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The Future of Work is Now

Flexibility is the cornerstone to how and where we work at Etsy

At Etsy, we’ve put a lot of thought and care into how our workplace will evolve and adapt in a new, new normal. As we transition from 16 months as a completely remote workforce to a hybrid working model, we’re excited to share updates around how and where we work at Etsy. Our primary goal on this journey is to provide our employees with the support and flexibility they need - both personally and professionally - regardless of where they’re located. 

As we shared in February, our employees have proven that they can excel and have an outsized impact from wherever they work. Over the course of the pandemic, they have stepped up in a major way to provide more opportunity than ever for the millions of creative entrepreneurs on our platform. 

Now, we're excited to share more details about how and where we’ll work as the possibility of returning to physical offices becomes a reality. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we’re expanding upon our existing hybrid model. Employees will now have the choice of a “flex” schedule (i.e. spending 2+ days per week in the office), being fully remote, or being fully based in an Etsy office. Ultimately, where we feel most productive and “in flow” varies from person to person, so we’re updating our policies to meet the needs of both our teams and our business.

With this updated working model, we’re focused on fostering Etsy’s productivity and elevating our strong culture as a hybrid workforce through every aspect of the employee experience. To do this, we’re developing and implementing new norms and best practices that help to bring out the best in our people in a blended work environment. Examples include our Collaboratory program (an incubator for tools and guidance around effective collaboration), and new features like “Etsy PrimeTime” hours to facilitate meeting scheduling for teams located around the globe. We’re also leveraging technological investments to create a consistent and inclusive work environment for employees, no matter where they’re located. Part of these investments includes a redesign of our offices to facilitate in-person and remote collaboration, connection, and innovation. 

We are always working to evolve our benefits to help support Etsy employees around the world in achieving their best work while also prioritizing their wellbeing. In 2022, for example, we will be introducing new perks like “30 Days Away,” our temporary relocation policy where employees will be able to work from anywhere they choose for up to 30 consecutive days per calendar year. This is an addition to our current offerings, which include a monthly stipend for extra home office expenses, mental health benefits, live-streamed and on-demand fitness classes, personal-network childcare benefits, and company-wide, no-work holidays we call “Breaksgiving,” among others. 

With the majority of roles open to remote candidates, our hybrid model means we’ll be able to expand our reach to broader geographic areas, enabling us to attract world-class talent and continue to place an emphasis on nurturing our diverse and inclusive culture

We’ve learned a lot over the past 16 months as a fully remote workforce, and we’re aiming to maintain the advantages we’ve discovered while also mitigating the challenges we’ve encountered in order to make the Etsy experience even better when we are hybrid. As such, we’re implementing new educational resources and tools to help managers learn how to best run remote and distributed teams, including training sessions focused on effective collaboration. At Etsy, we have a culture of experimentation, so we intend to ask the team for feedback, adjust, and adapt our practices as we discover new and better ways to help employees feel supported.

And with this increased level of flexibility as a hybrid workforce, employees will have the opportunity to focus on what matters most: tackling interesting, meaningful challenges that advance our mission to Keep Commerce Human. As we move forward, we’re working on scaling our teams around the world to match the global growth of Etsy’s marketplace and continue driving our mission forward. Interested in joining the Etsy family? Check out our Careers page to learn more and apply.

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Raina Moskowitz

Chief Operations, Strategy and People Officer