AngelElements' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Team Anime - The main convenient location where Anime enthusiasts can find or request what they want & need.

Blog and Sponsor Connection

A place for Bloggers and Etsy Sellers to connect for sponsorship opportunites including: placing ads, giveaways, and shop & product reviews.

Business Success

This team is dedicated to helping our members grow their businesses.

Busy Moms of Etsy

​Our group is a sounding board and resource for moms! A place to network and to get tips on organization, selling, and being a mom.

Cleveland Craft Coalition

Open to NE Ohio artists who need a stepping stone into the crazy world of craft shows...

Cleveland Handmade

Makers of handmade wonderfulness in and around Cleveland, Ohio

College Crafters

For those in college, who craft to help them get by, either financially or mentally!

Convention Artists

A place for those of us who sell both online and at conventions around the country.

Coupon Codes for Everyone

A place for shops to list their coupon codes - great spot for buyers to find deals!!!

Coupons, Sales, Discounts, Destash, Shop Closings, Free gifts, Giveaways

Like in the title, this is the place to save $$$ and promote using these methods!