Domain Provider Guide: NetworkSolutions

Important: You must set both A records and CNAME records in order for your domain to properly connect to your Pattern site.

First, edit your A record information for your root domain.

  1. Go to https://www.networksolutions.com/manage-it/index.jsp to log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Skip the ads and click Continue to Account Manager if prompted.
  3. Once in your Account Manager, under My Domain Names, click Edit DNS.
  4. Click Change Where Domain Points.
  5. Select Advanced DNS and click Continue.
  6. Click Edit A Records.
  7. Click the checkbox to delete the existing www record and click Continue.
  8. Click Save Changes.
  9. In the Numeric IP field within the @ (None) row, type:
  10. In the Numeric IP field within the * (All Others) row, type:
  11. Click Continue and then confirm the changes.

Next, edit your CNAME records for your subdomain.

  1. From the same Advanced DNS page, click the Edit CNAME Records button.
  2. Type www into the Alias field, and click to select Other Host.
  3. In the Other Host field, type patternbyetsy.com then click Continue.
  4. If you’d like to set up multiple subdomains (for example, “shop” or “store”), repeat the same process above for each.
  5. When finished setting up all desired records, click Save Changes.

Once you have set up all of your desired records, you will need to visit your Pattern Dashboard to connect your domain by typing "www.YourDomain.com" into the Connect field.

It can take up to 48 hours for your domain to connect.

If you're still having trouble connecting your domain, check for any preexisting A records or CNAME records and delete them. Conflicting records can cause your domain connection to fail.

If you continue to have trouble, contact your domain provider’s support team and provide them with the following information:

  • You would like to set up two A records for your root domain which point to and

  • You would also like to set up a CNAME record (www.) for your subdomain that points to your Etsy-hosted domain, which is patternbyetsy.com

Note: Never give your Etsy username or password to a third party.

Only you are authorized to instruct your domain provider to connect your domain to your Pattern site and Etsy cannot interact directly with your domain provider under any circumstances.

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