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An Updated Etsy Homepage Experience

Today we're rolling out a more relevant and personalized signed-in and signed-out homepage across desktop and mobile web

There are more than 25 million* active buyers on Etsy, and each visitor to Etsy is as unique as our marketplace itself. Whether a visitor is coming to Etsy for the first time or the thousandth time, we want our homepage to offer them the best possible experience. We are always working to build and improve our marketplace and to improve the experience for buyers and sellers alike. In 2015, we redesigned our app homescreen, and today, we are launching our redesigned homepage for desktop and mobile web.    We know that when a shopper visits the Etsy homepage, they may be looking for any variety of items or information. If they are new to Etsy, they may want to know more about who we are and how the marketplace works, or they may be looking for inspiration or special occasion  items. For someone familiar with Etsy, they may want to see curated or trending items from around the globe and discover shops or unique pieces that are recommended for their particular taste. They may even be an aspiring creative entrepreneur, looking to open a shop of their own. The new design offers a relevant experience for everyone from a first-time visitor to a longtime member of the community. The signed in and signed out experience are also now more consistent. Previously, the signed out homepage was the same for all visitors, but with the new design, we’ve built a framework that allows returning visitors who are not signed in to also see content that is personalized to them based on what they have viewed and also based on their geographic location, even before they sign up for an account. By offering more personalization to visitors earlier, it allows them to experience more of what interests them specifically, so they can have a more seamless journey as they further engage with Etsy. body2The Etsy homepage will offer some continuity for all users, but each individual’s homepage will adapt as they continue to visit. Here are some of the new sections in the updated experience. Recently viewed items: This section shows listings that a signed-in visitor has viewed across any device in the last 45 days. We know that visitors like to use the homepage to pick up where they left off the last time they shopped on Etsy and we expect this section to help visitors rediscover and buy items they were looking for during past visits. From people you follow: This section is similar to the the previous activity feed, but now only includes listings and shops that a user has favorited or are from people they follow. Only signed-in users will experience this section. Shop by category: New visitors to Etsy who don’t yet have any recommendations will see listings representing eight categories. This section provides a visual way to see a sampling of what’s available on Etsy and start exploring further. Shops worth exploring: This section shows shops recommended to a user based on their past activity, including favorites, views, and purchases. Recent reviews from happy people: Visitors who are not signed in to an Etsy account will also see recent reviews from other shoppers. This provides a way for sellers who offer exceptional customer service and items to be recognized. body3As we strive to provide the best possible experience for our community, we will iterate on the design as we continue to gather feedback and insights on the new homepage. We’re excited to roll out the new design to all users throughout the next week! *As of March 31, 2016
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Kate Zasada

Kate is a Product Manager for Search & Discovery at Etsy. She works with her team to make it easier for buyers to find their next favorite item on Etsy.