Antonio's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

1 of a Kind

For anyone who appreciate hand made art of any media

360 Handmade

Boost your Relevancy & SEO The house of all seller's games to boost your relevancy.

A Witch's Craft

Crafts for a Witch's Craft: A place to share your love of the Craft in the context of crafts.


A team where friendship, honesty, and creation comes in handy!!!!!

Adirondack craft fairs, farmers markets,arts fairs & festivals

I created this team for vendors & shoppers who love Adirondack fairs & festivals to find out the where & when


let's tell whose shops or items we admire!

Advice for All

A team dedicated to giving each other support and advice on how to be succesfull on etsy

All Crafters

This is for any and all crafters!