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PRE-ORDER Occamy Fantastic Beasts Figurine Sculpture Animal Totem Miniature

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Cute little Occamy serpent-bird from the touching and beautiful movie "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them".

I'll make it to order. I plan to do about 10 of these figurines in January. So, it will be ready in late January, and you can choose from ready-made figurines in the order checkout.

WARNING: All Occamies on this photos are already sold! I can not do for you "exactly the same". Price listed is for one figurine. It will be completely different Occamies, you can not make personal changes. But if you trust my artistic taste and are willing to wait, this listing is for you.

2-3 inch in length, velvet clay, acrylic.

All Fantastic Beasts in my shop:

Figurines of velvet clay is very light, pleasant and magical. This very detailed statuette of the unusual material will be a wonderful gift.
These figurines are so light that they can decorate the Christmas tree. For example, figure 2.36 inches long weighs not more than 4 grams.

You want to buy it as gift, but it can't to have time for the holiday?
New holidays soon: buy it in advance and do not worry about delivery!

Only ready to ship items:

As I got such beautiful colors? For only $ 4, you can can easily to do the same:

You want to do figurine like this yourself? Here you can buy the tools and materials:

PRE-ORDER Occamy Fantastic Beasts Figurine Sculpture Animal Totem Miniature