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Etsy Reveals Top 2022 Trends and A Look Back at 2021

Shoppers will be embracing the concept of Lagom and our 2022 Color of the Year

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When we look back at 2021, it’s clear that shoppers have been eager to foster meaningful connections – from uplifting their local communities, to connecting with nature (AKA ‘friluftsliv’), and shopping with intention. And, fittingly, thoughtful gifts were especially top of mind: “personalized gift” was the top-searched term (for the second year in a row), with “Mother’s Day gift” and “Father’s Day gift” closely following. 

As we close out another year filled with ups and downs, next year will be about finding balance in all aspects of our lives, from how we spend our time to the purchases we make. Perfectly embodying this sentiment is the concept of  ‘Lagom’ – a Swedish philosophy which loosely translates to “not too much, not too little” or “just the right amount” – which I anticipate shoppers will embrace as they look to live their lives with balance and moderation in mind.

I’m excited to see how buyers will bring these themes to life, while continuing to shop with their values in mind. Keep reading for the trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2022. 

Etsy Color of the Year: Emerald green

Symbolizing harmony and growth, along with royalty and refinement, emerald green is the perfect color to remind us to find balance this year. We’re already seeing shoppers looking for ways to incorporate this hue, with searches for emerald green items up 64%* and emerald green decor up 60%*. Even better, this rich and grounding shade compliments a variety of other popular colorways – from earthy terracottas and neutrals to luxe golds and silvers – making it easy to add into existing decor. 

Print of African Landscape, The Jean Earring, Hand-painted Trays, Vintage 90s Turtleneck, Emerald Green Floor Cushion, Matte Grid Mug, Vintage Emerald Green Glasses, Transparent Emerald Earrings, Ring Dish

Home & living: Statement lighting 

Equal parts functional and fashionable, statement lighting allows folks to spotlight their beautiful homes, while doubling as eye-catching artwork. Many are already on the hunt for statement lighting – from sculptural pendants to standout sconces – that reflects their own personal style. On Etsy we’ve seen a 344% increase in searches for 70s lighting*,  a 27% increase in searches for sculptural or decorative lighting*,  a 25% increase in searches for vintage lighting*,  and a 22% increase in searches for colorful lighting*.

Step Lamp, Ceramic Ceiling Lamp, African Wax Print Lampshade, Bent Plywood Lamp, Gingko Leaf Floor Lamp, Rattan Sconce, Modern Pendant Light, Mid Century Modern Fixture, 70s Pendant Lamp 

Weddings: Colorful celebrations

2022 is ushering in a new wave of nuptials filled with bright hues, punchy patterns, and joyful displays of self-expression. Searches for colorful wedding items have already jumped 223%*, as couples look to make splashy statements on everything from invitations to centerpieces, and even wedding dresses and suits. 

Pro tip: Mix mood-boosting, vibrant shades with softer neutrals for a perfectly-balanced and playful-yet-elevated look. 

Bright Wedding Invitation, Floral Veil, Confetti Stuffed Wedding Programs, Dry Flower Bouquet, Velvet Table Runner, Floral Necktie, Table Numbers, Ombre Welcome Sign

Style: Pop-punk revival

Pop-punk has made a huge comeback in both social media and music scenes in 2021 (and not to mention with a certain it celebrity couple), so it’s no surprise the latest Y2K style revival is taking cues from this angsty, nostalgic genre. On Etsy, searches for spiked collars are already up 879%*, alongside surges in searches for vintage plaid items (up 48%*), fishnet items (up 37%*), studded belts (up 34%*), and silver jewelry (up 14%*). Pop-punk is all about self-expression and autonomy, and Millennials and Gen Zers alike are reclaiming this style movement and putting their own personal spin on it. 

Pro tip: For those not ready to fully commit to the look, try adding just a few pop-punk pieces – like a mesh top, a pair of combat boots, or a vintage leather jacket – into an existing everyday wardrobe. 

Fishnet Stocking Socks, Spike Earrings, Vintage Leather Jacket, Silver Choker Necklace, Y2K Chunky Mules, Vintage 90s Combat Boots, Mesh Top, Vintage Plaid Mini Skirt 

Kids: Dragons and mythical creatures

Nostalgic for simpler times, in 2022, parents want to bring back the wonderment that comes with simply being a kid. Enter: dragons, fairies, and other mythical creatures. Through fairytale and fantasy-filled play, kiddos can escape to mystical and magical realities using nothing more than their imagination. Parents are already on board: searches for fairy items increased 51%*, mythical creatures or beast items increased 39%*, and dragon toys increased 22%* – and counting. Best of all, these make-believe creatures are a great gender-neutral kids motif – which we’ll see on everything from nursery mobiles to toys to apparel, and more – appropriate for all ages. 

Fairy Tale Kids Wallpaper, Dragon Sweater, Dragon Print, Dragon Mobile, Wooden Dragon Toy, Personalized Growth Chart, Fairytale Castle Print, Personalized Fairy Wand 

*In the last three months, compared to the same time the previous year

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