Lisa Skelton's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy for Charity

Hand-making A Difference! We are a group of people who loves to contribute to the community with our crafts.

Etsy Love Team

A place to share your Etsy shop and support other Etsy sellers.

Get Your Etsy Shop in Motion!

This team is devoted to getting your Etsy shop in motion! Promote your shop and build your Etsy network by connecting with fellow Etsians!

Helping Etsians Promote

Helping Etsians Promote is open to all buyers and sellers of vintage, handmade, and supplies. Great place for new and established shops.

Out Of The Box Sampler Etsy Team

The OOTBS Team features businesses' that have, or are currently signed up to, participate in the Out Of The Box Sampler.

The Handmade Companion

love handmade? collect vintage? what a coincidence, so do we! join us to celebrate the handmade lifestyle.