Clare Loveday's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

A Printmaker's Revival

This Team is for anyone enthusiastic about the art of printmaking. It is an ancient and very unique canal of the art world.

Coffee with Poppy and Petunia

A place to meet new friends, share your items and connect.

Glasgow Etsy Team

A chance to meet other sellers from Scotland and showcase your work, ask advice or just chat about crafting and selling in Glasgow.

Going Full-Time in One Year!

This team is for all shop owners who want to go full-time by in 12 months or less!

How does she do it

Come on ladies lets show off that we can do everything !! Craft business, work and most importantly Family.

Pin it up! Pinterest Group

Get more pins on Pinterest and increase sales!


For all types of printmakers, a team to get to know each other, share tips and advice about printing and selling on etsy.




Supporting British Handmade is here to help designers & crafters find advice, help & friendship