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Vintage design

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4.5 van 5 sterren
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I am so happy with how the new shirts turned out. Beautiful soft cotton for a detached collar 'grandpa' shirt. Limited availability in white and dusty pink. Pair it with a beautiful linen suit to be ready for spring.
Victorian inspired woolen overcoat with faux fur collar. Bespoke tailored coat.
New to my shop: gorgeous tweed by W.Bill! 40's style lapeled waistcoat in the most beautiful tweed with silk back.
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Vintage stijl kleermaker

Ik ben opgeleid tot theatervormgever in Tilburg en in Praag. Ik begon kleding in vintage stijl te maken na aanraking met de Lindy hop wereld. Mijn liefde voor muziek en jazz komt samen in de kleding die ik maak.

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  • Sunny van Zijst


    I had my education as a custume designer. After graduation I mainly worked as an independent artist. My love for jazz and Big Band put me back on track. I started making clothing for dancers and bands. I love how it all has come together now.


  • Stefitex

    Iași, Roemenië

    Small factory run by dedicated owner. They work mainly for designer labels and are able to work closely together with the designer and make small orders. In the process I make the designer sample in detail and the pattern. I source the materials. The factory makes limited edition copies.


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What are delivery times for custom orders?

It depends on many things. How complicated it is to make, if there is a waiting list (usually there is!) and if I depend on suppliers for a special fabric their turnover times.
I will always give an estimate, please understand sometimes it takes a bit longer. There can be unforseen circumstances like illness. I will keep you up to date should that happen.

What if I am worried where my shipped item is?

Contact me and I will find out with the shipping company.
Once they consider it lost you will either receive a full refund or a new item. The item isn’t yours until you have actually received it.

Most of the time it is a false alarm, the item will arrive.

Sizing details

When in doubt, ask me a question and I will help you to find the right size for you.


Is not a frequent question luckily, but it does happen sometimes.. Try asking in a normal way first. A please and thank you makes me works so much better.

Sometimes an item gets lost in shipping, sometimes clients haven’t read the trunover time, sometimesthings get delayed a bit. Trust we will always find a solution.

In every item I make there is a piece of ‘me’. Made with love and care. I will go the extra mile to make somebody happy. And then some more.

What is I need the order before a certain date?

Ask me in time, and consider the shipping time. Usually to the US is two weeks, but I can not in any way guarantee or be held responsible for it.

If it is a custom order for a wedding or a very special occasion, I can only accept te request 4 months before, preferably 6 months.

What if my item is damaged during transport

Contact me immediately when you have received it. Provide me with pictures of the damaged packaging. Take one picture of the box, with the item in it, and iff possible some detailed pictures of the damage.
Your damaged item will be replaced as soon as possible, but only when you can show it has happened during transport.
Damage from wearing the clothes or washing will not be refunded. Follow the instructions on the label for care.

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