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A.T.E.A.M - All Together Everyone Achieves More

Fun, friendly team which supports one another through BNR, BNS, chatting, promotional games and genuinely caring for one another.

Amazing Etsians

This team is dedicated to sharing small business advice in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Dedicated to the handmade artisans.


We take pride in our work and helping others.

Progressive Den Team

PROGRESSIVE - Moving forward one step at a time. DEN - A cozy room where we can all hang out.

Sales Tips & Tricks

An Etsy team for sharing the best working tips and tricks for getting sales for your shop

Share the Love Team

A group of great people who love to help one another!

Simply Keep It Real Team

The best support you could ever offer is to just simply keep it real.--Jasmina Siderovski

The Best of Etsy Team - the BEST-Os

❤❤❤❤ We are the BEST-Os of ETSY ❤❤❤

WindyCity BNS Team

Two girls who share the same hometown and a passion for creating things.