Annual look at the up-and-coming trends in home decor

Image credit: SecretsAndThings 

Every year at this time, Etsy releases a home decor trend guide, and this year’s trends are all about decorating with individuality top of mind. From pieces that incorporate unexpected materials – like resin and burl wood – to accents that highlight the unique shapes in nature – like seashell and bee motifs – the top decor trends encourage adding character and personality to our spaces. So whether shoppers are sprucing up a corner of a room or a home office, or redecorating the whole house, here are the trends they need to know about this year. 

Redefined resin

One of the freshest and most creative trends we’re seeing this year is resin home decor. On Etsy, there has been a 62% increase in searches for resin items within the home and living category in the last six months* and we’re seeing it show up everywhere from furniture to accent pieces to wall decor. Sellers are taking advantage of the versatile material and creating intricate pieces that double as artwork, like tabletops made from pairing live-edge wood with poured epoxy. 

Resin Footed Trivet With Pressed Flowers, Custom Resin Table, Pink and White Marble Effect Ring Holder, Golden Brass Wood and Cream Resin Dresser KnobModern Wall Clock, Flower Resin Furniture Knobs, Resin Art, Resin Agate Coasters

Burl wood

Burl wood is making a comeback in today’s decor, bringing with it natural warmth and showcasing the beauty of individuality. The burls are made from unusual formations of the wood grain and are unique to each tree, making every piece truly one-of-a-kind. Shoppers can incorporate the material into any type of decor, but are particularly looking for burl wood furniture, with a 14% increase in searches on Etsy for burl wood tables in the last six months.* 

Burl Wooden Bowl, Maple Burl Live Edge Coffee Table,Wood Wall Lamp, Burl Vase, Handmade Bowl, Knockashima Table In Maple Burl

Eco-conscious fabrics

Shoppers are taking another step in making the world a little bit greener and opting for eco-conscious textiles. On Etsy, there has been a 36% increase in searches for organic bedding, a 14% increase in searches for hemp items, and a 12% increase in searches for cactus silk items in the home and living category in the last six months* and sellers are offering unique items that incorporate these materials, so shoppers don’t have to choose between style and sustainability. 

Organic Blue Linen Duvet Cover, Ombre Raw Cotton Throw Blanket, Eco-friendly Charcoal Grey Pillow Cover, Cactus Silk Lumbar Pillow, Organic Hemp Pillow, Avocado Dyed Panel Linen Cushion 

Suspended planters

Many of us are proud parents to so many plants that we’re starting to run out of room to display them all. But, there’s still hope:  just look up. Shoppers are getting creative with their spaces and increasingly opting for planters that they can display on their walls and ceilings, with searches on Etsy for wall or hanging planters up 16% in the last six months*, allowing their love of greenery to continue to grow all around.

Hanging Hexagon Planter, Small Swoosh Hanging Planter, Vl Hanging Planter, Geometric Shape Planters, Glass Terrarium Vase, Ceramic Planter in Electric Blue, Concrete Round Wall Planter Set, Test Tube Vase, Wall Mounted Plant Stand

Bee motifs

One of our favorite trends this year is definitely something to buzz about: bee motifs. Taking a cue from French provinçial decor and the rising focus on bee health in recent years, bees add a touch of whimsy and also infuses regalness to any space. Shoppers are displaying the trend in a variety of styles – from French-inspired versions to modern interpretations – and all types of items. On Etsy we’ve seen a 69% increase in searches for bee knobs or drawer pulls, a 25% increase in searches for bee wallpaper, decals, or vinyls, and a 27% increase in searches for bee items within the home and living category in the last six months.

Gold and Antique Brass Bumble Bee Knobs, Bee Dessert Plate, Honey Bee Wall Art Print, Botanical Bee Print, Honey Bee Pattern Wallpaper, Bee Teacup and Saucer Set, Bee Spoon Rest, Mini White Bumble Bee Pot With Plant

Seashell shapes

We’re not talking about coastal decor here (think: weathered-wood-meets nautical ropes-meets-seahorses) – the playful yet sophisticated seashell trend is just as popular for city-dwellers and land-locked residents as it is for those with beach houses. This trend is all about adding seashell accents, like a pillow or lamp, to add character, as opposed to using it as a theme for an entire room. Etsy shoppers are taking note: there has been a 31% increase in searches for shell lamps and a 14% increase in searches for shell pillows in the last six months*, and as we head into warmer months I think this trend is just getting started.  

Vintage Ceramic Shell Light, Ceramic Shell Soap Dish, Large Stained Glass Seashell Mirror,Velvet Shell Pillow, Shell Shrine, Mauve Velvet Shell Pillow, Vintage Blue Ceramic Seashell Lamp, Iridescent White Nautilus Shell Planter, Vintage Brass Seashell Catch All 

‘70s sunsets 

It’s no secret that the ‘70s have had a major influence on home decor the last few years (hello, rattan), but now the decade is bringing us even more. Retro sunset art is making waves (and even nods to one of our favorite trends this year, color blocking), with a staggering 99% increase in searches on Etsy for sunset art or prints and a 14% increase in searches on Etsy for ‘70s art or prints in the last six months*. These art pieces incorporate graphic lines and bold colors and are reminiscent of the styles we saw all over mid-century homes. 

Abstract Beach and Sun Poster, Sun and Surf Poster, Retro Wall Art, Golden Horizon Print Set, Strawberry Dipper Retro Sunset

Ancient accents

While shoppers are still taking decor cues from previous decades, they’re also looking back even further for inspiration – to ancient Greece and Rome. Old-world staples like busts and  statues are climbing in searches: On Etsy, there has been a 47% increase in searches for statue or bust planters and vases and a 36% increase in searches for ancient, Greek, or Roman statues or busts in the last six months*. Shoppers can put a modern spin on the trend by pairing these accents with contemporary pieces and adding them to their bookshelves or mantels for an instant dose of character. 

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*Compared to the same time the previous year.