Stephanie's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Afternoon Tea, Chat and Treasuries Team

Chat, promotion and advice while enjoying Afternoon Tea...

Be Unique

This team is for people who want to stand out from the crowd.

Creating with Color

An Etsy team for those who are creating with color & their items and photography show it!

Daily Etsy Sales

A team for Etsy sellers who are aiming for those daily sales!

Do Another Thing

DAT (Do Another Thing) Supports Grassroots Authors, Artists, and Artisans from across the United States.


Share and promote your items .. also share and promote others to have viral promotion

Get Your Etsy Shop in Motion!

This team is devoted to getting your Etsy shop in motion! Promote your shop and build your Etsy network by connecting with fellow Etsians!

Handmade Promotion

A group made to help shops sell! We will accomplish this by adding viewing each others shops and adding items and shops to our favourites.

Leaders of Handmade

A team for anyone interested in handmade


This is a Team Focused on Promoting Each Other