shop they’re supporting those small businesses as well.

Valerie Nethery

LilyEmme Jewelry, Seattle WA
Jewelry and Metalsmithing

My manufacturers allow me to have a professional, quality product that can compete with the beautiful things in luxury stores.

Emily Grace Johnson

Hartland Brooklyn, Leeds NY

Even if we had the skills, we do not own the necessary machinery to make clothing or socks. In order to start such a business by ourselves, would have required a huge initial investment.

Gediminas and Milda Jasinskas

Maple Propeller, Kaunas, Lithuania
Apparel and Textile


Will my shop be shut down if I don't do this?

Every Etsy shop is expected to follow Etsy's policies. Our Trust and Safety team will proactively reach out to shops that need to implement these updates to try and bring them into compliance with our policies.

What happens after I disclose my production partners?

We expect sellers to be knowledgeable of and directly connected to their production partners, and to be able to demonstrate that knowledge if required. Etsy's Trust and Safety team reviews shops and production partner disclosures regularly, and may reach out if additional information is needed to evaluate your business' compliance with our Manufacturing Policy and ethical expectations. Read more about the production partner disclosure process.

My production partner is a trade secret. Do I have to share that with Etsy?

We do require sellers to share the name and location of production partners, as well as details about their production process with us at Etsy for our internal review. However, sellers are welcome to display only a descriptive title on listings to protect the identities of industry contacts; information in fields marked “private” will not be shared with the public.

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