Floating Mantel

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A floating mantel is a long piece of wood, stone, metal, glass, or concrete installed onto the wall over a wood-burning or gas fireplace. Unlike traditional mantels and shelving, floating mantels lack visible means of support and are attached to the wall with a cleat or bracket that’s hidden from view. Essentially, a floating mantel is similar to a floating shelf over a fireplace but typically more substantial in size.

Floating mantels offer a modern, sleek look to living spaces, and homeowners who want to update their fireplaces without doing a major renovation can get a whole new look by installing a floating mantel.

On Etsy, stoneworkers, woodworkers, metalworkers, and more sell mantels that will transform your room and give you space to display photos, decorative items, and Christmas stockings. In addition to floating fireplace mantels, small shops on Etsy also sell floating mantel mounts or brackets to help you install your new piece. Consider these popular types of floating mantels:

  • Wood: Wood is the most common material used to make floating mantels. Consider an oak floating mantel for a contemporary look or a distressed wooden mantel if your home features rustic decor.
  • Metal: A metal floating mantel is made from wrought iron or steel, and it’s ideal for modern-styled homes decorated with industrial design.
  • Stone: Mantels have been made from stone such as granite, marble, and limestone for centuries, and stone mantels give rooms a refined and sophisticated look.
  • Glass: For another contemporary look, consider glass mantels. These mantels are made from either laminated or tempered glass.
  • Concrete: Minimalist homes are the perfect backdrop for concrete mantels.