Suzanne Crook

My art has brought me much joy and happiness. It fulfils a great need in me to be creative, to play and enjoy the wonders of the world around me. I appreciate the waves of the sea, laying in flower filled meadows and enjoying my being. Art gives me peace and stillness, fun, joy and happiness.

Creating a commission is a magical experience for both artist and client. Every piece is unique and designed to meet each individual's needs and desires. We will discuss colours, feelings, thoughts, memories, words and dreams. Also taken into account is where the artwork will be hanging, whether the artwork is for the home, workplace or a gift for a loved one. I work closely with all my clients, as each persons needs are so unique, thus we create something quite special and beautiful.

You can have a piece of artwork commissioned about a magical moment in your life as a reminder and something to treasure. An angel piece of artwork can tell its own story and remind us that we are not alone. A gift for love ones is a special idea, as it is such a precious gift of love and gratitude as well as being a constant reminder of how they are truly loved.

I also create commissions for the work place. Offices can be transformed with their own wonderful dynamic, strong and bold artwork. A calming and soothing atmosphere can be created in therapy rooms with an artwork that is spiritually uplifting, colourful and bright to bring a sense of well being.

Whether you choose something for your home, loved ones, as a gift or for the workplace, a commissioned artwork will always be as unique as you are.

If you would like to discuss a commission please feel free to contact me through the website or call 07878551713.


'I have a painting by Suzanne in my surgery. Whilst it is bold and colourful it is strangely calming almost meditative, certainly lots of my patients love it and feel that it cheers them up, me also...It takes you to a place you like to be...I could have sold it ten times over.'

Dr H A Stacpoole, Westover Surgery

'The Painting The Ocean is Kissed by Moonlight is in our new quiet room. In fact we choose furnishings to complement the picture. The room is greatly used by relatives and staff. The picture adds to the feeling of quiet and calm in the room.'

Sam Pleasants, St Julia's Hospice

'I was lucky enough to have a piece of artwork by Suzanne on the wall of my therapy room. The energy that it generated was positive and healing. As well as having a visual impact, it certainly helped my clients to achieve their ultimate goal of peace and happiness during their sessions, and I suspect, in their everyday lives. The painting and its energy certainly added a certain something to the treatments and was a talking point amongst my clients.'

Elaine Fessey MGPBT, IHHTC, SNHS (dip psychotherapy and counselling and life coaching) MIST. NFSH (probationer).

I have lived in Cornwall for many years now and I feel very lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the world. I can see the sea from my studio window. It is always so inspirational, constantly moving and whatever the weather always looks beautiful. The land has it own enchantment, flower filled meadows, lush trees and woodlands and many sacred places full of beauty.

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