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Welcome to Craftysupermom's Bowtruckle Daycare!
Here, you can adopt your very own Pickett the Bowtruckle! He is mildly poseable and very friendly.

The Picketts bred and loved in my Bowtruckle Daycare range from appx 4 to 5 inches in height. Each Pickett varies as they are born special. Some are more green, some are more brown, some have smaller/larger leaves, longer legs, etc. They will be sent to you by RANDOM. They are all beautiful in their own way. Please love them with all your hearts as they will love you wholeheartedly too. They'll gladly guard your wand-wood trees (or just wands), travel in your pocket and help you pick those tricky locks! Show them off to your friends, not everyone can get themselves a dear little Pickett now, can they? ;)


Extra details :
Kindly note that all bowtruckles from our Daycare are varnished.
Their adorable leaves are the most fragile. Please be gentle.
Bowtruckles are snuggled in bubble wrap before heading your way. Please remove the bubblewrap CAREFULLY. Thank you.


A Bowtruckle is a tree dwelling creature found in western England, southern Germany, and Scandinavian forests. They appear to be made of bark and twigs with two brown eyes which makes them hard to distinguish from the trees they inhabits. A Bowtruckle guards its tree very strongly. These trees are known to be wand-wood tree, which means that it has the right quality to be made into a wand for a witch or a wizard.

Lots of love,
Jolene | Craftysupermom

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PICKETT the BOWTRUCKLE (LIMITED) | Fantastic Beasts and where to find them | Craftysupermom

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  • Hecho a mano
  • Materiales: polymer clay, wire
  • Hecho por encargo
  • Envía a todo el mundo desde Malasia
  • Feedback: 65 reseñas
  • Marcado como favorito por: 814 personas