Customize your Pattern site even more with these new features

March 7, 2017

This slew of new features is one to write home about. We think you'll be excited to learn that listing titles and descriptions can now be modified on Pattern sites from within the Listings Manager. You can also change your shop icon, cover photo, About photos and more, to differentiate your Pattern site from your Etsy shop to your heart's desire. While you're at it, add a Contact Us page to your site, and let us know what other pages you’d love the ability to add. And before you go, opt into auto-renew so you never have to worry about your domain expiring!

In this release


  • Pages: In place of what was previously the "Content" section of the Pattern dashboard, you will now have the ability to add pages to your site. We're starting you off with a "Contact Us" page, but stay tuned for more.
  • Content customization: Within Pages, you can now customize your shop icon, cover photo and About photos to be unique to Pattern. Editing your site name and About copy has moved into this section as well.
  • Pattern-specific listing titles and descriptions: In listing manager, listing titles and descriptions can now be edited to be different in Pattern than they are on Etsy.
  • Domain renewals: You can now renew your domain for up to three years at a time, and opt into auto-renew so you never have to worry about your domain expiring in the future.


  • We've redesigned the Pattern dashboard so it's easier on the eyes and navigation is smoother.
  • Better integration with Shop Manager so that links to Pattern should never be difficult to find.


  • Listing image carousel in the Pearl theme had arrows that weren't styled.
  • Contact Us modal in the Pearl theme was also not fully styled, now it is.
  • Site pages were loading scrolled down the page some in the Firefox web browser.
  • Disqus shortname was not validating.
  • After we redesigned the Pattern dashboard, the mobile preview frame was showing out of the window.
  • The impressum on sites in the EU wasn't loading in the Zephyr theme.
  • Convo emails on guest purchases were showing seller branding on Etsy orders when the seller also had a Pattern site.
  • The Pattern theme was showing arrows on the featured listing carousel even when there was only one featured listing.
  • Banners were still showing on Pattern even when they'd been removed on Etsy.
  • In the Zephyr theme, banners were not stretching to fill the page width when the dimensions were smaller.
  • Cart position in the Zephyr theme was off in the Safari web browser.
  • Some sites using the Zephyr theme were showing horizontal scroll bars for no reason.
  • International sellers weren't seeing the correct currency on their sites for a bit there.
  • Signed in users were being told to reply by email on Pattern convos when they in fact could not do so.
  • On sites in the EU, the link colors in the dispute form in the Gingham theme were inconsistent.
  • Sellers who disconnected a domain were having trouble reconnecting.
  • The site menu in the Chiffon theme was a little wonky. Now it isn't.
  • The site preview for the Pearl theme wasn't fully styled.
  • We weren't preventing people from trying to connect a domain they bought from us, which shouldn't be allowed to happen.
  • Sold out listing pages were allowing people to add the item to their cart and showing another "sold out" message.
  • In the Chiffon theme, the About page text was being overlapped by the newsletter signup form when MailChimp was turned on.
  • Blog posts weren't publishing in the Internet Explorer web browser.
  • When scrolling down on the Zephyr theme in mobile, the header was disappearing forever, even when scrolling back up.
  • Sellers trying to disconnect their domain from Pattern were unable to for a minute there.
  • Listing images in the Brickston theme were showing very small in mobile web.
  • Some convo text was showing all garbled for some reason. It is now un-garbled.
  • Some convos were also showing code, which was a little ugly.
  • The Marketing tab in the Pattern dashboard wasn't loading for some people.