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Hello Everyone! I hope you are all as excited as I am to have the wonderful Etsy as a venue to buy and sell our handmade goods!

My path is to empower women towards shining your creativity and self-love. I have written two channeled books (available in my etsy store) that speak to using Nature and our own intuitive voice to become the Priestess of our own Path. They are called CROWNED; BECOMING THE WOMAN OF MY DREAMS, THE MISSING THINGS WERE GODDESS WINGS. And CALL HER IN.

I also offer Reiki Healing and Intuitive Session/follow-up SoulSpeak Talks via phone or email. If you are interested, email me for more info at: ssharp6 [!at]

or go to my Dream A Little Reiki webpage to learn more about Reiki and also my spiritual journey and abilities:…

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  • Born on April 8
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poetry, words, watercolor and acrylic paint, feathers, beads, clay, old furniture, papers, ribbon, brooches, crystals, glitter, fabric


Gypsy Goddess Energy Art, Books, Jewelry,...


Hello Everyone! I hope you are all as excited as I am to have the wonderful Etsy as a venue to buy and sell our handmade goods!

My path is to empower women towards shining your creativity and self-love. I have written two channeled books (available in my etsy store) that speak to using Nature and our own intuitive voice to become the Priestess of our own Path. They are called CROWNED; BECOMING THE WOMAN OF MY DREAMS, THE MISSING THINGS WERE GODDESS WINGS. And CALL HER IN.

I also offer Reiki Healing and Intuitive Session/follow-up SoulSpeak Talks via phone or email. If you are interested, email me for more info at: ssharp6 [!at]

or go to my Dream A Little Reiki webpage to learn more about Reiki and also my spiritual journey and abilities:

The artwork I offer as prints, originals, and candle art, is all channeled from the Divine Feminine energy, or the Mother Goddess towards our healing and rising as women on this planet.

All of my art is created with great respect and love of women. I shine out my adoration of all things Goddess, Gypsy, Free Spirit, Nature wisdom, into all I do.
I believe women are great healers for this time, and I do my part to remind them of it.

I am a firm believer that art heals. Literature opens the mind. Poetry is magic. And all old things deserve attention to bring out their full character. Beautiful things are the joy in life. And joy is the flagstone beneath our next step forward.

Much gratitude for visiting my online boutique, and I hope my poetry and creations bring you a little spark toward your own inner wisdom, self love and creativity today!

Goddess Blessings,
Sherry )O(


We had to interview Sherry because as we explored her work, it showed us quite a bit about who she is, but we wanted, needed to know more. This Creative, Artist, Dreamer, and Manifestor is so much more than even all of our words can express, but thankfully, Sherry does a helluva job expressing herself, about her Self. The more we got to know her, we wanted to share her thoughts, opinions, ideas, and wisdom, with all of you.

So here she is, goddess, Stevie Nicks lover, Creatrix, author, poet, and family woman,…Sherry Sharp, the Moon Poetess!

1. Sherry, if you could use one word, just for today, that speaks of who you are when no one is watching, what would it be? Resilient.

2. For us and our readers, do you have a label for your artwork and other forms of expression? How would you explain your art style for someone who has never seen your work?

I’ve come to see that my work is Intuitive. I serve the Goddess with my artwork and my books for women. I see myself as a Healer, an Art Healer. Though I may have visions of what I want to create, She will always come through and put her spin on it. My books were never meant to be books, in my mind. I was in a grieving part of my life, over bad choices I had made, that did not reflect any self-love or self-respect on my part, and I was hurting over choices others made that I didn’t understand. I was grieving over the loss of my dear uncle who died of a drug overdose. I sat at his bedside, while he was taken off life support. I have also lost both of my brothers young. I’m no stranger to loss. One day, I came across a page on Facebook that spoke of the Divine Feminine and it intrigued me. What did that mean? I was raised Catholic and though never felt that I resonated with the message of the church, I did whole heartedly believe in God, a Great Creator, that I knew loved me, and I felt there was something missing in the church’s reiteration of Jesus’s message. I felt Jesus was really telling us that we are Creators. That was the primary message. “These things I have done, you shall do , and greater” (to paraphrase) I just didn’t know what the truth of that looked like in my mind’s eye for me. I was so lost, but I wanted to be found. So when I discovered that I could choose to feel my Higher Power as a feminine entity, I was enthralled. I dove right in. I read so many books, and started talking to other women that could help me expand this idea. But I also spoke to HER. There was something inside me that was not intimidated by that idea at all. The time was right. I was ripe and ready and it was do or die time. I knew I had to ask. I had to believe I had a communion that was on equal playing ground. That I was seen as good and deserving. I titled my second book, CALL HER IN, because that is what I did, and I understood the Power of that. She came right in. She also said, I’ll be your lap, but I will also be your whip. She held me, and she prodded me both. I’ve had many spiritual experiences; too many to name here, but let me say, I heard her voice. I felt Her in my body. We merged. It was not a worship service with the Goddess on a pedestal; it was me and Her doing the work each day. Hard, soul work, in the cave of me. Really searching the whys of me and how I have acted and reacted all my life. I saw myself like I never did. I understood how little I loved myself all my life. I began to focus on a deep self- love process.

3.Who were you as a little girl? Did you always know that you were an artist and writer or did this gift develop later on in life?

I have always loved art and poetry and spirituality. I love the freedom of all of them. The healing power. I did draw since I was young, ten. I wrote poetry in my teens. I was always an old poet soul. I was that teen that read books on reincarnation and tried to engage all my friends in deep conversations on life. I was an art major in high school. But, I also loved people, and human behavior, so I got a degree in Psychology. I so see now, that every path, led me to my current path. That path is to empower women and remind them of their beauty and light. I love the intersection of the divine and the human, and the immense calling we are all on. I always knew I was an artist and a writer. I just didn’t have a specific focus until The Goddess opened me up. I now have an etsy shop, . This is where all my Gypsy Goddess art, décor, and jewelry, altar art and candles, and my books are for purchase. When someone orders a book from my etsy shop (it is on amazon too) I mail them out verses amazon. I like this better, here’s why… I can add a healing personal message to the recipient. I’ve come to understand that as I sit with the book, the Goddess will lead me to meditate on the person, and if I open the book to a guided page (kinda like Tarot readings) that page in the book will tell me what the recipient needs to hear at that time. I then just know what to write to them as a healing divination. I put the pen to the inner book cover, and the Goddess writes for me, what they need to hear. It’s so beautiful, it gives me shivers.

4. Call Her In, is one of your beautiful books. What made you want to write that book? Did it just flow organically or was there a very specific intention for this book.

At one point, She asked me to start an online woman’s empowerment page. I said, what do I put on it? She said just start it, you will know. Start with putting some of your poems. So I did, feeling really weird. Who was I to create this, what would I say on it. What started to happen was this flow of answers and words from Her. It wasn’t like I asked her questions specifically, each day something would prompt me. An image. Something I read. I would just know to write about it. I wrote and wrote and wrote, and posted it for other women. I was healing myself, but the sharing, was in turn helping other women . That is how it works at its best. I never really looked back. The writing was coming too fast. I was completely focused on Her and Her opening in my life, and I feel that this proves that what we focus on we create, we welcome in . One day, She said, and now you have a book my child. I was like oh no! haha. When I looked back at the immense amount of writing I had done in a couple years, enough for two books, I saw what Her plan was all along. I also often looked at it and thought, who wrote this. I wrote this? Because honestly, I’m human and still learning each day what a struggle that can be. I wasn’t always applying what I was writing, you see. But The Goddess gives us sacred space to allow that too. Each day is a birthday toward what gains we make. Anyway, I realized the material was channeled through me. All art is, though, so I don’t say that in a spiritually la-tee da voice, like I’m so above it all. I’m a student. A perennial beginner. A devout believer. But let me say, that I trust. I have deep, deep , wells deep trust in my Source Energy. And, I took the promise, a be a priestess, who serves Her toward rising up in any other woman I can find to do that for.

5. You say that art has been your saving grace. Those are your words. Could you say more about that?

Art allows me to express, heal, clarify, purge, beautify, communicate, remind, remember and heal. We are creative beings, and when we shut that down, we start to die.
One of the things that I am most proud of is the volunteer service I do each week for the last three years at a local woman’s shelter for homeless, abused, and ex addict women. I created, with the help of Goddess, an art/poetry circle there. Each week I ask Her for ideas, and I wake up with them. When my uncle was missing, and our family couldn’t reach him, our drug intervention we provided for him failed, and then he went missing for years. I was distraught and more scared then I have ever been in my whole life. I knew he could die. One late night, I was outside praying, and at that time, drinking a lot almost every night, to escape my nighttime fears. Because at night, the fear reached epic proportions. Everyone was in bed. I was up and paralyzed. I was outside one night and a black cat came out of nowhere, and jumped up on this half wall in my yard, where I was sitting, very intoxicated, and holding a photo of him, weeping what felt like blood tears. I didn’t want to believe it, but I knew that night that we were going to eventually lose him. So , I said, Goddess, I’m destroying myself and my life over this. What do I do? I will do what you say. I wanted to help someone that wanted help, that wanted to live. If I couldn’t help him, I would help someone. What eventually happened was a little dragonfly came to me one day on my porch. On a better day, when I was ready. It sat by me on my swing, for the longest time, and I knew it had something it wanted to tell me. I don’t mean to sound loony, but I asked it, what did you come to say. I heard a voice, deep inside me, say, go to the woman’s shelter. I said, no, what would I do there. I was terrified. I thought these are women with serious life crisis, why would they care about poems and art. But the dragonfly, said, “You were born to do this”. I got up, I went in the house, I called a local shelter, they said, yes we need someone just like you! It has been a pure gift. I will go the rest of my life, in my precious uncle’s memory, and for my love of art and poetry and my deep belief that women are the most powerful vessel on this earth, when we own our power and share our gifts. And the women love it. They are so open and vulnerable and communicative, because they want to see the magic of life again. They want to be creative Creatoresses.

6. For our readers as well as for us=- what exactly do you mean when you say you have a “Gypsy Soul”?

My grandmother used to say that gypsies were bad. She would yell at us, stop acting like a gypsy if we were misbehaving. Haha. I always knew gypsies and witches were sacred. I felt it. I knew it meant some kind of freedom for me. But, as I delved into the Divine Feminine movement and words, I understood it finally. I am my savior. I am the number one source in my life. All else that I can give flows from my freedom to understand that I chose to be the wise women, the wild expressive woman, the intuition I need, the teacher for myself, the self-healer, the connector to my angels, my guides, my passed over loved ones, my God/dess energy. To be a Gypsy is to have the freedom to choose how I see life, to choose to see the beauty and magic that is always there, and clearly more powerful than fear and any form of fear and hate. Magic is just another word for creating our own reality. I create the magic in my life. I see that no matter what is going on outside of me, my soul, my eternal inside of me, is my guide and my buoy, my Protectress. We are here to gypsy on. We are completely resilient powerful creators. A gypsy keeps moving forward. A gypsy is nomad, not defined by any stage of her life, learning from all of it. A gypsy does not judge life, she lives all of it. I write much more in both of my books about what it means to be a gypsy and a witch and a priestess and a healer. This is our birthright as women. Forgot the connotations. If it feels right to you. It’s right. Explore it. That is what gypsies do, they explore.

7. Do you wake up with new ideas every day? What inspires you?

I do. I have more ideas that I have human time to create. I love that. I used to feel burdened by not having the time. Then I saw how the journeys, the ideas, are also a blessed part of the path. We are so about results and endings in this world. It’s a waste of energy. Let’s just enjoy the day. If I imagine it, it already exists, I feel. It’s a gift that all this energy soars though me. And some days, I have the idea, but my body just wants to lay on the couch and read a book. So I do. I know if it is meant to be a hard core tangible, it will come in due time. It’s more important to me that I talk to one woman a day that I can serve to bring her back to herself somehow. What inspires me? I love nature, nature is the ultimate healer. It is so giving, so open, so renewing, so creative, so vibrant in every season. I aspire to be Nature. I am Nature. For I am part of this great ecosystem of plants, animals, humans, elements, weather. We are all on this planet…Together. We can heal and rebirth each other, if we so chose it. When I’m in nature, I feel the heartbeat of it, the breath, in every little dewdrop, and vein of a leaf. This past year I’ve spent so much time hiking, running trails, walking, praying , kissing trees, (yes I’ve moved on from hugging them, I now kiss them) listening to the wind, watching clouds. I’m engrossed in Nature. I do believe it is part of my healing process and knowing more of Goddess and how she shows up in this world. Much of my poems, prayers, prose, rituals, affirmations, chants, and journal exercises in my books are about Mother Nature, and how She truly is meant to teach and heal us. I am also inspired by other women that are strong and out there doing the work each day to lift women up. SO many ways to heal. What is your way, I say? Service is the answer. People who serve with no agenda, and sometimes no payment even, are the real heroes of this world. Presence with another, and compassion and service, is why we are here.

8. What are you looking forward to in the future? Your work? Relationships? Your creative process? What tickles your soul when you think about the future?

REIKI is my new journey, It has beautifully shifted and transformed me and the clients I work with toward our healing paths. I'm very good at sending energy at a distance, so that we are both comfortable in our own homes and tuning into the Divine energy. I had clients as far as New Zealand who felt the immense energies. I’ve learned recently that I’m also capable of going to people in their dream state and offer them healing energies from the Goddess to open them to their own innate healing powers. I’m also being told, by my Goddess voice, that I need to think about leading some retreats for women. It will be Creative Healing retreats with art/poetry/ nature walks and rituals, reiki/ fire circles/ self-love exercises. I’m still formulating this in my soul. I’ll know when it’s right.

I feel a third book coming, that will be more biographical about my journey at the Woman’s Shelter, what those women taught me about life, how they showed me the oneness of life and how we all just want to beloved, seen, heard, and feel we have a worthy contribution. It’s very simple. And we are all the same on a soul level with these goals. This book will include my story as well, my spiritual journey to Goddess realization, and my dialogues with Her, and my dialogues with Nature.

What tickles my soul is this. Reminding women that they are their own church, their own guru and master, their own healer, their own alchemist for change, their own bible, temple, doctrine. All these tools and messengers over time, rituals, teachers, are here to remind us of that too. We should not get lost in believing anyone or thing outside of us knows more than we do about our awakening. I want women to know that a universe lives in them, and their life story matters. That really exploring their story and sharing it will not only save their life, it will save the life of another woman. I also want to teach women to experience life. We don’t learn by watching or reading, we learn by experiencing. That is exactly what Source Energy is doing through us. Experiencing life as a living concept. It’s all so beautiful.

Sherry Sharp

Women can find me on Instagram as moonpoetess, and on Facebook as Goddess Girl Rising page.

My etsy shop is

Sherry, Andie and I read your interview over coffee for two mornings! It was like receiving some goddess wisdom we didn’t know existed. Your words are powerful and radical, shifting and we so appreciate what you do for us and all the women in which you come in contact,

Much love and thanks,
Andie and Kim
The I Wonder Sisters

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