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About Our Shop’s Name: I have been a bohemian all of my life. I have believed in angels all of my life. The combination of these two felt right.

Cats have always been the angels in my life – well…okay, mischievous angels, one could say. Cats are the truest bohemian free spirits of the world. To me, cats ARE bohemian angels. My shop’s name, Bohemian Angel, is a tribute to bohemian free spirits, angels, and cats….



An Acrostic Examination Poem



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  • Female
  • Born on January 25
  • Joined April 18, 2009

Favorite materials

black velvet, black lace, black ribbons, vintage rhinestones, paper, ink, acrylic paint, chandelier crystals, canvas, rusty relics, repurposed materials, fabric scraps, creativity




About Our Shop’s Name: I have been a bohemian all of my life. I have believed in angels all of my life. The combination of these two felt right.

Cats have always been the angels in my life – well…okay, mischievous angels, one could say. Cats are the truest bohemian free spirits of the world. To me, cats ARE bohemian angels. My shop’s name, Bohemian Angel, is a tribute to bohemian free spirits, angels, and cats….



An Acrostic Examination Poem


Christine Bruness

Some Of The Many Things That Make Bohemians Who & What They Are:

Brave; brilliantly splendid; benevolent-hearted; Beat; bizarre; beautifully unique

Original in every way; outlaws & outsiders at times; opinionated yet open minded; odd

Highly creative & resourceful; have a heightened sense of awareness

Expressive; electric; elusive; eccentric; exotic; extraordinary; enchanting; enduring; erratic; exciting; eco-friendly; environmentally aware; eclectic; expatriates; entertaining; engaging; engrossing; enlivening; empathic; ethereal

Magic makers; mysterious & mystical creatures; meditators; mindful; magnificent artists

Independent; intuitive; instinctive; indulgent; intelligent; international travelers; idealistic; irreverent; intoxicating & intoxicated; imaginative

Authentic free spirits; artistic; articulate; amorous; avant-garde; avid readers; appreciate personal freedom & the arts; animal loving; ardent coffee drinkers; aloof when they need to be; adventurous; airy; adrift; audacious; able to live with little money; abstract thinkers

Nonconformists; nature loving; not materialistic; nocturnal

Sensuous; self-reliant; smart; seekers of bliss & truth; scattered; sensitive; strange; spontaneous



An Acrostic Tribute


Christine Bruness

Appear in all shapes and sizes; authentically kind; attendants of God

Nonjudgmental; nice; noninvasive; never seek or want adoration for themselves

Graceful; good-hearted; God’s messengers & helpers; gracious; generous; genuinely benevolent; giving; glowing with light; glorify God; guides; guardians

Empathic; extremely compassionate; ethereal; enlightened & enlightening; enriching; encouraging; eternally & earnestly devoted to serving God

Lovely; loving; lifesavers; luminous; loyal agents of God;
labor to promote peace, healing, joy, positivity, wellness, & goodness

Serene; sweet caregivers; selfless; soothing; sincere; spiritual beings; supportive; strongly faithful to God; sympathetic; servants of God; sacred protectors



Nine Acrostic Stanzas for Nine Long Lives


Christine Bruness

Cunning cats
Adventurous cats
Tough cats
Swift cats

Curious cats
Alert cats
Territorial cats
Sinewy cats

Cuddly cats
Adorable cats
Trouble-making cats
Soft cats

Cute cats
Adept cats
Tender cats
Special cats

Clean cats
Affectionate cats
Touchy cats
Skilled cats

Confrontational cats
Avoider cats
Timid cats
Scaredy cats

Companionable cats
Arresting cats
Temperamental cats
Survivor cats

Courageous cats
Adaptable cats
Testy cats
Sleepy cats

Country cats
Alley cats
Tom cats
Suburban cats


A Bit About Me: My name is Christine Bruness and I am a creative bohemian free spirit who has been creating art in one form or another my entire life. I enjoy working in a variety of artistic mediums and love recycling and repurposing various materials in my art. I live in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, with my beloved husband, Richard, and our cherished cats: Daisy Love, Shadow Rose, Patches Angel, Boss, Alfonsa Angela, Baby Mama Angelina, and Ella Angeline. Strays/visiting cats often stop by and are always welcomed and fed.

My Motto: Nurture and share your unique magic, embrace peace and freedom, cherish your loved ones, respect Mother Earth, and be kind to all beings.

On Creativity: I write and create art because I am strongly compelled to do so by a mysterious force within. It is a magical part of me that I am grateful for. I do not dissect it with analyzation but embrace it with feeling.

Artistic Statement: I create nonlinear art from the heart. I create art that I want to see. When I paint, I feel guided by the movement and energy of cats. I am inspired by nature, emotions, dreams, visions, instincts, and thoughts, and am compelled to combine these elements in my creations.

Why I Love Antique & Vintage Items: I love antique and vintage items because they have stood the test of time. They carry with them the vibrations of the past AND those of the present. I appreciate the character and charm of such items. As a seller of antique and vintage goods, I enjoy being able to connect buyers with interesting and unusual finds.

On Glamour: I believe that being glamorous comes from within. Glamour, like love and creativity, is a mysterious force that radiates from inside of us. It also never needs to involve harming another being. Glamour is an attitude -- a state of mind & being that makes the trials of life just a little bit more bearable.

For my biography, information about my published books, (two of which are for sale right here at in the "Books/Ephemera/Etc." section of our store) list of publishing credits for my writing and artwork, and literary and art awards/honors, please check out: Thank you.


A Bit About Me: My name is Richard Bruness. I am a USPS mail carrier and lifelong photographer. I live in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, with my wife, Christine, our seven cats, and multiple fish. I have experience with fire ground photography, portraits, nature photography, and experimental photography-art.

My photographs have appeared in print and online journals, magazines, newspapers, and on book covers. I have exhibited my work in two-person exhibits and group shows.

My Motto: Be yourself -- and be confident in who and what you are.

Artistic Statement: I want my photographs to reflect my respect and appreciation for life and the authenticity of the people, animals, places, and things that I encounter.

Male, Born on July 30


REGARDING SALES HERE AT The majority of any profits from Bohemian Angel’s sales goes towards our Backyard Wildlife Habitat project. We were saddened, disturbed, and disgusted by the blatant lack of environmental conservation, concern, and respect in our area and decided to do something about it on an extremely personal level. Upon purchasing our home in 2000, we worked to create a small backyard wildlife sanctuary for the dwindling wildlife in our region. While our neighbors continue to cut down trees and pour concrete and asphalt, we plant trees and grow indigenous and noninvasive flora. Our backyard is officially certified by the National Wildlife Federation. (ID Number: 35738.) Using sustainable gardening techniques, we have been able to create a small wildlife sanctuary that provides wildlife with food, water, cover, and places to raise young.

(For more information about starting your own Backyard Wildlife Habitat project, please visit:

We also care for the stray/feral cats near our home. All seven of our cats (and all the cats that we have ever had in our lifetime) are rescued-cats. Some day, we would LOVE to have our own cat sanctuary, if we are ever financially able to do it. We are bohemians and do not have a lot; but . . . we are delighted to put what we do have where we feel it counts the most!






(Please feel free to stop by our sister sites, Chat Noir Studio:; The Rose Rooms:; The Blue Hours:; and, Forever Glamorous: Thank you.)

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Thank you so much for checking out We will leave you with some poems that I wrote (these poems have been published and I have retained all rights to them as the author) that reflect the spirit of our little shop:

“I Am A Free Spirit”

An Affirmation & Meditation For Inner Peace, Strength, & Healing


Christine Bruness

I will heal
And not harm

I will love
And not hate

I will restore
And not demolish

I will help
And not hurt

I will seek to understand
And not judge or dismiss

I will grow
And not stagnate

I will be respectful
And not rude

I will be compassionate
And not cruel

I will have empathy
And not apathy

I will be mindful
And not heedless

I will be strong
And not weak

I will be courageous
And not cowardly

I will dare to dream
And not relinquish hope

I will be open-minded
And not closed shut

I will plant peace
And not strife

I will inspire
And not crush

I will thrive
And not be thwarted

I will live in the moment
And not dwell in the past or on the future

I will cherish my loved ones, animals, and Mother Earth
And never take any of them for granted

I will embrace my uniqueness
And never be generic

I will make magic
And not malignancy

I will create
And not destroy

I will be free
And never confined

I am a free spirit
Who is grateful
For my life and freedom . . . today.




Christine Bruness

Cement & stone
Gracing the graves
Of those in
Perpetual rest
Gently offering comfort
And serenity
To all who
Are willing
To receive…
How the world
Must have changed
Since you first
Took your watch!
How much must still
Seem the same
As you sit
On your perch
For protection
Of the departed’s
Buried remains
In this tranquil haven
Of eternal peace.

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