3D printable rechargeable UL2 shape mouse for G304/G305 PCB (digital files)

3D printable rechargeable UL2 shape mouse for G304/G305 PCB (digital files)

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This is a 3D printable fully functioning wireless mouse I designed based on the shape of the final mouse UL2 that uses the G304/G305 PCB.

I didn't use a scan of the UL2 as a reference to get an accurate shape but this is very similar aside from the hump being lower, sort of like an fk2 but otherwise having the sides, back and finger grooves all fit the general shape of the UL2. This is very slightly smaller coming in at 113mm long x 32mm high while having a similar width and shape as the UL2.

Included in this download are two versions of the design, one plain shell and one honeycombed version. Both versions are high quality .stl files suitable for high resolution resin printing and also optimized for fdm printing - if you print the files using fdm make sure each file is printed in the orientation they are in using appropriate supports for best results.

14/03/20 - I've updated the design to be rechargeable by both an PR675 coin cell and AAA micro usb batteries.

The coin cell battery holders are called CH23-1225LF, here's a diagram with the details, you can get them from here and there, I got mine from ebay.



Assembly instructions:

I will keep things simple with some pics as well, if you need help with something message me and I will do my best to help. Also Etsy has a file size limit which I've reached so if you want either AAA or button cell versions only message me.

1 - Feed in from the bottom of the PCB, through the front two of the three holes either side the encoder, the four wires for the M1 and M2 switches. Desolder the M1/M2 switches from their daughter boards and place them into the 3D printed platforms then solder the wires to the legs, see pics. Feed the wires back through the holes and align the platforms ready to be screwed in.

2 - Insert the PCB (don't forget to put the on/off switch in the print first), make sure the PCB is flush with all the stand offs before screwing in the four screws then screw in the switch platforms.

3 - Insert the side button PCB

4 - For the coin cell battery holder, cut or simply bend of the part pictured with a pair of pliers then push the holder in place, fit the bracket piece on top and screw it in then solder the positive and negative wires to their respective terminals like this -

Make sure the PCB isn't on and the battery isn't plugged in before doing so!!!!

20/11/20 - added files for a AAA battery holder, it requires 3 2.5mm wide zip ties and a little tin foil for reliable conductivity.


Strip the wires for the battery exposing about a cm of wire, fold each end around a small square of tinfoil so it's hooked around then fold the foil over itself several times until it has a mm or so of width, leave that aside for the moment. Loop two zip ties **loosely** through the holder as pictured and screw it to the PCB flat side up, these two screws will hold the PCB to the bottom plate. Slide the rechargeable AAA through the zip ties (+) end facing backward, tighten the two zip ties until firm, **not** tight. Position the two wire ends inside their respective caps and push them on either side of the battery. Before adding the last zip tie turn it on to make sure you have everything sitting well, be careful to push the ends together to check for the blue light. When satisfied, tie the third zip tie around the two caps. A reliable method to this is to make two creases in the zip tie where it will bend around the edges nearest it's head. Using a pair of pliers, pull the tail end until the zip tie is tight and reasonably squared out.

For instructions on assembling a micro usb rechargeable AAA battery, for the mean while see my .pdf guide on my wireless G303, I'll put the link here. The process is identical for this build but I will get around to making new instructions for this print too.

5 - Screw in the left and right clicks into the shell with the alignment piece and align the shell with the base then hook the left front corner of the shell over the inner rim on the base and squeeze the other front corner over the other side and push the rest of the shell in place and screw in using three of the large screws that screw into the base of the G305.

Alternative step 5 - just screw in the left and right clicks and don't worry about the alignment piece, the former is very dependent on having parts print exactly the right size for a rigid fit. In hindsight that change was a bit unnecessary.

6 - Insert the side buttons.

Done. https://i.imgur.com/Ec87zd9.jpg

This is licensed as: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

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CryoFrost Oct 2, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

Quickly responded to inquiries and resolved issues with the files. Prints came out splendid and all parts of the design were ingenious (might have to steal some for future projects ;) )

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alexthecraft Oct 6, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

Clever design that gets rid of the annoyances I have with the stock g305 internal layout. Any imperfections you see are on my end. The files are super crisp and clean.

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Obi Wan Jan 17, 2021

5 out of 5 stars

Wonderful high quality files. Great customer service and had gone above and beyond just sending you files. Answers all questions months after delivering the product.

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Piranha May 31, 2020

5 out of 5 stars

As always: super nice design.

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