ESW Tribe's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Promotion and Advertising

Here you can promote everything! your shop, your new items, your sales, your facebook, pintrest ect.

Etsy Talent Management

TALENT PROMOTION COMMUNITY, which will HELP YOU make the most of your talents and abilities to get more Views, Likes and Sales in Etsy !!!

Etsy Ugly Cute

A Team Full Of Whimsical, Sweet & Sour, Glittery, Geeky, Ugly Cute, Oddball, and Unique Art!

fine art outreach

Online Art Gallery for discerning Art Collectors


A Promotion Team for Everyone

Handicraft World

Handicraft World Team is a group of artists and crafters from all over the world. Shops with original vintage are welcome too!

Happy Etsians

Happy Etsians help each other boost their sales :)


Learn, grow and sell with this team! Looking for place where your voice can be heard...then 'Hej' Team is right place for you!

Hot Marketing Tips

The Best Marketing Tips, Hot Trends & Latest Opportunities for Your Etsy Shop from Gail Oliver of Attention Getting Marketing