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Hello Everyone!

Thanks for shopping with me! My name is Christine & I am the owner, creator, & chief formulator (chemist) of EARTH ANGEL MINERALS BOTANICAL COSMETICS & SKIN CARE. Here are my policies & a bio will follow. I also have my foundation color list available towards the bottom, then some customer comments. Please take a few moments to read my policies & procedures so you will feel comfortable in your purchase from EARTH ANGEL MINERALS. We are GLUTEN FREE!

SAFE Colors & other ingredient info:

I DO NOT use any colors that are not SAFE for the Lips, Eyes, or Face. I NEVER use any cosmetic chemicals, gluten, bismuth oxychloride, talc, parabens, cornstarch, petro-chemicals, mercury, phthalates, FD&C or Lake Dyes, mineral oil, synthetic…

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Hello Everyone!

Thanks for shopping with me! My name is Christine & I am the owner, creator, & chief formulator (chemist) of EARTH ANGEL MINERALS BOTANICAL COSMETICS & SKIN CARE. Here are my policies & a bio will follow. I also have my foundation color list available towards the bottom, then some customer comments. Please take a few moments to read my policies & procedures so you will feel comfortable in your purchase from EARTH ANGEL MINERALS. We are GLUTEN FREE!

SAFE Colors & other ingredient info:

I DO NOT use any colors that are not SAFE for the Lips, Eyes, or Face. I NEVER use any cosmetic chemicals, gluten, bismuth oxychloride, talc, parabens, cornstarch, petro-chemicals, mercury, phthalates, FD&C or Lake Dyes, mineral oil, synthetic preservatives, or carmine.


I am in the process of updating my item lists, however, here is a list of botanicals I use in many formulations. If you need exact on a product, please email me & I will be happy to tell you exactly what is inside for you!

Chamomile Flower Extract (Matricaria recutita)
Cucumber Extract (Cucumis sativus)
Green Tea Extract (Camellia sinensis)
Licorice Extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra )
Vitamin E
On request I will add:
Lavender Flower Extract (Lavandula officinalis)
Honeysuckle Flower Extract (Lonicera japonica)
White Willow Bark (Salix alba L) for acne problems

FDA Labeling Practices, Health & Safety, & Copyrights:

I take all of my own photos using a very unique color background. I created my logo & I print the logo labels myself. I create all of my ingredient labels myself & adhere to all FDA Regulations on labeling practices. (Click here to see an example of my labels on jars) Ingredients need to be placed in the order of usage in the formulation & contact information has to be on the label. All photos, logos & labels have been copyrighted as well as all my formulations.

I am absolutely the only person allowed to formulate & dispense my colors; & I do this under extreme sterile conditions. Before I even place my sterile field out, I clean my workspace with an anti-bacterial cleaner, then after that, I use my steam cleaner to make sure the space is 100% STERILIZED. I use a sterile field & sterile non-latex gloves, lab apparel & masks. All of my utensils, blender cups, blades, scoops, jars, sifters, lids, etc are all sterilized using my own autoclave & wrapped in sterile towels & stored in a sterile drawer until they are ready to be used. I am a retired nurse that worked in ICU/CCU for 14 years & assisted many cardiac surgeons with surgical procedures, so I am well versed in sterile technique. I am a stickler for sterility as I take my business very seriously.

After dispensing my cosmetics or skin care in their jars/bottles/tubes, they are labeled with logo labels & ingredient labels; then properly sealed. Loose Minerals not only have a sifter seal, but a shrink wrap as well. I always wait to label my products immediately after dispensing because my labels cannot be in the sterile field. They are then stored in bins until shipping.

Is it really Organic??

I am dedicated to formulating the very best cosmetic & skin care products. I not only use the very best pharmaceutical grade mineral ingredients mined from the earth, but I have decided to infuse my formulations with various botanical extracts & exotic butters & oils that are full of anti-oxidants & vitamins that are good for your skin. The skin is actually the largest organ of the body & it drinks in anything you place on it. I have done extensive research to find the best botanicals that are the best to use for various areas of the face & body. I use certified organic ingredients when possible. Some of the botanicals are grown in my own garden using only organic ingredients to combat pests & organic nutrients for plant growth. Minerals extracted from the earth are considered inorganic, while minerals extracted from plants are considered organic.

I thought I would take a few minutes to write to you about why I started my company:

I am a cancer survivor & am very lucky they caught this early in Stage 1. After I got over the initial shock of it all, & back on my feet, I decided to figure out, using my nursing background, why I had cancer attack my body & started to do more extensive research. I had also decided to go back to school to become a Doctor of Pharmacy, so I was getting my pre-reqs for my Chemistry degree. I was taking Physiology & had one of the best instructors. He taught me about cell regeneration, what causes cell death, mutations, etc. I began to realize that maybe what had caused my cancer was environmental. This got me to think about what I was actually placing on my body & what chemicals I had exposed myself to.

I was in search of organic natural products to use for my cosmetics & body care. I read tons of books & searched for products in health food stores. I kept watching an infomercial on the largest mineral makeup company & also saw them on the Q channel, they kept saying how wonderful this was for the skin & it was so great that you can sleep in it! Well, I decided to try it. Within 10 minutes of buffing all the makeup on my face & eyes, I started to have a terrible reaction. My face started to get really warm to the touch, very itchy, & it was soon intolerable. My eyes were starting to itch & water & swell so that was it! I had to wash it off fast! I asked my mother if she had any problems as she ordered the same makeup & she only experienced a little itching, nothing she couldn’t live with. I decided to try it again about a week later (after my skin calmed down), & this time without the skin prep they sent in the kit thinking maybe it was that product causing all the problems. I had the same reaction. I was stunned as I thought this was so pure & good for my skin, after all, it was made from all natural ingredients from the earth.

I decided to talk to my Chem Professor & he got me in touch with the Organic Chem Professor. She had an extensive Cosmetic Chemistry background & she had all the books I could ever want to look at. She suggested I get samples of all the different ingredients listed on the labels of the makeup, & do research on each one as well as patch testing to find out what was causing the reactions I had. I basically did an extensive research paper on my findings. I learned that a lot of subjects, including myself, had reactions to Bismuth Oxychloride. I found that 35% had some sort of reaction. My Professor actually put the bug in my ear that I should make my own cosmetics; I thought about it & decided to go for it!

I wanted to make sure that all my ingredients that I would use were really good for my skin, & wanted to use the best of the best ingredients; after all, not all natural ingredients are created equal! I started doing research on where to purchase my ingredients & my search has taken me all over the USA as well as the South of France, the Rain Forest, The Mediterranean, Italy, Morocco & Japan. I bought samples from all sorts of companies, & have a rejection list a mile long of companies I refuse to purchase from due to the poor quality of ingredients. I am extremely particular about what I use in my formulations. I test everything on my own skin before I offer it to you & if I can’t wear something, you as my customers will not wear it either!

Once I decided what ingredients I would use, I started to actually create my colors. I started with my foundations & veils. I have a base that I use for all of my foundations; it is a mix of several ingredients & colorants, either using iron oxides or organic colorants or both. I have worked countless hours mixing & creating to get my formulations just perfect! I have them all recorded & have copyrighted them for my protection. This is an ongoing process, as I am always playing in my lab to create new colors. I have about 200 eye & cheek colors created, some are put back in my lab waiting to be named & photographed & labels need to be created once I name them. I have been working on creating eye color pencils using jojoba oil & a mascara that I can actually wear. I have very sensitive eyes & have not been able to wear mascara for years, so I have been testing this formula & have many trials that I was not happy with. I think I have finally created the perfect formula, so after I finish testing it on myself I will be offering it to you. I am also working on my skin care formulations & will launch these in the coming weeks. Thanks for taking the time to read a little about my company. I am available for questions, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

JUST ADDED 3-31-11:

In light of the recent controversy concerning some mineral makeup companies on etsy or other internet outlets, I would like to add that I DO NOT repackage any of my cosmetics. I do not buy pre-made makeup & put my labels on the jars. I have always stressed to all of my customers that it is important to make sure you purchase from a reputable seller who cares about what ingredients are used in that particular sellers formulations, & the sterile practices they use. It is so important to only use the very best of ingredients in any makeup or skin care item. I always use colorants that are 100% SAFE for lips, eyes & face. Here is something you can always count on....If I Don't Wear it, You WON'T WEAR IT EITHER!!!!


ALABASTER - Almost White Porcelain (China Doll) Complexion

**BRAND NEW COLOR - Just Formulated** DREAMY CREAMY - Porcelain Complexion with Neutral Undertones

WHITE SANDS - Fair Porcelain to Pale Fair complexion with golden undertones

OYSTER SHELL - Pale fair to fair complexion with neutral undertones

SAND DOLLAR - Pale fair to fair complexion with golden (yellow) undertones

COOL or WARM BISQUE - Medium Fair complexion with Neutral undertones (Cool Bisque) & Golden Undertones (Warm Bisque)

SANDY BEACH LIGHT - Fair to Light complexion with Golden undertones

SANDY BEACH - Light complexion with Golden undertones

ALMOND BISCOTTI - Medium Light with Golden undertones

**BRAND NEW COLOR - Just Formulated** COOL BEIGE - Light to Medium Light Beige complexion with Neutral Undertones

SUMMER BEIGE - Light to Medium Light Beige complexion with Golden undertones

TAHITIAN BEIGE - Medium Beige complexion with Golden undertones

COCOA BEACH - Medium complexion with Neutral undertones

PALM BEACH - PALE TAN - Medium just barely Tan with Neutral Undertones (Perfect for a light or porcelain skin-tone that wants a tan look)

MAUI BEACH - BARE TAN - Medium to just barely Tan with Golden Undertones

KALUA KONA - LIGHT TAN - Medium skin-tone to Light Tan with Pink & Golden Undertones

HAWAIIAN TAN - Medium Golden complexion with Golden undertones

HAVANA SUMMER - Medium to Darker Medium Golden complexion with Golden undertones

TRUE TAN - Golden tan complexion with Neutral undertones

WARM EXOTIC - Classic Brown-Skinned Women with Medium Dark complexion with Golden Red Brown undertones

DARK EXOTIC - Rich Brown ~ Dark complexion with Deep Brown undertones


I'm very impressed with the stays on SO well and doesn't cause my daughter any irritation...she couldn't wear the BE...and the butter cream multi task mineral is wonderful ... hardly need any to cover up my purple under-eye circles!! I need much less EARTH ANGELS than BE and it covers better...and lasts longer...I never even wash it off until the next seems to protect my skin! I don't have any issues with your makeup at all...the BE eye shadows sometimes make my eyes itch later in the day, but yours don't.

PS: I just have to say...people say my skin looks awesome!!! Dewey is what my son's future mother-in-law called it...I told her it was the makeup....I look pretty bad without makeup anyway, but yours is SO good!! It even makes someone in Stage IV look good!! Diane from New York

I have cancer & am going through chemo so I have just terrible looking skin. I decided to try your makeup line because I had a friend who loves it. She came over to do a make over for me. I have to just tell you how happy this made me. I have not looked this great in a long while! Cheryl put her foundation on me & I couldn't beleive how well it covered my blotchy skin. I am totally in love with the Rose Gold Blush, oh my goodness, it is gorgeous! And your eye colors, we used the Love To Tan & Light Camel on my eyes! What pretty colors! The very best part of this is that when my husband came home he couldn't beleive how beautiful I looked! He told me I had a glow about me instead of dusky looking skin. I just began to cry because I didn't realize that I could still look good while going through all of this chemo! I am so happy I found your makeup, I am placing my order right now! Thank you so much for making this wonderful makeup! I am getting some for my daughter too! Kathleen from Alabama


About two weeks ago, I decided to try your foundation. I bought samples of Sandy Beach Light and Cool Bisque, and you graciously sent me samples of several other shades - Tahitian Beige, Cocoa, regular Sandy Beach, and some others. I was putting on my foundation this morning, and was again pleased at the coverage and clean application, when I realized - I haven't actually told *you* this yet.
I decided to try your foundation because I'd had a previous good transaction with you, because BE's foundation was making my skin itch...and because you have a good range of foundation colors, and offered sample sizes as well as the smaller jars. I'm so very glad I did tried your foundation! The color matches better with my skintone (BE's Fair was a bit too orange-y, Medium was a bit too dark), the coverage is better, less of the product falls off my brush and onto my shirt...or drifts around the room; and my skin isn't even the slightest bit itchy or irritated. The foundation looks very smooth on my face, not at all powdery or cake-y. I use the swirl-tap-buff application method because I prefer to apply my makeup lightly, and buffing lets me apply in layers (so I can keep it lighter), and even applying it very lightly, the slight uneven coloration on my face is nicely smoothed out without my first applying spot cover-up. My foundation truly is the "foundation"! Plus the largest jar you have available gives more product than BE , and costs a bit less. It's a win-win situation - more product, better coverage, better color match, no irritation!
I am very glad I decided to try your foundations, and you've got a very happy customer. I'm very, very happy with Sandy Beach Light and Tahitian Beige!!
Lesli from Seattle


HI, my name is Tracy & I just received the 21pc Total Face kit I ordered & was so excited to see & try everything! I really have to say good job on your Earth Angel Minerals label! Wow, very nice & high end looking! Now to the makeup! I washed my face and moisturized just like the instructions suggested! I was so excited to try this new makeup and I have to tell you again…WOW! I LOVE this stuff! Great Job on your formula! Talk about easy coverage, I have some acne scars that I have a real problem trying to cover up. In the past I have had to use such a heavy feeling concealer and by the end of the day I just have to wash it off when I get home from work, so I was really hoping your makeup would work better for me & it really does! I concentrated some of the Cool Bisque Foundation like you suggested as a concealer on the hard to cover spots, and blended it out around the edges like you said to, then followed with the Cocoa Beach Foundation. I was so impressed with how easy it was to apply & it really feels so light on my face! And that Miracle Skin Prep! I loved how it smoo thed out my large pores! I really love the blush & eye colors you sent & I am going to order more colors! Thank you for making the perfect mineral makeup. I tried your brand because I saw the research you did on the bismuth & was really impressed with your information. Good luck & please share my comments with your other customers! You have a customer for life! I will tell my friends & family!


Your Mermaid Eye Color Collection is HOT! These are such rich looking greens, I am sure everyone that tries these colors are going to be as happy with them as I am! I love them so much, I am placing another order for different colors! Please email me to tell me which color blush you would suggest me to use with the greens! I am a Medium Beige complexion. Patty from Texas


Hello Earth Angel Minerals Angel! I ordered your mini foundation sample kit in Sandy Beach Light and the Lightly Tinted Angel Veil and wanted to say I love these minerals! I just placed a full size order because I am almost out of the samples and don‘t want to use any other makeup. I have sensitive skin & my dermatologist suggested I try mineral makeup. All the other brands are so expensive that he suggested, and my cousin tried your makeup and told me to try it too. I love it so much I told my doctor about you & he wants your phone number! I gave him your contact information & he will be calling you! The coverage is wonderful, and it doesn’t itch or make my face turn red. I can’t wait for my large jars to arrive! Maggie from California


Very pretty colours and long lasting, especially in the heat down under! thank you Katie from Australia


I am sold on your brand of mineral makeup! The foundation covers so perfectly & it goes on so soft & smooth! I love the lightly tinted angel veil, it’s the best! I LOVE the Deep Purple Eye Collection! I will tell all of my friends today about Earth Angel Minerals! You have a new customer for life! Thanks for your research in making such a great product! Sandra from Minnesota


All content on this page & my store profile pages, including pictures, educational & descriptive product text, formulas, etc are owned by Earth Angel Minerals © COPYRIGHT 2008, 2009, 2010, & 2011 & may not be copied or published without written consent. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Earth Angel Minerals™ is a Pending REGISTERED TRADEMARK. Some of my items are marked with a (tm). I ask that you PLEASE ask permission before using any (tm) name, text or formula listed on, or any other site I have listed products on. Thanks for your cooperation.

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