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Etsy Files Supreme Court Brief to Protect Sellers from New Tax Barriers

Today, Etsy is filing an amicus brief in a Supreme Court case that may determine the future of internet sales tax.

Today, Etsy is filing an amicus brief in a Supreme Court case that may determine the future of internet sales tax. Over the years, we’ve fought against proposals that would force Etsy sellers to calculate, collect, and remit taxes on every single sale, no matter the place, which would have left microbusinesses to track rates in nearly 10,000 different tax jurisdictions. Later this month, the Supreme Court will hear arguments that could overturn Quill, a decision that has kept states from taxing purchases made from online sellers that lack any physical presence in the state. We believe that overturning Quill would create an influx of new administrative burdens that could stifle microbusinesses and entrepreneurs across the country. Platforms like Etsy lower the barriers to entrepreneurship, and have allowed for anyone with an idea and an internet connection to turn their creative passions into thriving businesses. In filing this brief, we’re standing with Etsy’s community of 1.9 million sellers—and all microentrepreneurs—and asking the U.S. Supreme Court to support small businesses and leave Quill intact. Just a few weeks ago, Etsy sellers took this same message to Congress. As policymakers wrapped up the omnibus budget bill, they were met with thousands of messages from Etsy sellers standing up for their businesses. In all, Etsy sellers sent 37,000 messages to their representatives urging them not to include an internet sales tax proposal in the bill. We’re happy to report that their messages were received and the new internet sales tax proposal was taken out of the budget bill. Our goal is to make it easy for creative entrepreneurs to start, manage, and grow their business. We believe that speaking up makes all the difference in decisions like these, and we’re committed to continue to make the case for our sellers in the courts and in Congress.
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Ilyssa Meyer

Ilyssa Meyer manages public policy and policy research for Etsy's advocacy team, where she leads our seller engagement efforts. She is passionate about crafting support for issues that matter to the Etsy community at all levels of government.