Jenni B's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


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The Homespun Society is a group of like minded individuals focused on the success of small home built business.


Jenetsy - Where Everybody Shares Your Name! Show Your Jen Spirit!

Pirates Of Etsy

Join Us If Ye Dare, on a Treasury Huntin' Adventure! Beware, Pirates! Proper English may not apply...


Questions is a place to get answers from the community.

Shiny Happy People

Shiny Happy People holding hands...


This is a group of independent shops working together to get exposure, who do not have time to participate in a more formal team.

The Crazy Advertisers Team

Welcome to The Crazy Advertisers Team!! Advertising is the key to being noticed and an increase in sales! Join now and...

Vintage Lovers

A vintage resource team ("vintage", NOT "handmade")

We Love Vintage! Do You? Promotion & Chat Team

Welcome buyers and sellers! Our common bond? Our love of vintage! A friendly group that posts practically 24/7. Come on in!