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My Personal Dramaqueen Story

I graduated as a graphic designer in 2008 working at the same university that saw me graduate; I worked hard, studied late, and clubbing nights were replaced by work shifts

2 years later I met my ex-partner (web designer, entrepreneur) and we created together the creative studio www.movidagrafica.co, we started a family, a business from scratch and (successful one most say) , what could go wrong right? haha... well ...; my original country (Venezuela) crashed big time in 2012.

We rethink-ed our formula in Colombia and it was totally different from what we expected; After 1 and a half years, our creative studio had grown even more, we had employees, big projects, cool office and all the charade. Responsibilities began to increase more and more, which began to affect our relationship as business partners and as a family.

4 years later, we decided to drop everything and become digital nomads with our little one and we moved to Spain; We had our company in Colombia, employees and some support and we thought we could run our business from abroad, but our relationship was hit by everything that happened.

We try to move on, we fail big time; Our competition grew stronger and what I most feared happened; We ended our 10-year relationship as partners and as a couple by starting the Covid-19 pandemic.

I felt very overwhelmed, jobless, I ran out of money, I did not have the support of friends due to the pandemic but after a while, thanks to all the testimonies of unknown people from social networks who were in similar situations to mine, they filled me with strength. to get back on my feet and take on the challenge of starting over again for me and my son this time alone with my personal brand www.pattvielma.es

After all that transformative experience I learned how to make design mockups for applications, I improved my knowledge in 3d design, I learned to edit videos more professionally, I made new friends, I got a complete makeover of myself haha, and I'm still here and I will continue working to make a space for myself in the hearts of my clients.

My advice? Don't take no for an answer, work on your dreams and explore your creative nature before the end of the world.

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