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Meaningful gifts for the best mom ever.

Personalized Gifts

Handmade jewelry that's ready to ship

“My design philosophy is simple: make good work. I try to incorporate a personal touch in all that I do and pay extra attention to detail. That’s what makes my items great for gifts—every time someone wears my work they'll remember that they are loved and appreciated.”

Lingua Nigra of Lingua Nigra

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Flowers and Cards

Mother's Day Tip
If Mom loves green but lacks a garden, a terrarium kit should do the trick!

Matching Outfits

Beautifully wrapped ceramics

“For me, good design is to create a form that serves a function in a simple and elegant way—to let the decoration be part of the design, but not take over. What makes my pieces special is that they have a sense of delicacy and strength at the same time.”

FreeFolding Ceramic Studio of FreeFolding Ceramic Studio

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Home Decor

Mother's Day Tip
A personalized handmade throw guarantees Mom coziness long after breakfast in bed.

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