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Making Checkout Easier with Apple Pay on the Web

Etsy buyers can now use Apple Pay to check out when shopping on desktop and mobile web.

Making it easier for Etsy buyers to shop is one of the ways we support our strategy to make Etsy an everyday experience. Apple Pay has helped us do this with a fast and secure checkout option, and we’ve seen great results from integrating Apple Pay into our iOS app. In June of this year we were featured in Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference as a partner committing to expand Apple Pay beyond our iOS app to buyers shopping on Etsy on the web. We're excited to announce that beginning today, buyers in supported countries* can now use Apple Pay to check out on the web, from their computer or mobile device. Just as it does in Etsy’s iOS app, Apple Pay enables buyers to complete their purchases quickly without needing to add their billing or shipping information at checkout. And as with all other Apple Pay transactions, Apple Pay transactions on the web are encrypted using the mobile wallet on the buyer’s device. To use Apple Pay on the web while shopping on Etsy, buyers simply select Apple Pay at checkout and then authorize the payment using Touch ID following a prompt on their iOS device. At this time, to check out with Apple Pay on the web, buyers need to be shopping on the Safari browser on their compatible Mac or iOS device.** Apple Pay on the web will give our buyers yet another fast, easy and secure checkout option and help our sellers by removing friction from the shopping experience on Etsy. We’ve also recently made additional efforts to improve the checkout experience in our marketplace globally—including expanding our Direct Checkout payments platform to Hong Kong and Singapore, and adding support for Apple Pay to France and Switzerland—and we’ll continue to work on new ways to make shopping and checking out on Etsy even better. *This includes buyers in Australia, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. **Checking out with Apple Pay on the web requires Safari for macOS Sierra or iOS 10.
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Stephanie Grodin

Stephanie Grodin is the Director of Product Management for the Payments & Checkout team. Her Etsy favorites include planters, ceramics, and furniture.