This year’s trends reflect our new relationship with our homes.

Image credit: SilcStuff

The past year has had a profound impact on the way we view our living spaces and, in turn, shaped the way we decorate. We’re experiencing our homes differently and more intimately than we ever have before and the trends are reflecting this evolved relationship: the open floor plan has dwindled in favor of separation of spaces, shoppers have begun embracing friluftsliv over hygge, and home offices are the new normal.

Now, after a year at home, we’re ready to refresh our spaces once again. Read on for the must-have decor trends for 2021.


Marble is making way for another durable, sustainable material in home decor: travertine. This time-honored material has gotten a cooler upgrade since the ‘80s and is showing up as the “new” neutral in our homes with searches up 211% for travertine items*.  Shoppers are especially looking for travertine tables – both vintage and handmade – with searches up 361%* on Etsy. 

Travertine Elephant Lamp, Vintage Travertine Desk Organizer, Travertine Soap Dish, Mid Century Modern Travertine Dining Table, Travertine Pen and Pencil Holder, Travertine Cutting Board, Travertine Coasters  

Japanese and Scandinavian Aesthetics

As many continue to spend time at home, clutter-free yet cozy spaces are top of mind. Enter Japandi – a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics that shoppers are welcoming into their homes. This style fuses modern minimalist and warm rustic styles, bringing both tranquility and comfort to any space. On Etsy, there has been a 172% increase in searches for Japanese decor* and a 55% increase in searches for Scandinavian decor,* and I predict that searches will only continue to rise. To get the look, try pairing warm shades of wood with contrasting neutral colors.

Minimalist White Oak Pepper Grinder, Mountain Folds Japanese Noren Hanging, Oak Side Table, Modern Sashiko, Oak Wood Tray, Floating Oak Bookcase, Clothes Ladder, Waffle Linen Blanket, Scandinavian Wood Candle Holder

Wavy, squiggly, and curvy decor 

There’s a new shape making waves in our homes: squiggly, curvy decor. Somewhere between a zig-zag and an arch, these motifs are showing up all over and shoppers are definitely taking note: there’s been a staggering 28,236% increase in searches for wavy candles* and 5,296% increase in searches for wavy mirrors.* The trend can be incorporated into decor as subtly as in a mug handle or as statement-making as in a floor-length mirror. 

Curved Wiggle Loop Candleholder, Macrame Wall Hanging, Squiggle Terrazzo Soap Dish, Ziggy Soap Dish, Squiggle Candle, Splash Shape MirrorSquiggle Coasters, Teapot and Cups, Puzzle Vase 

The home sanctuary    

It’s more important than ever to find moments of relaxation and shoppers are taking refuge in their own homes by creating soothing, stress-free sanctuaries. Creating spa-like atmospheres in  bathrooms is one popular way to unwind – we’ve seen a 7,466% increase in searches for eucalyptus shower bundles*, a 212% increase in searches for bath caddies* and a 120% increase in searches for waffle towels.*

Shoppers are also adding more greenery to their spaces as a way to promote tranquility and connect with nature. In fact, we’re calling olive trees the new “it” plant – we’ve already seen an 269% increase in searches for olive trees* and an 896% increase in searches for faux olive trees.* Move over, fiddle leaf fig trees!

Sustainable Wood Bath Tray, Amethyst Cluster Candle Holder, Natural Linen Waffle Bath Towel, Droplet Incense Holder, Essential Oil Burner, Artificial Olive Tree, Ceramic Meso Incense Holder, Linen Bathroom Towel 

Checkered prints

Maybe it’s the recent board game boom, but checkerboard prints are reemerging as the latest comeback trend in decor. This must-have pattern – what we like to think of as gingham’s modern cousin – is incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into home design in a variety of color combinations. On Etsy, searches for checkered print items within the home and living category have jumped 889%*, as shoppers look for items like checkered print rugs (up 1,004%*), checkered print pillows and poufs (up 327%*), and checkered print blankets, quilts, or bedding (up 182%*).

Checkered Incense Holder & Tray in SkyWavy Red Checkered Rug, Checkered Coasters, Cheecky Throw Pillow, Punch Needle Checkered Coasters, Checkered Wavy Incense Holder, Checker Print Tufted Rug 

Mushroom motifs

Mushrooms are making their way from gardens and wellness to home decor. Certainly not a brand new concept, the trend is reminiscent of the ‘60s and ‘70s, but coming back with a modern twist. Mushroom lamps, a recent social media darling, are taking off: there has been a 371% increase in searches for mushroom lamps.* We’ve also seen a whopping 902% increase in searches for mushroom pillows and pillow cases.*

Mushroom Pillow, Mushroom Jewelry Dish , Woodland Mushroom Wallpaper, 1960s Mushroom Table Lamp, Vintage Mushroom Lamp, Mushroom Tea Towel, Modern Lamp, Ceramic Toadstool Butter Dish

*In the last three months, compared to the same time the previous year.