Stef and Mark's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Calculated Shipping Prototype

Calculated Shipping Prototype Team

Captains' Quarters

We'd like all the team captains to join us here.

Quick Wins

This is a prototype team help us quickly test and roll-out small feature enhancements.

San Diego Etsy Society

A team for etsians who want to network online and in person at our meet ups!

SASsy Critiques

Experienced etsy sellers from the Sellers Assisting Sellers Mentoring Team (TeamSASsy) will help you here with Shop Critiques questions.


San Diego Crafters Association: Etsy sellers in the San Diego California USA region (and within a 60 mile radius)

Shipping Management Improvements

A team for sellers to test new shipping features and tools on Etsy!

Shop Photos Prototype

Shop Photos is a new social sharing feature of the Sell on Etsy App