Cassidy Edwards' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


Find out more about Craftcount, the Etsy Top Sellers tracking app and join the discussion.

Hair Accessories

This is a team for people that love or sell hair accessories.


Handmadeology exists for the purpose of teaching Etsy sellers how to successfully sell online.

Make My Facebook Famous

Do you have a Facebook fan page for your store? Join the team to gain fans and promote your page for FREE with us!!

Pure Handmade

We are a team for people who believe in Handmade, who want to share and learn about handmade and selling online. Everybody is welcome!!

Sales Promotion Team

For promoters, buyers and sellers

The Shop Guides

This team is dedicated to helping our members grow their businesses.

Treasury-Worthy Photos

Quite simply, this team is created for Etsy sellers who produce listings that showcase their items in a Treasury-worthy way.