ClearVintage's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Christian Vintage Sellers & Buyers

This team's arms are opened wide for all vintage lovers. Find a place to make to friends, inspire and be inspired.

ETSY Lovers Vintage Only

Collectors of eclectic, unique, antique and vintage stuff!

Finders Keepers Vintage Collective

A team for those wanting to share their knowledge and love of all things vintage. A collective of collectors.

Growing your Business

This team is dedicated to helping our members grow their businesses.

Lets go vintage

People who love vintage a appreciate it.

The Etsy Vintage Wish List

Helping to connect vintage lovers with their "wish list" treasure.

The Vintage Village

The Vintage Village... Where Vintage Never Gets Old...

Vintage Addiction

For the Love of all things vintage.........

Vintage and retro items.

This group is just another vintage group for all of us Newbies to Etsy who love vintage and retro items.I am A new shop seller from England.

Vintage Divas

A team for all those who eat, sleep, and breathe Vintage!