Elaine's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Advertising and Promotion Team

This team is dedicated to helping our members grow their businesses.


Open to bead makers and collectors of all kinds. If you love beads, get in here!


Open to ALL shops and shoppers based in CANADA

Canadian Community Team

A place for Canadian sellers and community members to connect directly with Etsy Canada admin

Cross Canada Chat Team

A great place for sharing your creativity, brainstorming and creating fabulous friendships!

Enyaeires help and chat team

A team with all our old forum friends from the chat thread Enyaeires I buy you buy lets help each other!!!!!!!!

Handmade Canada

This is a group for all to support and get to know each other, for that reason I'd encourage member to participate at least once a week.


Multiple shop owners unite. Do you have more than one shop now or are thinking of opening more than one shop?

NOP Team

Etsy sellers located in Western Canada offering support and camaraderie to each other. Be yourself, be goofy, be real!

Shameless Advertising

A perfect bubble where advertising is okay!