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I create organic perfumes with stories to remind us of our own essential nature and the connection with mother earth. These fragrances are mindfully crafted from the vitality of nature using whole essences from the plant world.

Where to find information about me and the work I do:


ETSY features:
I had a space in Agoura for three years:…

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Essential oils, Absolutes, C02 extractions, Cistus, Tuberose, Jasmine, Orris Root, Orange Blossom, Barks, Resins, Roots, Flowers, Beeswax


Botanical Perfume, Organic, Sustainable...


I create organic perfumes with stories to remind us of our own essential nature and the connection with mother earth. These fragrances are mindfully crafted from the vitality of nature using whole essences from the plant world.

Where to find information about me and the work I do:


ETSY features:
I had a space in Agoura for three years:

Some perfumers that use the word "natural" and/or botanical use synthetic aroma chemicals and the historical animal ingredients, I work in harmony with nature. Thank you for visiting.

See a 16 minute presentation I did at Bastyr University titled "The Tree of Life: A Mystical Approach to the Art of Botanical Perfume." here:

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I am passionate about nature, which is evident in how I live my life as an artist - both in the visual and aromatic arenas. Besides making organic, botanical perfume by hand with live and vital plant material I am also a holistic beekeeper.

Find links to perfume reviews at my blog:

{ Apothecary }

The perfumes I create are from the highest-grade botanical materials; including pure essences sourced from the deserts of Arabia, tropical forests of Madagascar as well as Mediterranean meadows.
In the tradition of alchemists and perfumers of ancient times, I create an illuminated line of exclusive, signature fragrances along with extraordinary custom perfumes. Every fragrance is created in small batches by hand and resonates with a deep connection to the land, utilizing intoxicating scents drawn from the botanical world.
Eco-luxe perfume.
Liquid Perfumes are created utilizing organic grape and organic grain alcohol. I create numerous accords of pure essential oils, absolutes, concretes, and co2 extractions. I create our own tinctures and infusions, many from my garden.

{ Philosophy + Sustainable, Green Perfumes }

Roxana Illuminated Perfume is a consciousness business incorporating the innovative ideas of Social Coop Entrepreneurs as well as Sustainability. I prefer to speak about what I do do as compared to what I don’t do or add. However, due to current consciousness and business standards I have added the don'ts at the end. The perfumes in my line are created using whole essences from the botanical world. Fresh materials are hand selected – then processed using mindfulness and intention. Occasionally I incorporate materials from the sea and or bee kingdoms. The perfume GreenWitch contains a fraction of an animal based ingredient termed African stone.

During each part of the creation, I support farmers and distillers who practice holistic principals. I choose to work with organizations and individuals who understand the spiritual dynamics of agriculture.

+ I use recyclable materials in the packaging and re-use & recycle packaging .
+ Almost all my printed materials are created locally using soy based ink. The hand detailed boxes are re-usable and/or recyclable.
+ The reusable and/or recyclable solid perfume compacts are made in the USA by a small family owned business.
+ The handmade crochet pouches are created by my mother in California using cotton or vintage thread.
+ ALL the perfumes are free of: phthalates, sulfates, synthetic aroma chemicals, petroleum, artificial colorants nature identicals, isolates, etc. As stated above I use materials from the plant kingdom. Please note many of the individuals using the term "natural" use synthetic aroma chemicals, isolates and animal ingredients like Civet.
+ I do not test on animals nor do I buy from suppliers who test on animals or sell animal products such as castoreum,civet, etc. ALL the perfumes are cruelty free, as stated above the only animal ingredients we occasionally use are from the sea and bee kingdoms. The perfume GreenWitch contains a very small amount of Africa stone, the fossilized droppings of a small animal.
+I will continue to cultivate our business practice with the intention of shifting consciousness and illuminating greater awareness of ones self as well as our lovely blue planet.

At my blog I have an informative article defining botanical perfume at this link:

June of 2007: Keynote speaker at the Ojai Lavender Festival.
October 11, 2008: Headline presenter at the luncheon for Fashion Fragrance West. At the Sniffapalooza Fall Ball on October 25th, 2008, I presented a visual and aromatic display to all the attendees at the luncheon. In November I did the same at the NYC Sniffapalooza Fall Ball.
World of Aromatherapy conferences at Bastyr and Utah Universities.

I continue to speak and teach regularly. To find out about our most recent events we recommend you check in at my blog and subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

{ About Roxana }

I was born in Buenos Aires Argentina. My mother and father immigrated with my brother and I to Los Angeles, California when I was three. As a child we traveled back to Argentina twice a year to visit her large extended family as well as travel the world. Upon receiving a BFA in Communication Design from Otis Parsons in downtown Los Angeles, I moved to Brooklyn, New York and began work as a freelance illustrator in the world of publishing.

After the birth of my daughter, I discovered the wonderous world of Aromatherapy and choose to study formerly learning the miraculous powers inherent in the plant kingdom. Blending the knowledge of nature with a loving art spirit, I now create perfumes that reflect a healing modality whilst celebrating the individual. Currently my home is located in the Santa Monica Mountains where I reside with my husband and daughter. My intention is to meld my love of nature into an authentic self-expression as an artist working in several mediums honoring the botanical world. I just moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico and am looking for a new home and studio.

{ Education }

BFA in Communication Design from Otis Art Institute of California Certificate of Aromatherapy from The East West School of Aromatic and Herbals Studies Botanical Perfume training has developed through self study and independent study with a variety of teachers.

Upon graduating from Otis, I was asked to teach at Otis Art Institute. I taught illustration classes at my alma mater, SVA and Pratt until the mid to late nineties. I now teach the virtues of the aromatic world and occasionally present at Artist as Brand workshops throughout the world.

{ MORE }

My husband, Greg Spalenka has a shop here on Etsy:
his website is located here:

When I am not creating visual or aromatic art I am either doing yoga, in the garden or spending time with my beautiful daughter and loving husband.


The music and most of the imagery is created by the award winning concept artist Greg Spalenka. His gorgeous imagery illuminated each of our perfumes.

Visit Greg Spalenka at his etsy site:
and his website:


I currently work in collaboration with a few creators of artisan jewelry. Lori Patton does the resin coating of our illuminations featured on the solid perfume lockets, pendants and compacts. Find her here at Etsy:

I am blessed to be in the company of such brilliant creators who facilitate in bringing our vision into the world.

{ Payment Info }

If you have left less than a five star review of an item in this shop, this action will likely disqualify the ability to make further purchases. Best to contact us if there was a challenge with your order.

{ Shipping }

I ship orders via USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation or Priority Mail. Unless otherwise directed by the buyer. For rush orders I can send via Federal Express. If that is your desire I can create a special listing for you, just ask.

International customers:
I ship items to other countries with insurance. If you do not want to pay for insurance I can accommodate you. However, I then cannot guarantee your item and thus will not replace an item if it never arrives at the destination or arrives damaged.
In the past I have sent product to Germany, Japan, Greece, Holland and Denmark without any challenges or need for insurance. Argentina and Italy are another story!

{ Gift Purchases }

I am happy to send item’s as a gift from you. Please provide me with the address of the recipient and any special message that you would like sent along with the item. Contact me via e-mail, a convo or by phone.

Thank you for reading, happy sniffing!

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