Angela's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Devotion to Promotion!

Looking to promote your shop or items? I'm looking to create a tightly knit online community of support! ANYBODY CAN JOIN!


Promote your giveaways here! GIveaways only! Post an ad looking for vendors here.


For those of you that like to blog and host them and for those of you that want to be featured and have your items in a giveaway

Giveaways, Blogs, and sponsors everything

Have giveaway, blog or want sponsors??? Join

Knitting Supplies

Have supplies in your store that will support knitters? Join the team so we can stay connected!

MSN Living featured Etsy shops!

A team built for those featured in the MSN Living link.

Relevancy and SEO - Beginner and Advanced

Google SEO and Etsy Relevancy for Everyone: Newbies and Experienced Shop Owners

Seller Opportunity Tools

Find new opportunities in Etsy's marketplace.

Something for baby

If you make or create stuff for babies or toddlers.