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Special someones deserve Valentine's Day gifts that are curated and crafted with love.

Cards and paper

Personalized gifts

Pretentious Beer Glass

“Glassblowing is a collaboration between the maker and the material; my job as a craftsperson is to listen to my material and work with it.”

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Did you know?
If you’re having trouble finding love at first sight, there are 20,355 results for “eye glasses” on Etsy.

Home decor

Ay Mujer

“Growing up, I’d make cards for my mom and grandma, and hide little notes in my dad’s briefcase. I’ve always made things for people I love.”

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Did you know?
There are plenty of fish in the sea. If you don’t want any of them, there are 293,149 results for “fish” on Etsy.



We've made this video to celebrate the love that goes into every Etsy item.
Shout out to our featured Etsy shops: LindaReneePottery, Annajoyce, and ShannonKirsten.