Alexa Karabin's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

A Printmaker's Revival

This Team is for anyone enthusiastic about the art of printmaking. It is an ancient and very unique canal of the art world.

All Facebook

This team is all about those facebook fan pages Linked to Etsy


Artists in Armenia or of Armenian descent

Crows and Ravens

This is a team of artists and collectors who are have a strong artist attraction for the corvid

Dark And Unusual

A team for those who love dark and unusual impressions

Etsy West Michigan

We were a local based team for Etsy sellers located in West Michigan. due to lack of interest this team will be closing soon.

Group of artists from Michigan

Art brought to you by clintele of Universal.

Kalamazoo Etsians

A local Kalamazoo team supporting each other

Michigan's Trolls of Etsy

We are a group of Michigan crafters, promoting each other and local handmade goods!

Needful Things Dark Trading Team

Needful Things Dark Trading Team is a collection of trade friendly shops that enjoy the darker side of life and Etsy!